Bedroom Repair Stages

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  1. Design Development
  2. Bedroom Preparation for Repair
  3. Wiring Systems
  4. Rough Finishing
  5. Finishing
  • Ceiling
  • Wall Finishing
  • Floor Finishing
  • Installing Furniture
  • After the end of the campaign for a number of measures

  • After the end of the process for the
  • installation of the furniture

  • After the end of the process for the
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  • The
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  • If you want to change something in this room, make cosmetic or major repairs, you must be clear about what should be the result, and on the basis of this, make a plan of work and estimate. It is important that the procedure was thought out to the smallest detail, and then the repair will be possible to carry out as soon as possible, and the result will be exactly as expected. That is why you need to know what is the main steps in repairing an bedroom, and what is the sequence of work performed by .

    Before you break through to drawing up a plan and carrying out repairs, it is necessary to assess the condition of the bedroom and think for yourself what should be in the end. On this basis,

    determines the type of upcoming repair: cosmetic or capital. Renovation provides for the replacement of finishing materials without any major transformations. Overhaul already includes the replacement of electrical wiring, the erection or demolition of partitions, the replacement of windows and doors. Based on what type of repair is chosen, the list of necessary works will be different.

    Development of the project

    Whatever the scale of repair, it is first of all necessary for to design its design project .And in order to do this correctly, it is important to pre-measure to measure : the length, width and height of the bedroom, the size of the window and door openings, the distance from the walls to the doors and the window. If there are arches or any other architectural elements, their main parameters should also be measured in order to be taken into account when drafting a project.

    There are several ways to develop a future bedroom project. The easiest, accessible to each of us, - is a freehand drawing with respect to the scale of .You can work a little and to master the simple program , and then you can present the interior of the bedroom in three-dimensional form. Many of these programs are very simple and can easily be studied in a couple of hours. An alternative option - to entrust the development of the project to an experienced designer , who can take into account all your wishes.

    The bedroom project should give as complete a picture as possible of the future placement of furniture and lighting, decor items, bedroom color scheme. When planning the future interior, it is important not to use too much furniture, especially if the room is small. For free movement around the bedroom, it is important to leave aisles with a width of at least 80 cm.

    As for the choice of the interior style , it is important not only to choose from your own preferences, but also from the characteristics of the room. So, if the bedroom is small, then the best style is minimalism or high-tech. This room involves the use of only the most necessary items in it, the room will not be cluttered, and therefore it will be perceived as more free. For spacious bedrooms, you can choose absolutely any style: from always fashionable classics to Provence, boho or country.

    If a major overhaul is planned, then it would be nice to draw on the plan the layout of the electrical wiring, new partitions, arches, etc. On the basis of the project, the sequence of work is determined and the estimate is calculated. Also at this stage, you need to decide which stages of work can be carried out independently, and which are better to be entrusted to specialists.

    Preparing the bedroom for repair

    If the repair is overhaul, then you need to take out all the furniture and furniture from the bedroom, and even for cosmetic repairs it is better to free the room from all things, and those that are difficult to remove are better covered with film. Now you can proceed to the dismantling of unnecessary partitions, if planned, and the old finish.

    First, it is better to to remove the floor plinth, then proceed to remove all the finishing materials. Most often in the bedroom are used wallpaper: they are easy to remove with a spatula, and if you have any difficulties, you can wet them. To remove the paint from the surface of the walls or ceiling, it is better to use solvents, but you need to work with them very carefully. If the ceiling was just whitewashed, you will have to tinker a bit: first, wash off the material with warm water, then remove the upper layer with a spatula, and then wash off the remnants with a damp sponge.

    As a rule, there are no problems with dismantling the flooring: linoleum, laminate and parquet, which are customarily used in a given room, can be easily removed.


    When you got rid of all the old finishes, it's time to replace the wiring if this is included in your plans. You need to rely on a plan of lighting in the bedroom and the location of equipment in it. You need to decide in advance what type of lighting will be used, whether sconces or floor lamps will be installed, where it is better to place sockets. If at this stage to show negligence and frivolity, then in the future, you can face great inconvenience and, at a minimum, the constant need to use extension cords.

    The elements of the old electrical wiring in the wall must be insulated, and the new cable should be laid clearly along the vertical and horizontal lines. It is better to lay the wiring in the grooves, and then chart the cables - in the future it will be much easier to carry out any repair and construction work.

    Draft finish

    After the old finish has been dismantled, it is impossible to immediately begin the finishing works, because the surfaces are far from perfect. For leveling of walls, will suit the plaster mix: it is better to level the entire surface of them, although some experts allow the composition to be used only in places with the deepest cracks. An alternative to dirty and relatively long plastering works is leveling the walls with the help of drywall, by the way, it is not necessary for the bedroom to choose moisture resistant drywall. Its installation is fast and clean, and the result is an ideally flat surface suitable for any further finishing. The only negative is the reduction of the usable area, therefore this option is not very suitable for a small bedroom.

    The cracks in the ceiling of the are better sealed with a plaster mortar, and then cleaned and primed. If you plan to paint or whiten the ceiling, then you should approach it very carefully - its surface should be perfect. If the defects on the ceiling are such that their elimination takes a lot of time and effort, then tension and suspension structures can be used.

    Now for the floor .In any case, it should be perfectly smooth. A cement-sand screed is carried out, and if there is already one, but there are still significant irregularities, then a thin layer of a self-leveling floor can be used. For the bedroom, you can provide a system of warm floors, in the winter to get out of bed was as comfortable as possible. It is better not to lay under floor heating under furniture, that is why it is so important to decide in advance on exactly what will stand and where.

    Often at this stage also replace the windows and doors, if it is provided by the project. To protect new structures from dirt during subsequent repairs, they are covered with film and masking tape.


    Finishing the ceiling

    Finishing work in the bedroom, as in any other room, start from the ceiling so as not to stain other surfaces. The only exceptions are tension structures in which virtually no debris and dirt. For finishing of a ceiling the set of different materials approaches. This can ordinary whitewashing or painting .Used water-based paints that can have any desired shade. An excellent alternative is the use of decorative plaster .The process of applying it is time consuming, but such a finish will be inexpensive, and it will not be very difficult to refresh it. The use of boards, which are mounted to the ceiling with glue, is not the best idea, even if it is as low-cost as possible. Such material practically does not pass air, and therefore, will not contribute to the maintenance of an optimal microclimate in the apartment.

    A great option for the ceiling in the bedroom - suspended or tension structures .With them you can make a multi-level ceiling, provide spectacular spot lighting. The disadvantage of such constructions is that they take a bit of the height of the room.

    Wall Decoration

    For the decoration of walls, many of us have traditionally chosen wallpaper. Paper, although they are full of different colors and delight in low prices, are less and less in demand, because they quickly fade. A good option - vinyl wallpaper , but choose the best ones that are able to breathe, and they are much more expensive than usual. is also excellent; non-woven wallpapers and wallpapers for painting , because with them you can change the interior many times. You can add coziness to the bedroom using fabric wallpaper , and add some chic and sparkle with metallic wallpaper .

    For walls in the bedroom, is perfect as decorative plaster, incl. Venetian, which will be a good background for a classic interior room. If you want to make the bedroom as warm and cozy as possible, you can use wood panels for the decoration of the walls of .For one of the walls, you can use wallpaper , which effectively increase even small bedrooms, and lay the headboard with a decorative stone .The color of the walls can be any at the discretion of the owners, but still psychologists and designers recommend the use of soothing shades in this room.

    Finishing the floor

    Considering that the bedroom does not walk as much as in other rooms, and there are practically no guests here, you can use materials with not the highest wear resistance to finish the floor, but put the appearance of the flooring in the first place. In addition, it is important to note that the bedroom often go barefoot, so the warm surface of the floor covering is an obvious plus.

    The carpet, which is very soft to the touch, warm and gives a cozy atmosphere to the bedroom, perfectly meets all the requirements of the bedroom, but here there is a lot of dust in it: .Parquet and corkboard are also great for the bedroom: it is natural, beautiful and pleasant to the touch. An alternative to expensive parquet is laminate , with which you can use a system of heated floors. In addition, is often used to finish the bedroom. linoleum is the most affordable material that can perfectly imitate wood of any breed.

    After the installation of the floor covering, you can install baseboards and baguettes, and then ceiling and wall lamps , provided for by the project.

    Furniture Installation

    Furniture should pay special attention when arranging your bedroom. It should be comfortable, safe, fit into the created interior and fit the room size.

    For the bedroom, you need to provide double bed, and wardrobe , if the apartment does not have a separate dressing room. You also need to purchase bedside tables , the convenience and importance of which, perhaps, even unnecessary to explain. If necessary, you need to provide for an vanity or dresser, mirror and TV.Many experts say that there is no place for equipment in the bedroom, and it is better to give up the TV, transferring it to the living room, but in practice it turns out that almost everyone uses the TV in the bedroom. It can be mounted on a dresser or hung on brackets.

    After all the items of equipment have been acquired and placed in their places, non-stationary items of lighting can be installed: floor lamps, table lamps, etc. At this stage, you can also decorate the room with accessories: curtains and bedding can also become them, along with various photos and paintings, vases and statuettes, candles and flowers. The main thing is to comply with the measure and not litter the bedroom with useless trifles, especially if the room is already small.

    It is important to adhere to a single style when choosing finishes, furniture and accessories. Then it turns out to create a harmonious space that has to rest. It is equally important to observe the pre-designed bedroom project, which will help you in all phases of repair. By the way, it is also important not to overdo it with the amount of furniture, and bright colors, huge chandeliers and mirrored surfaces of the ceiling and walls are not always appropriate.

    In conclusion,

    Repair in the bedroom - not as scary as it seems. Most of the work can be done independently, provided there is minimal experience, and their sequence will determine the design project, which is important to draw up before the start of the repair. A clear idea of ​​how you see your bedroom in the future, and what work you need to do, will help you to achieve the desired result.

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