What to do if the refrigerator stopped freezing

Usually before any holidays, such trouble often happens that the refrigerator works, but does not freeze. Calls to the repair shop and friends with a request to help solve this problem are indispensable, especially if the day is pre-holiday and the refrigerator is packed with food. The Internet comes to the rescue with the answers, why it stopped freezing and what to do when independently repairing minor breakdowns.


  • 1 minor faults
    • 1.1 Button "Defrosting»
    • 1.2 rubber seal
    • 1.3 temperature sensor
    • 1.4 Engine overheating
    • 1.5 Faulty thermostat
  • 2 Sophisticated fault
    • 2.1 Leaking Freon
    • 2.2 heater system No Frost

minor faults

Defrost button

Check that the Defrost button is on. In some models, it is inside and you can accidentally turn it on while loading the product with a refrigerator. Check whether the unit began to freeze after this.

Rubber Seal

The next small reason why the refrigerator stopped freezing is the useless rubber seal on the door. He probably rubbed or cracked and does not keep cold. It is necessary to check why it does not fit well with the door, having carefully examined from all sides. If necessary, replacement with a new one is required.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor has stopped working. For some reason, he gives not quite correct information to the processor. Replace the temperature sensor. Check how the unit began to freeze.

Be sure to check the position of the cold adjuster, it should be at its maximum.

Overheating of the engine

If the light is on, but the refrigerator is not freezing, touch the engine with your hand. If the motor is hot, then it is quite possible, the thermal protection worked and the engine turned off. Disconnect it from the network, wait a while until the motor is completely cool and try to turn it on again. If he earned, there is light and it freezes, it means that the access of air to the engine was blocked. Move away from the wall and nearby furniture to improve ventilation of the side and rear walls.


defective Check the thermostat when the refrigerator is on. First, use a tester to verify that there is voltage at the motor. If not, then it is quite possible that it is the thermostat that does not supply voltage. You need to get it and change it to a new one. After that, you need to check how the unit freezes.

Complicated Malfunctions

Some of the most difficult reasons for self-correction, why the refrigerator does not freeze.

If the engine tries to work continuously for some time, and the sound of a running engine is heard, but then it turns off, and there is still no cold, the motor compressor probably cannot start. Clicks are heard, after 5-15 seconds of buzzing of the motor-compressor - this is how thermal protection works, which is located in the thermal relay. In this case, the motor tries to start again after 3-4 minutes.

Why this might happen:

  • faulty relay;
  • pierced starting capacitor;
  • motor burned out.

What should I do? The relay is fixed on the motor-compressor, we look at the relay, if sometimes it clicks, it means it is suitable, and if it is “silent”, then we change it.

Capacitor for starting the motor is checked by a tester. Prior to testing, the capacitor must be discharged through resistance. The arrow of the tester, configured to measure the resistance in mΩ, should abruptly go away and then return to its original position - the capacitor is in good condition.

If it is also in good condition, and the unit still does not freeze, the burned-out engine changes only in the workshop.

Leakage of Freon

If the engine has been running for a long time, but does not freeze, and the condenser on the engine is cold, Freon has leaked from the system. It can evaporate from the system after you have taken a frozen piece of leg of lamb out of the freezer and when you have torn it off the ice, you have made a microcrack in the evaporator. Or a strong vibration during prolonged operation caused this trouble.

Trying to move the refrigerator, you can also break the tube from the compressor to the evaporator. Finding the place of freon leakage, soldering and pumping gas is not easy.

What to do in this case? Call the repairman, because without special equipment you can not cope.

If the refrigerator does not freeze, the capillaries through which the refrigerant is supplied may also be blocked. The following movements should be done: call the equipment repair shop. In order to push the system, you need special equipment. Then you need to evacuate the system and refuel the freon.

No Frost

system heater If you have a No Frost refrigerator, the reason why it does not freeze can be another trouble. In units with dry freezing systems, the reason for the lack of cold may be that the thermal electric heater stopped working. It is needed to defrost the cooling radiator and if it malfunctions, you will find that the fan has frozen to ice. First of all, you need to defrost the refrigerator and check the heating elements. If necessary, replace them with workers.

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