How to outweigh the refrigerator door on your own

In most cases, the fastening of the refrigerator door is located on the right side, but many owners do not like it and they decide to outweigh the door. The important point is that before you move the refrigerator door, carefully read the instructions and the component card of your device. Do not forget that we are talking about expensive household appliances, and the slightest mistake can lead to costly repairs.

People decide to outweigh the refrigerator door for various reasons. In most cases this is due to the specifics of the kitchen layout and furniture layout. Very often, the traditional right-side doors simply cannot be opened due to the special arrangement of the furniture, which is why they are outweighed. Sometimes they do it for the reason that the owner of the house is left-handed, and seeks to arrange everything with maximum comfort for himself.

In some cases, it is absolutely necessary to outweigh the door if it has lost its previous tightness and may cause the refrigerator to break. In this situation, sometimes you can do without dismantling the door - just enough to tilt the whole body back a little. Use the previously provided adjustable legs, or at worst, the old-good homemade lining.


  • 1 Preparation for use
  • 2 How to remove the door
  • 3 How to properly attach the door to the other side

Preparation for work

Before you move the door, you should disconnect the equipment from the network - this is the first rule of working with electrical appliances. The next step is to ensure the maximum free space around the device. Once you have de-energized the refrigerator, you need to completely release it and defrost it.

If even the slightest frost and “snow coat” remain around the perimeter of the door, you will not be able to achieve complete tightness. The refrigerator needs to be slightly moved away from the wall so that you have free access from each side.

How to remove the door of the

First you have to unscrew the fasteners from the refrigerator body, and then rearrange the refrigerator door away from the work site. You do not need a large set of tools for dismantling and subsequent fixation, only the most necessary: ​​

  • Hexagon kit;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • Washers for adjustment;
  • Wrench Set.

Not every model of the refrigerator allows you to outweigh the outer cover. For this, factory-provided mounting holes are required, which are usually covered with plastic plugs.

If these holes are not, then your project should be abandoned. Of course, there are craftsmen who make holes on their own and fix the fasteners, but in most cases such amateur activity does not end well.

If the holes are still there, they need to be removed with a knife or a flat screwdriver. Then you need to remove the fasteners on one side, and fasten them into the factory grooves. Make no mistake at this stage, otherwise the door of the refrigerator will close tightly, and all the work will go to ashes. Insert plastic plugs into the holes from the mount.

How to properly attach the door to the other side of the

The next step is to attach the door of the refrigerator. It should start with the top mounting, as there will be a lot of pressure on the bottom, which can lead to deformation. After fixing, it will only be necessary to adjust the fasteners. Check the door for tightness - this is very important.

To do this, you need a plain piece of paper to attach to the compactor and close the door. If the sheet can be pulled loose, sealing is unsatisfactory.

It remains only to shift the handle, and it's done. If the handle is built, do not have to do anything.

Not every refrigerator you can handle on your own. For example, if the unit is equipped with a sensor that reacts to opening, everything becomes much more complicated. And if there is a screen on the door, then without the help of a specialist you just can not do.

In such cases, it is better not to risk it and contact the service center. Many shopping centers make the service outweigh the door to the mandatory warranty, and this service will not cost you a penny. Read the agreement, and quite possibly you don’t have to do it yourself.

In general, the process of changing the fasteners on the body of the refrigerator is not particularly difficult, the main thing is to adhere to safety regulations. But do not forget, if you decide to change the door of the refrigerator, while it is under warranty service, you automatically lose the right to use the guarantee.

Note: why the door of the

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