How to remove and disassemble the washing machine drum to repair it

How to remove and disassemble the washing machine drum to repair it


If you need to replace the drum bite, then the question is how to remove the drum of the washing machine. But most often there is a situation when you need to disassemble the tank to get a foreign object, replace the bearings, seals or flanges. How can this be done?


  • 1Disassembly tool
  • 2Front loading
  • 3Vertical Boot
  • 4Disassembly of drum

Disassembly tool

To reach the drum and pull it out, you can only disassemble the device. To disassemble a washing machine you need a certain tool:

  • cross and slotted screwdrivers, preferably a set;
  • a set of asterisks;
  • screwdriver;
  • nippers and tongs;
  • a ratchet and a set of heads;
  • a set of hexagons;
  • a hammer.

If you are going to change any details, then it is also desirable to prepare them in advance. Apparently, there are a lot of tools, so a person who is far from repairing and does not have all the necessary devices all the time, may not be able to cope with the dismantling.

Front loading

Any machine, before disassembling, it is necessary to disconnect from the mains, pull the drain hose out of the sewage system and disconnect the filler hose. Then the process of disassembly starts, which may differ slightly for different models.

  • With a cross-shaped screwdriver, unscrew the screws at the back and remove the cover.
  • Similarly, remove the back panel.
  • Then pull out the loading container for the powder, unscrew all the necessary screws, use a slotted screwdriver to snap the latches and remove the control panel.

The panel can not be completely pulled out, but simply secured from the side so that it does not interfere. In this case, you do not have to disconnect the wires. If you decide to remove the panel, then take a photo of the wires. This will help them later to connect properly.


Remove the manhole cover by pulling on the clamp spring, and remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the screws. Behind the panel are hidden screws, they must also be unscrewed. You have to remove the front wall together with the hatch. Finally, before you appeared a tank, which will need to get it.

From the tank, disconnect everything connected to it: nipples, wiring, shock absorbers and counterweight. It is also necessary to disconnect the central bolt on the motor cover by holding the drum on the underside and remove the motor. If you never dismantled a washing machine, then be sure to review a few videos to have at least a general idea of ​​what is connected.

After the tank is removed, it must be disassembled into two parts. It should be noted that in some models the half-tanks are glued tightly, and even the service centers refuse to repair them. In this case, experts saw the tank.

Vertical Boot

The machine with vertical loading is narrow and fits well into a small space. Another of its advantages is that you can not bend over loading clothes, since the hatch is located at the top. The tank of these machines is fixed on both sides, which increases the service life of all fastening elements. Disassembly is carried out approximately in this order.

  • First, unscrew the screws on the back wall and in front of the bottom.
  • After that, the right side panel is slightly shifted back and completely removed.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness and unscrew the bolts in the circle of the plastic cover.

In order not to get confused in the actions, it is desirable to photograph the main stages of disassembly. If the plastic cover is soldered, then it is necessary to pull it on yourself with the help of ticks or trimmed with a drill. The opposite side cover is removed in the same way. Then unscrew the screw that fixes the shaft, close the tank doors, if they are open, and pull out the drum.

Disassembly of drum

The tank consists of two halves of twisted bolts (although there are also welded tanks). It is necessary to unscrew the bolts, disconnect the halves and remove the half tanks, releasing the drum. Pay attention to the condition of the place under the stuffing box and under the bearing. The shaft and the bushing can be wiped clean with old grease and water.

An epiploon from a half tank can be got with the help of a flat screwdriver or pliers and replace it. Bearings are knocked out with a hammer and a breakdown (metal rod or tube). It is necessary to act carefully so as not to damage the walls of the hole. Inserting a new bearing is not so easy as you might think. It is gently pinched by impacts of the same breakdown or by screw press. If necessary, the crosspiece of the drum is replaced.

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