Welding inverter

Welding inverter - a device wherein the electrode current is controlled by changing the operating mode of the internal inverter DC to AC. By means of this, at first glance, a strange turn succeeded in reducing the weight of equipment to ensure adjustment to the kind of work in the extensive range.

welding inverter

welding converter

welding converter

The magnitude of the welding current

The first welding inverter allows you to easily implement user-friendly operation. The device is introduced without difficulty Antizalipaniya mode (automatic shutdown at short circuit), there are other features. Today, the statement about the high cost of the welding inverter is inoperative. A huge part of the models consumes so little power that is suitable for use in the home. Those wishing to buy Resanta sometimes difficult to know how many watts is required to supply the device with energy.

At the welders, as opposed to most of the technology adopted different approaches to measuring device features. It is known that for electrode thickness set to receive relies on certain inverter output current. These values ​​are usually specified in the instructions. For example, for the "Quartet" takes the current value of 120 - 200 A. It is light a arc, preventing the chance to burn all definitively. If you try to talk to put less work would be simply impossible to fulfill.

Thus, the welding inverter is characterized by a specific area of ​​operating currents, for which the artist finds in a particular case, the suitability of the equipment. For home use do not take an instrument with a current of more than 200 A. That's enough to use the electrodes to 5 mm. A top power limit. The parameter indicator does not appear, but a typical value is calculated by formula. On each plate is a welding inverter, which states, in addition to the current operating voltage. For readers shown in the picture, as the power is calculated.

This is an important parameter, welding inverter is able to easily burn the wiring. Most devices marked cycle parameter (in the picture shown as a percentage) that specifies how long it takes the total active part. The reader immediately the question arises: How long is the total interval. By convention, it is considered that it is 10 minutes. If the figure indicates that a current of 160 A cook 70% of the time, it means 7 min. Then supposed to make a 3-minute pause, give the equipment to cool.

Application table of values

Application table of values

These characteristics do not affect the actual welding inverter. Much of the technology produces an adjustable current. But only allows you to move the welding inverter setup is extremely smoothly. In detail, welding can be a direct current or alternating. The example shows the inverter of the first kind. It is clear from the icon on the left of the duration of the cycle as a percentage (two straight lines, the lower dashed). Alternating current is used in large quantities for welding ferrous metals.

DC or AC

In a separate case uses its own technology. For example, aluminum is often brewed reverse polarity current, which helps to remove the oxide film from the surface. Electrodes required to dry, discount separate recommendations for the use of flux. Developed a mass technology, and welding inverter usually sells only part of them. Advantageously meant welding current constant ferrous metals. In other cases it is necessary to study the literature carefully. As mentioned above, non-ferrous metal welding is carried out and a permanent and alternating current, with important to observe the correct polarity.

We emphasize that the welding inverter becomes a technology of obtaining an AC or DC current required for proper operation of the electrodes. For the rest of the answers are already a master, which determines what kind of current is used, which take the electrodes, how to connect. A number of terms that go hand in hand with the welding work:

  1. Arc welding. The term is popular in the sources. It means that during the arc welding process is formed of ionized air - dazzling light, visible at work. The resulting impact of temperature increase allows easily melted electrode (or wire). Another type of welding in the garage is not found.
  2. Word semi automatic feeding electrode means (usually a wire), the master can only move along the joint at a predetermined speed. Semiautomatic quite able to turn the inverter, it is sophisticated equipment, most can not afford.
  3. Usually notation refers to welding ferrous metals. For this purpose ordinary electrodes, flux is usually not necessary, as inert gas environment: devices are usually tender to protect ferrous metal from the aggressive action of oxygen. Polarity is used direct. Grounding terminal is connected to the black and red on the welding electrode. We mentioned above that is exactly the opposite, but it's the subtleties that are conventional welding machine is not designed for non-ferrous metals.
welder manual

welder manual

What current use described in any decent reference manual welders. We strongly recommend finding a book and enjoy the view as opposed to the familiar masters.

How does the welding inverter

The above applies to the majority of welding equipment, including inverters species. To understand what is the feature of this class of devices, a brief look at the block diagram. The welding unit includes an inverter for converting DC to AC. Since reduced weight of the transformer. The higher the frequency, the smaller the copper loss of the winding under equal. This idea is used in either a pulsed power supply (adapters for laptops, chargers for mobile phones, personal computers sistemnik) where the inverter is installed.

According to Wikipedia were the case. At the dawn of the era of universal electrification needed to meet the challenges of converting AC to DC. To do this, apply the specific mechanical devices, where each half period of the direction contactors electrodes was reversed - Reverse. It was found that the devices operate and the inverse problem of obtaining a constant alternating current.

Wikipedia spelled out clause, that this way of interpreting the origin of the term inverter is applied to the present context is rather conjectural character. The real roots of the word are unknown. And the principle of gradually evolved. If previously used conventional engines, where the shaft is matched with a contactor, now frequently used electronic key in the form of transistors, thyristors and other power components. Path of the last branch started at the beginning of the XX century, when he first realized the usefulness of thyratrons.

Meaning: High Power management ICs weak signal DC voltage cut key on the pulse passing through the transformer easily. Newcomers ask, "Why?".

Key becomes a dispenser. Depending on how you cut it misses the necessary power output. It is easy to notice that in the mode of 100 A consumption below 1.5 times. The situation is realized by means of an inverter. His key cuts the DC voltage bursts, leaving an empty slot. And the space is wider, the less power passes to the output. To summarize:

  1. High frequency pulses allows cutting pass relatively small transformer without losses.
  2. Electronic control method makes it possible variation in output power over a wide range.

We add that in most welding inverters after the transformer voltage is rectified again: it is done for getting the product features in terms of maximum number of user tasks. Which naturally increases the demand for products. Welding inverter with AC mode need not everyone can, in addition, non-ferrous metals and allow you to work with direct current.

What welding inverter choose

Most welders today is based on the pattern of inverters. Simple transformer on the three phases is almost never used. It is believed that the welding of nonferrous metals ac leaves a neat seam. Before buying a device to find out how the electrode diameter, what type and at what current performing welding operations. The device is obliged to comply. For example, welding inverter of this example is suitable only for welding with coated electrodes up to 5 mm inclusive.

Choosing the perfect device

Choosing the perfect device

With all other things DC welding consumable metal electrode detects the maximum speed. Argon is worth the money, works under inert gas require large expenditures. It turns out, the estimate of upcoming events, sought middle ground between:

  • Price.
  • Quality.
  • Speed.
  • Simplicity.
  • Availability of supplies.

Pay close attention to the last point, if you live in the province. Local dealers do not always know what kind of current is variable. It comes to the ridiculous: self-confident in their own illiteracy, businessmen do not even try to bring the equipment to order. Do not forget to inquire about the service centers locations. It often happens that the goods stores refuse to take back, even if the instruction is directly given to the obligation of the dealer.

Statistics on breakdowns recommended to type in the forums. On a par with outright ignorance threads welders owners willing to share experiences and talk about their own successes and failures.

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