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Contents:The range of such products is so extensive that it is not difficult to choose the best tool. When choosing a drill, it is necessary to take into account the tasks that will be assigned to it and, depending on them, acquire a model with certain functions. An important parameter when buying is manufacturer's name , because it depends on him how reliable and durable the tool will be. Let's try to deal with the offer on the market and to understand which manufacturers of drills have proven themselves in the best possible way.


Makita drills among professionals are considered among the best and most reliable. Makita - Japanese manufacturer , which works since 1915.At first, the company sold and repaired electric motors, and only in 1958 began producing electrical tools. Then the world's first electric planer was released, and since then the company has established itself as an innovator and a constant supplier of fresh ideas. Today, the manufacturer produces more than 1000 items of various power tools

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: everything that is needed for repair, construction, gardening and other works is in the assortment of this company. Production is carried out at 8 plants , three of which are located in Europe.

Every Makita tool is high quality and well thought out ergonomics. The company monitors customer demand, constantly working to create new solutions and impresses with a high level of quality and service. The company's tools are sold in dozens of European countries, also popular in North America and Japan.

Makita's widest range of drills - there is a suitable model for any purpose. The company produces conventional unstressed drills, drills with a blow, as well as angle drills and drills-mixers , there are drills of diamond drilling. Power of the tool fluctuates from 230 W to 1700 W , the maximum diameter of drilling, weight and the prices in wide limits differ. For home use, you can find an inexpensive and at the same time very high-quality drill.


Metabo drills are available from by the German company Metabowerke GmbH .This is one of the most recognizable brands in the domestic market. The company's power tools proved to be of the highest quality and not the highest price, thanks to which it gained popularity. The manufacturer began to work in 1924 and immediately focused on the release of the tool. The first thing the company created was a hand drill for metal. In 1934 entered the market as the world's first electric drill , later the company created the first impact drill and became the author of many other discoveries in the world of power tools. Today, the company is part of the group Hitachi.

The company continues to work on new solutions, constantly improving the tool and adding new necessary functions. Production of drills is still one of the main areas of activity of the company. Years of accumulated experience allow us to create, without exaggeration, an ideal tool that is distinguished by excellent ergonomics, high quality and precision of drilling.

The company offers drills for every taste and budget. There are the usual models with a minimum of functions that are suitable for drilling soft materials, there are impact drills that can easily cope with concrete. Presents tools with screwdriver and mixer function. Power ranges from 450 to 1800 W , the speed of some models reaches 4500 rpm .The lightest model weighs 1.3 kg and is suitable even for the novice master. Impact drills of the manufacturer allow making holes in concrete with a diameter of up to 20 mm. Battery models have surprisingly high power. If you need a tool for a year, then it is better to stop on Metabo, especially since there is something to choose from.


Another is the German company , which was able to conquer the global market with high quality products. The history of the brand begins in 1886.Then it was a small workshop consisting of two employees. Today, Bosch is the world's largest concern, with offices in more than 150 countries. Plants are located around the world, seven of them operate in Russia .The company produces a wide range of products: from automotive equipment to household appliances. Power tools here pay special attention, and Bosch drills are perhaps the most popular drills in the world.

The company annually invests heavily in research, which allows it to always offer interesting new solutions and make the usual tools more functional and thoughtful. With a wide range of products, its high quality and attention to detail, the company has won the trust of both professionals and amateurs.

Any Bosch drill has a high level of durability, since all structural elements are made of high-quality materials. Along with high power, the company's tool is distinguished by its low weight - this is a great achievement of the manufacturer. Particular attention is paid to the ergonomics and ease of control .Most models have a function of fixing a certain frequency of revolutions, all drills are protected from overloads, in many models proprietary functions are implemented. The range includes impact and hammerless drills, mains and cordless models, and drills with the function of a mixer and screwdriver. Also available are angle drills, pneumatic drills and diamond drills. In terms of price / quality ratio, Bosch is the best manufacturer of drills.


This is a company that specializes in the production of professional tools and consumables. The history of the company begins in 1941, when a small workshop was established in Liechtenstein .The Hilty brothers initially wanted to produce parts for cars and cigarette lighters, but later the field of interest changed dramatically and shifted towards the production of construction tools. Today, the company's representative offices exist in in 120 countries of the world, , and the plants operate on different continents.

The company owns its own research centers, invests in them huge sums, which allows it to offer annually a lot of new and useful solutions for construction. HILTI is a recognized innovator in the professional tool market, the company's solutions are used in the most responsible sectors of the economy.

The product range of the manufacturer is sufficient. The company offers universal drills for working with wood, a drill-screwdriver for working with metal, a hammer drill, and there are also cordless models. The quality of all products at the highest level, the prices are appropriate, the tool is in demand among professional builders.


This American company appeared in 1922, and today it is recognized as one of the leaders in the production of power tools for construction. We note immediately that high quality is accompanied by a fairly high price, so the company's tool yields to competitors in popularity in the domestic market. Wizards who have tried to work with drills from DeWALT know that they compare favorably with the tools of many other brands.

Production companies are located around the world, products are sold in dozens of countries. The product range includes more than 300 models of power tools and is constantly expanding. DeWALT is considered the fastest growing brand of power tools in the world. Drills of the manufacturer are mainly shock models , power up to 1300 watts. All products are subject to warranty for 3 years.


This is the large Japanese concern , which began its activity in 1910 with the release of electric motors. Today, the company has launched the production of computers, displays, medical and industrial equipment, household appliances and electronics. The production of power tools is just one of the company's activities, but it does everything that the manufacturer undertakes at a high level.

HITACHI drills, like other power tools, have a high level of durability. The manufacturer creates such cases so that even the most serious falls do not cause serious damage to equipment. The company's drills feature the with a comfortable ergonomic handle, compactness and light weight. The manufacturer offers a tool for performing small household tasks as well as models for professional builders. On sale you can find power and cordless drills, impact and hammerless models , drills, screwdrivers and drills-mixers, also there are corner models .One of the main advantages of the company's tool is an affordable price.


drills by the Swiss company DWT are another example of the highest quality. Production is carried out in China, but under strict control, therefore, in the end, it is possible to obtain a durable, reliable and ergonomic tool. The range of the manufacturer is somewhat inferior to competitors, but includes drills that can be an assistant in home repairs and work. Impact and unstressed drills are produced, there are drills-mixers. The power of percussion models ranges from 50 to 1050 W, the price is slightly lower than that of competitors.


AEG drills have been around the world for a very long time, and the brand has gone through a lot of transformations over the years. The story begins in 1898, when the German company announced the first mobile drill .The weight of the tool was 7.5 kg, it could make holes in steel with a diameter of up to 6 mm. The appearance of such a decision was a sensation, and the drill companies began to be sold in almost all economically developed countries. The company paid great attention not only to technical equipment, but also to design, so that in 1908 the had the first drill with a handle in the form of an pistol. Such a solution is still popular. Later, the company created a speed-controlled drill with double insulation, introduced light drills to the world and significantly expanded production capacity.

In 1991, the company became part of the Swiss concern Atlas Copco, which in 2005 sold the electrical tool manufacturing division of the Chinese company to Techtronic Industries .Products continues to be manufactured under the well-known brand. The emphasis, as before, is not only on the functional, but also on the design, so the AEG tool is quality, durability and ease of operation.

Under the AEG brand, the today offers both very powerful impact drills as well as compact models, the , which are useful in any home. Recently, the company focuses on the production of cordless drills and drill-screwdrivers.


This is an American company, which is considered one of the largest US manufacturers of power tools. The manufacturer's products are known far beyond the States, and they are sold in the domestic market. The first drill was produced in 1916, it had a pistol grip and a switch in the form of a trigger. In 1946, was the first company in the world to introduce a portable drill for home use. Later, the manufacturer was able to surprise the world with many more innovations, started the production of a wide range of power tools.

At the moment, the company offers impact drills with a capacity from 500 to 1100 W, there are models designed for home use( as simple as possible to operate, have a minimum weight) and for quite serious work. Household drills are relatively inexpensive.


Domestic manufacturer, which works a little over 15 years. During this time, the company managed to enter the top ten largest manufacturers of power tools in the world. In Russia, the company's tool is considered one of the most popular and sought-after, as with a sufficient level of quality it is cheaper than its foreign counterparts. The company is well aware of the requirements of domestic users for power tools, which allows products to win fierce competition in the world of power tools. Among the advantages, should also highlight the widest range of products and a developed network of service centers. The company includes design bureaus where they are working on the creation of new tools, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of existing models. The company's products are successfully exported to several countries in Europe , as well as to Israel. For all products, the company gives 2 years warranty .

Interskol drills cost much less than foreign competitors. The range includes a tool for both home and professional use. Unstressed drills have power from 350 to 1050 W and weigh from 1.2 to 4 kg. Power impact drills reaches 1200 W, there are also drills, screwdrivers and mixers. The company offers a tool with mains and battery powered.


This is the German brand , but production is carried out in China, which allows us to offer users the most favorable prices. Drill stand manufacturer cheap, designed for domestic use. Users note the optimal price / quality ratio, simplicity and ease of use. The range is represented by shock and unaccented models with power from the network.

There are other manufacturers of drills that offer quality tools. When buying, it is important to pay attention to not only on the declared characteristics, but also on the build quality, warranty duration, availability of service centers, and it does not interfere with reviews of a particular model.

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