What is the second light in the house

Traditionally, the originality of buildings is manifested in their external architecture. However, the internal "world" of buildings can also be built completely outside the box.“Second Light” is a functional and effective reception in architecture, which will appeal to all fans of unusual solutions. Thus, something excellent is created in the residential building and an incredible surroundings are made. Especially excellent it looks during the day when the big hall is filled with pleasant natural light.

Table of Contents

  • 1 The second light in the house - what is it?
  • 2 Distribution of different types of houses
    • 2.1 Wooden
    • 2.2 Brick
    • 2.3 frame house from SIP panels
    • 2.4 House of laminated veneer lumber
    • 2.5 home Disposition of logs
  • 3 What need curtains
    • 3.1 Recommendations for choosing
  • 4 Pros &cons of the second light
  • 5 Reviews about the availability of such know-how in the house

The second light in the house - what is it?

In essence, this is a huge room with several rows of window openings and a high ceiling. Due to the absence of overlap between the floors, the room turns out to be combined and very spacious, and being in it creates the impression of a bright and airy space. Such a solution in architecture is permissible only for spacious houses with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. At the same time, a double row of window openings in these houses has a practical and interior function.

Double light in modern buildings is done more to create an entourage than to illuminate, since it is impossible to recreate it, even using the most ideal artificial light sources.

The second light in the house - a tribute to fashion or necessity?

You can create a room with double light in several ways: remove the ceiling ceiling or lower the floor.

  • The first option implies the abandonment of a room on the second floor, which means that the height of the ceilings in the living room will increase.
  • The second option is used much more often, however, for its realization it is necessary to install steps into the living room from the corridor.

Layout of various types of houses

Even a small-sized building will look much more spacious and lighter, if creating its layout, you will equip the "second light".The increase in space is due to the use of double ceilings in the end the hall and hall, it seems much more. Many building projects are made with regard to the arrangement of the second light, so that the house will become as comfortable, spacious and cozy as possible.

By adding this solution to the interior, you will make the building at the same time beautiful, aesthetic, bright, solid and multifunctional, while maintaining natural lighting. The plan of the building with the second light should include the layout, since it is necessary to respect the interior of the room and its proportions of space. It is also necessary to take into account the location of many objects: a fireplace, stairs and so on.

The second light in the interior of the house


When planning a future house made of wood, please note that it cannot be a small area, since there is no point in building a task with the above architectural solution, if you place space in the first place or space. It should be enough to have enough vital personal space for all tenants. In many projects of wooden buildings, emphasis is placed on beauty, not on practicality.

The facade of a wooden house with a second light

Proper layout will retain heat in the building. Large windows should “look” at the sunny side to provide additional lighting as well as heat. It is necessary to take into account the proportions of the building - its height must be commensurate with the area, otherwise it will remind the well.

The second light in the interior of a wooden house due to large windows

Take care of the design of the rooms and walls so that there is no feeling of emptiness and despondency. Install stained glass windows, grow tall plants or put up a grand piano - here the fantasies are endless.

The second light in the interior of a wooden house. Stone fireplace in the center of attention

Issues of air circulation in such buildings are solved simply - make the installation of light heaters that heat the surrounding objects. Another option is to install a heated floor, so that the building will always be ideally comfortable temperature.

Hall wooden house with a second light. Attention is focused on the stone fireplace, chandeliers and huge windows with light curtains.

Do not install heaters that drive fan heaters, since the air will rise up one way or another. Buildings of this type have large windows, so their insulation is very important in the planning of the house.


The successful layout of a brick building implies a great mood and comfort from living. There are general standards for the layout of brick buildings with a second light.

  • Consider the length of communications and the location of the house. Have a compact gas pipeline, sewer and water supply. Bathroom and kitchen should be adjacent to each other. The layout of the bathroom and sanitary facilities on different floors suggests their location above each other.
    Combined bathroom in a brick house with a second light
  • Plan the house so that there are enough rooms for all family members. At the same time, provide guest bedrooms, a hall, an office and a library.
    Hall in a brick house with a second light. Focus on large windows with white tulle and black corner sofa
  • Public areas are planned according to the individual preferences of the owners. However, do not block them with doors and walls. Zoning the space with a fireplace, upholstered furniture and all sorts of color, as well as stylistic solutions, will give a feeling of spaciousness, and various perspectives will allow you to make an unusual and beautiful interior in a brick structure.
    Interior of the house with a second light. The feeling of space and comfort
  • In the layout of the common area, you can do without the corridors, so you will save valuable living space. If the structure of them in abundance, then this indicates a failed plan.
    Large kitchen in the interior of a brick house with a second light
  • The second light in the main room opens up various possibilities in design planning. Dream over the location of stairs, balconies, windows, height differences and chandeliers.
    Multi-level solution in a house with a second light. Spiral staircase as an element of decor. Glass railings create a feeling of airiness and freedom of the

style. A good layout will help to get close to nature in a brick house with such an architectural solution.

Frame house of CIP panels

Layout of the second light in the frame buildings of CIP panels will help bring to the appearance of uniqueness. Thanks to the extraordinaryness of such buildings, you can install translucent stained-glass windows across the entire height of the walls, which, under the influence of natural lighting, will accentuate the luxury of a second-light interior.

Facade of a frame house with a second light from CIP panels

The staircase structures also pay attention, for example, install a modern and luxurious screw product made of tempered glass. Such a staircase will be a good decoration in a frame building of CIP panels.

Spiral staircase in the interior of a frame house with a second light from the

VULTURE panels. Also, plan the decoration of the spacious living room, for example, decorate it with beautiful trees. A conifer or an exotic palm tree will perfectly fit into the interior of the second light.

The interior of the house of SIP-panels with a second light. Emphasis on the aquarium and the big tub with the plant

Planning solutions in the frame structure should provide comfort, and the threat to the preservation of the building and the safety of the household should not be discussed at all. The layout and composition of the rooms is the first thing you should pay attention to when building a house.

The interior of a frame house with SIP panels with a second light

A frame building with this type of lighting, despite its visual appeal, is an unprofitable structure, especially from the use of space and energy conservation. With a minimum area, it heats a large space, so you should think about the insulation of the house.

Fireplace in the center of the interior of a frame house of CIP panels with second light

Houses from glued timber

The planning of buildings from such a beam with second light is an excellent opportunity to create spacious rooms that will be filled with light and air. What are the features of the layout of rooms?

Facade of a glued timber house with a second light
  • This is a room with high walls, in which a warm air flow is directed upwards and reaches non-residential areas. Therefore, planning a heating and ventilation system is necessary carefully. An excellent solution in this situation would be a fireplace. In addition, consider installing quality windows.
    Design of a room in the house of glued laminated timber with a second light.
  • From the internal balcony you will have a wonderful view of the hall, which can be beaten up smartly by planning its design.
  • The second light in the buildings of the beam involves planning a balcony and a staircase, so you should protect these areas by arranging with strong and comfortable handrails of the desired height.
    Interior of the second floor in the house of glued laminated timber with a second light. View from the balcony with high wooden railing
  • The planning of lighting also has its own specifics. Chandelier will help to evenly diffuse the light in the room at night. And table lamps and floor lamps will provide additional lighting.
    Design lighting in the house of glued laminated timber with a second light. Chandelier and floor lamps as part of the style solution for additional lighting at night.
  • The living room design is planned at the project creation stage so that the interior details are harmoniously arranged.
  • For the division of space into zones, use column, small partitions, as well as stairs.
    Stairs and columns as zoning in the interior of a laminated timber house with a second light.
  • Dormer windows are not installed everywhere, as they quickly give off heat.
  • In the living room, the second light looks best, so designers advise installing a fireplace there, which will create additional warmth and comfort.
    Fireplace in the center of the room of the house of laminated veneer lumber with the second light
  • In the design of the rooms, use light colors in the interior to increase the illumination.

The layout of the house from a rounded log

In the houses of this type, the architectural technique “second light” is often used, which is ideal for the hall. Such a layout will create a comfortable atmosphere for receiving guests.

Exterior view of the house with a second light from a rounded log.

A fireplace in the hall decorates the interior of the house, since a high chimney can be built in it. And near the fireplace you can plan a cozy area from a set of soft sofas.

Fireplace in the center of the room of the house from the rounded log with the second light

It is better to equip the interior of the second light in the building from a log in one style direction. This will enrich and improve the interior, and you will always find a corner in the house to your liking. Also, this solution will provide an opportunity for new design ideas that are not feasible in homes with low ceilings, for example, focus on the size, by increasing the size of upholstered furniture. When planning a second light, the furniture should correspond to the size of the space, as well as the size of the living people.

The interior of the house is made of round logs with a second light. Single style solution of

premises Decorate the interior with an unusual large chandelier, which will perfectly highlight the area of ​​the house, and in the evenings will serve as a source of artificial lighting.

massive chandelier with candelabra in the old style in the interior of the house with a second light

Excellent in the second light looks like the presence of beautiful stairs and large partitions that divide the area into zones.

Zoning the space with a metal staircase and wooden columns in a house with a second light

What are the curtains needed

When designing a house with a second light, do not forget about one important detail - curtains that can spoil the overall look of the interior or, on the contrary, become its luxurious additionwhile protecting the windows from the penetration of bright light. Therefore, when making windows, consider the following criteria:

  • What function will the curtains perform - protective or decorative;
  • Consider the location of the premises in relation to the direction of light, functionality and its purpose;
  • Decide whether the windows will be the center of the interior or simply appear in its common color palette.

Recommendations for choosing

  • Curtains in soothing colors and plain colors are suitable for bright walls or with a motley print;
    quiet bright curtains for bright orange walls in the bedroom
  • With synthetic or silk curtains look better matte wallpaper;
    light translucent curtains in the interior of the room at home with a second light
  • The matte material of the curtains perfectly harmonizes with the embossed wallpaper;
    Cream blackout curtains in the hall of the house with a second light
  • The curtains with vertical stripes will visually increase the height of the room;
    Red curtains with vertical stripes in the interior of the house with a second light. Style solution for increasing the room
  • Expand the space of the room horizontal stripes on the curtains as a print;
  • Curtains with lambrequins also look good in this type of building;
    Curtains with lambrequins on large windows of the house with a second light
  • Extend the room in height to help curtain eaves, which is under the ceiling;
    Transparent tulle on the eaves under the ceiling to create a “vyota” effect.
  • The bright colors of the curtains increase the room's illumination, however, with an abundance of light coming from several levels of windows at the same time, even the cool color palette of curtains will seem pleasant;
    Cream blackout curtains in the interior of a bedroom at home with a second light.
  • A good option is to use a translucent veil with blackout curtains for second light windows;
    Dense dark curtains in combination with white roller blinds in the interior of the house with a second light

Choose curtain material of wide width, preferably with a pattern.

Pros and cons of the second light

It is very easy to understand the beauty of the “double light” if you take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the architectural technique.

  • Ability to recreate an individual design and lighting system. High ceilings in the room involve the use of sets of spotlights or large chandeliers;
  • Huge windows save energy because of the maximum use of sunlight;
  • The insecurity and insecurity of buildings with this type of light are rumors. Glazed houses with durable double glazing, working on the greenhouse principle;
  • Aesthetic and attractive second light;
  • Indoors, a feeling of space and air;
  • Considerable space allows you to create a winter garden with tall plants and a Christmas tree in the center of the second light;
  • Panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area;
  • In such a room you will never feel the lack of fresh air;
  • The room with this solution always looks luxurious, regardless of the chosen interior.

The disadvantages include:

  • The absence of the same microclimate in a room with a second light: hot - under the ceiling, cold - below;
  • Drafts are possible;
  • The loss of additional space, since the second light implies the absence of interfloor overlaps, where there could be rooms;
  • When decorating walls you will have to resort to the help of professionals, otherwise the interior can turn out to be ugly, monotonous and boring;
  • Sounds from the room spread throughout the house;
  • Complicated installation of the second light, respectively, and more costs for its arrangement;
  • Monitor the cleanliness of windows without a stepladder will not work;
  • Additional inconvenience in replacing light bulbs on the chandelier and washing curtains, due to high ceilings;
  • High walls will not allow to change the design of the room without difficulty;
  • Smells from the premises will be distributed throughout the building.

Reviews about the availability of such know-how in the house

+100, I saw houses with a second light - they must be big, otherwise they don’t look at all.

A l e k s @ V.I.P.

http: //eva.ru/beauty/ messages-2324201.htm

We had a second light on the project, it looked beautiful, of course( the house area is 250m), but somehow I felt dumb for the children, but making a railing and balusters with a palisade is not beautiful at all. As a result, they sewed up, it became more for one room, I do not regret a drop)))

Brusia ** K **

http: //eva.ru/beauty/ messages-2324201.htm

I advise you to look. Then draw conclusions. Regarding the wallet - the order of construction costs is the same, the differences in the usable area!


http: //www.stroimdom.com.ua/forum/archive/index.php/ t-411.html

I like the second light, though not in all projects.which I saw he was in place. For example, when on the second floor, along the edge of the second light, the wall взгляд, the view soars itself in space and suddenly stumbles upon it. It is beautiful when a gallery or an open hall opens on it. But we must bear in mind that this is the loss of space, respectively, the house should be larger than with the same number of rooms, but without the second light


http: //www.stroimdom.com.ua/forum/archive/index.php/ t-411.html

I got( in the project so far) 🙄 second light inliving room, on the one hand, the height is normal, and on the other side, respectively, in 2 floors and a console ladder-balcony along the high wall. The second floor of the semi-attic( the height of the wall is 1.7 m, on one side only). This conclusion came when there was too much space on the 2nd floor, why do I need a lot of bedrooms, etc., and you can’t do less ground floor because the living room, kitchen, hallway, garage. That came with an external size of 12 * 11, 200 sq. m.the useful area( without basement) with a two-light living room 6 * 7m. In this case, it is convenient to make a balcony - just bring the ceiling beyond the supporting wall. I considered that savings in ceilings and zest on the one hand and avoiding unnecessary space on the other are worth it.


http: //www.stroimdom.com.ua/forum/archive/index.php/ t-411.html

my IMHA!) The second light is not for such small rooms. I have a little bigger house, according to the plan was with the second light. When I saw this well in nature, I ordered to make an ordinary ceiling. I have no regrets, now I have more

on the room. Rosary Agro ** K **

http: //eva.ru/beauty/ messages-2324201.htm

Second light rooms are an attribute of the richest and most luxurious buildings that are not yet so popular in our country. Therefore, if you plan to use just such an architectural technique in your house, then pay attention to the characteristic features of such a solution. It is necessary to foresee everything: proper installation of windows, high-quality insulation, installation of appliances for heating, make the right layout and only then your building with the second light will be unique.

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