What to do if the washing machine began to flow

When the washing machine began to flow, you should act with maximum efficiency and consistency. If time does not eliminate the leak, you will not only arrange a worldwide flood on the scale of your own kitchen, but also risk flooding the neighbors and get a lawsuit from the wet and evil guys in the neighborhood. In addition, the leakage can finally finish off your washing machine, "killing" all its electronics. Electronics in modern household appliances and so is quite gentle and prone to breakdowns, and if you add to this, and humidity, the risk increases significantly.

So, why the washing machine flows, and what to do in this case? It’s no secret that a modern washing machine has an automatic machine that flows as often as a good old-fashioned old-fashioned machine, since the principle of operation is about the same. When water is regularly used in technology, and not the highest level of cleanliness, you should always expect any surprises. Especially when it comes to washing machine of the Chinese sample, in the production of which use low-quality seals, hoses and other parts.

There are various reasons why a washing machine is flowing - violations of operating rules, poor-quality powder, a manufacturing defect of a washing machine, accidental damage, etc. Insure against this is impossible, so you always need to be alert. The first step should be to prevent a further flood - the water should be immediately stopped and drained from the tank using the basic function.

You can start inspection only after the water has been shut off and the device has been turned off.

First you need to determine where your unit is flowing from. If water is leaking from the bottom during water set-up or at the beginning of washing, there are some causes of leakage, and if there are others during spinning. Each of these cases will be separately reviewed in this review.


  • 1 Problems with the hose
  • 2 Leakage due to the dispenser
  • 3 Damage to the pipes
  • 4 Leaks of the door
  • 5 Leakage of the tank
  • 6 Leakage during the extraction

Problems with

You can use the old old-fashioned method - toilet paper, it helps to detect even the slightest moisture. If the washing machine began to flow precisely because of problems with the hose, the malfunction can be eliminated as soon as possible at minimum cost.

When water flows due to holes in the junction of the housing with the hose, it is necessary to dismantle it and replace the gasket.

But if it is precisely the mechanical damage to the hose itself, everything becomes even easier. The puncture can be covered with rubber patch, using high-quality waterproof glue, or quickly rewind the damaged place with tape. The tape version is suitable if you plan to replace the hose in a couple of days, but still have to do one or two washes.

Whatever the case, it is advisable to change the hose and not to repair it. They are quite inexpensive, and will become the key to uninterrupted operation of the washing machine. Especially when it is not about the drain hose, but about the water supply hose - the water in it flows under great pressure, so you should not risk it.

Leakage due to

dispenser If the washing machine leaks immediately as water starts to flow, the problem may be in the dispenser. This is a retractable compartment in which detergent is poured. It can clog for various reasons:

  • Powder grains do not dissolve and clog the grid;
  • Dirty water left a layer of sediment in the dosing unit;
  • Excessive water pressure.

Remove the dispenser, and thoroughly clean it with the hopper. Then put it back in place and start the machine again. Make sure that the water does not come under great pressure - just enough to close the tap supply. If the problem persists, you have to call the master and change the intake valve.

Damage to

nozzles If water flows due to damage to the inlet valve nozzle, you will have to dismantle the top cover of the device and replace it. If the machine leaks due to a water inlet nozzle, you can do without replacing and repair the fasteners with a sealant. It will be necessary to unplug the nozzle, process the surface and re-glue it in place with high-quality rubber-based glue. After the glue is dry, you can run a test wash.

The question arises, why the pipes fail? The fact is that manufacturers usually save on such details, so you should not be surprised if your washing machine is leaking after a year of intensive use.

The door cuff leaks.

If water flows from the door to load the laundry, it is a sealing cuff. In such a situation, you do not need to do any tricky manipulations, you just need to disassemble the door and get the cuff. Damage can be sealed with a patch, if it is not very extensive - otherwise you will have to order a new part.

Leakage of the tank

Why can the tank leak and what can I do to avoid it? It would seem that such a durable element is not susceptible to damage, but this statement is true only for those who adhere to the rules of operation.

If you like to wash your shoes in a washing machine, belts with metal buckles and forget to take small change out of your pockets, then such a breakdown cannot be avoided.

If you see damage to the tank, it remains only to call a specialist and carry out a replacement. The same applies to the damaged drain pump - it can only be replaced.

Leakage during spinning.

If water flows during spinning, the problem may be in the faulty packing gland. Inspect the unit, and replace the oil seal if necessary.

. If there is a leak when bottoming the casing, the problem may be in the excessive amount of water in the tank. When spinning the machine vibrates, and moisture is poured out over the top. Correct all the defects, replace the seals or bearings, and again check how the machine behaves during the spin cycle.

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