Current cutoff

Current cutoffEncyclopedia

Current cutoff - a kind of relay protection, consisting in the de-energized circuit in the event of a short circuit on the line. Thanking Shabad MA, proceed.General DefinitionsMore Edison fuses use...

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Phase voltage

Phase voltageEncyclopedia

Phase voltage - a voltage difference between the phase conductor and the neutral.general informationvector diagramsIn today's networks is dominated by three-phase voltage. Under phase refers to an ...

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Electrostatic machine

Electrostatic machineEncyclopedia

Electrostatic machine - a static charge generator, which consists of two wheels rotating in opposite directions. It is often used by teachers in physics classes for intimidation electric arc engage...

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SIP cable

SIP cableEncyclopedia

SIP cable is a self-supporting insulated wire for transmitting( usually three-phase) low voltage up to 600 V( phase voltage) / 1 kV( line voltage) over long distances and for local distribution. ...

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Transformation ratio

Transformation ratioEncyclopedia

The transformation ratio is a value that shows how many times the input parameter( voltage, current) is less than or greater than the output. If the figure is higher than one, a decrease is perfo...

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Rotary switch

Rotary switchEncyclopedia

Packet switch - a device for switching, typically up to 1 kV circuits consisting of separate sections - one for each phase. What determines the particular burning and extinguishing the arc at the t...

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Analog signal

Analog signalEncyclopedia

An analog signal is a function of a continuous argument( time).If the schedule is periodically interrupted, as happens in a sequence of pulses, for example, they are already talking about a certa...

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Safety ground

Safety groundEncyclopedia

Protective Grounding - Zeroing the potential of conductive parts of an electrical installation that are not directly under the condition of working equipment. These parts include a metal case. Pr...

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Hall Sensor

Hall SensorEncyclopedia

Hall Effect Sensor is a small sensitive element that allows you to track changes in the magnetic field. The discovery has already turned 100 years old; the phenomenon underlying the principle of ...

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The inductor is an element of an electrical circuit that contributes to the accumulation of magnetic field energy. With the use of products manufactured oscillatory resonant circuits. The coil is...

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