7 Tips for Choosing Plastic Lining


  1. №1.What material properties do you need to be prepared for?
  2. №2.What should be the thickness of the plastic lining?
  3. # 3.The number of stiffeners and the distance between them
  4. №4.Color of plastic lining
  5. №5.Lining with seams and without them
  6. №6.What to look for when buying?
  7. №7.10 best manufacturers of plastic lining
  8. LLC "Plastic"
  9. LLC "Stroy-Finishing"
  10. Many of us are familiar with plastic clapboard, because cheapness, practicality and a good appearance provide the material with wide use in various fields. Today it is used for exterior and interior decoration, for cladding ceilings and walls. For each sphere, it is better to use material with a certain set of characteristics, but we will try to figure out how to choose the paneling to meet the requirements.

    №1.What material properties do you need to be prepared for?

    Polyvinyl chloride is the basis of plastic lining, and the properties of this substance determine the main characteristics of the material. The main advantages include:

  • water resistance .The polymer material is not capable of absorbing or passing moisture, therefore, it is used for exterior finishing and for cladding ceilings and walls in bathrooms;
  • resistance to low and high temperatures. .Since the material does not absorb water, there are no deformations in the cold, and in the heat, the lining will not warp and change shape;
  • light weight , which facilitates transportation and installation. It will be possible to refuse the services of porters, because clapboard for cladding can be brought even in hands. The reason for the low weight is the ease of raw materials and the hollow structure of the wall paneling, which at the same time provides strength to the material;
  • is a good indicator of heat and sound insulation of .Due to its structure, lining blocks most of the sounds and helps retain heat;
  • ease of installation and the absence of dirty processes;
  • hygiene .The fungus plastic lining is certainly not terrible;
  • ease of care , which is wiped with a damp cloth;
  • huge selection of colors and textures ;
  • low cost .

Inherent in the material and other properties that limit the scope of its use. Among the shortcomings are:

  • fragility .Mechanical impacts, not even the strongest, that can cause deformations, and scratches and damage to the material cannot be repaired in any way;
  • air-tightness is ; therefore, it is better not to use plastic lining to finish living rooms. A compromise solution is to use it only as part of a decorative finish;
  • defined degree of flammability , but with the observance of fire safety rules the likelihood of negative consequences is the slightest.

№2.What should be the thickness of the plastic lining?

The thickness of the plastic lining is conventionally divided into wall and ceiling .Of course, no one forbids the use of wall paneling for cladding the ceiling and vice versa, but often it is inappropriate. The thickness of the material designed by to finish the ceiling of the is about 8 mm.

The normal thickness of lining, designed for wall finishing , is 10 mm. In this case, you can already talk about an acceptable level of strength. Length can differ: wall paneling, as a rule, is made with a length of 2.7 or 3 m, less often 6 m, and the similar indicator of ceiling material is usually 6 or 12 meters, but specific figures depend on the manufacturer.

Consider the need and the thickness of the front surface .If you look at the section of plastic wall paneling, we will see that between the two outer sheets there are so-called stiffening ribs, which are located at an equal distance from each other and form a hollow structure. Stiffeners not only connect the two sheets, but also take over the entire impact of external impact. Through the front side of the wall paneling, these stiffeners should not be visible. It should be as thick as possible, and it depends on the aesthetics of the material and its strength.

№3.The number of stiffeners and the distance between them

As for , the number of stiffeners , the more of them, the better and more stable the paneling to mechanical damage. distance between stiffeners is also important. It must be not more than 10 mm .Pay attention that the stiffeners are not crumpled and that they are not deformed during transportation and installation. Even if the front panel remains integral, a dent will be visible on its surface.

№4.Color of

plastic lining Plastic lining is painted by the method of adding coloring pigment to the raw material rather than applying it to the material. This explains the fact that the material does not lose its original appearance for a long time. At the moment there are about 70 different shades , in which the paneling can be painted. Normal white is especially popular, but if necessary, you can choose another desired shade.

Lining can imitate the texture of wood, stone, tile or brick , and can be decorated with a simple abstract pattern. For exterior decoration of balconies or facades, it is recommended to use wood or stone lining.

The surface of the material can be matte, semi-gloss or glossy .The main difference is in the surface layer, since the gloss can be achieved through the application of varnish. He, by the way, plays an additional protective function.

№5.Lining with and without seams

For cladding, you can use seamless lining and embossed, or with seams. In the first case, it is possible to obtain almost seamless coverage, which is especially useful for organizing the space of bathrooms, baths and saunas. In this case, the water will not fall into the recesses, it will be easier to care for the walls and the ceiling, and the probability of mold in the joints is significantly reduced.

For exterior trim it is better to choose lining with seams .

  • Firstly , it is more suitable for facade works from purely aesthetic indicators.
  • Secondly, , temperature fluctuations in the external environment can cause linear expansion, and the suture joint will not allow the material to deform.

№6.What to look for when buying?

When you have decided on what characteristics the material should possess and proceed to purchase it, you should inspect the panel very well visually and check its quality. Here are a few tips to help you choose a really good material:

  • the surface should be evenly painted with , ribs should not be seen through it;
  • to test the strength of the can be slightly pressed on the panel so that it is bent. There will be no damage to the quality material, their presence is a consequence of an excessive amount of chalk, which leads to the fragility of the panels;
  • the amount of chalk in the wall panel should not exceed 20%. This indicator can be checked without performing complex analyzes. It is necessary to try to bend the corner of the panel: if it is plastic, then the manufacturer has complied with all the necessary standards, and the material is of high quality, and if a strip or crack has appeared at the fold, then it is better to refuse to buy such a wall panel;
  • need to check, how tightly the panels fit into the groove .If the conditions of manufacture or storage were violated and the material was deformed, then there is no close joining of certain parts of the speech;
  • when buying better to inspect each element of the , paying particular attention to the edges, which are more often exposed to damage;
  • unscrupulous manufacturers from the desire to reduce the cost of the production process can use low-quality and even toxic raw materials. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to ask certificates for products. should be alerted by the smell from the panel;
  • The weight of the plastic lining , although small, should not be lower than the set value. So, 1 m2 of material weighs 1.1-1.5 kg, if less, then the thickness of the lining of the outer layer or the number of stiffeners is less than necessary;
  • is a trademark of .Famous companies have earned a reputation for years and will not lose it in low-quality products. It is on their product is better to pay attention when choosing, and on the names of these companies, we dwell below.

№7.The top 10 manufacturers of plastic lining

Plastic lining is widely produced in Russia and in the CIS countries. European countries in this segment are almost not represented, China often offers not the highest quality material, therefore, it is better to choose from domestic producers.

Dekoplast LLC

The company started its operations in 2004 when it launched the production of plastic panels and window sills in the leased area. The demand for products grew rapidly, and already in 2005, the company acquired its own production facilities, carried out a complete reconstruction and purchased the most modern equipment. The product range was constantly growing, and today the company is considered one of the largest manufacturers of PVC products in Russia. Until now, the company maintains a high dynamics of development. Today, the company's assortment is white and several types of colored lining.

LLC Green Line

Company from the Vladimir region, which has been on the market for more than a dozen years. It uses modern equipment, is a constant control over the production process. The range of plastic lining and related products. Trumps of the company's products - a wide range of colors and parameters.

Profile OJSC

The company has been manufacturing a wide range of polyvinyl chloride for about 40 years. Powerful modern production allows you to fulfill any customer orders as soon as possible. Moreover, a supply chain has been established throughout the country. Customers note a huge range of products and its high quality, proven over the years.

Kant LLC

A company that has been manufacturing plastic wall paneling since 2003 under the brand name Ferasco. In the range of products of a huge number of colors and textures. Initially, the purpose of the manufacturer was to provide residents of the Samara region with high-quality and inexpensive facing material, but over the years the scale of production has grown so much that they began to provide products and other regions of the country. The company offers to make individual orders for the production of lining with clearly defined parameters. According to calculations, this allows you to save up to 20% of the material that goes to the edge.

V-Plast LLC

The company is located in the Moscow region and offers the residents of the region a wide range of finishing materials, includingand plastic lining. The manufacturer closely monitors the needs of customers and tries to use the data, offering a paneling with new decorative qualities and parameters. Among the strengths of the enterprise is a wide range of plastic lining, prompt processing of orders and the ability to manufacture any volume of products.

Niko-Plast LLC

A company from the Stavropol Territory, which grew out of a small production into a real giant of the industry. Today, PVC produces about four hundred items of products here, and plastic paneling takes an important place. The customer can be directly involved in the production process, i.e.according to his requirements, a material with specified parameters can be made. Reliable equipment is used, constantly monitored, and the company employs experienced staff that ensures consistently high product quality.

NPO Plastic LLC

The largest enterprise engaged in the production of plastic products. The company constantly increases production volumes, expands the range of products and works to maintain high quality. Today, the company's products are in demand not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. The employees explain this success with the responsibility, the desire to please each client, carrying out prompt delivery and making plastic lining according to individual requirements.


The company has been on the market for 11 years, and during this time it has grown from a small production into a large enterprise with a developed dealer network in many cities of the country. The company is confident that PVC is considered one of the best materials for the production of finishes, therefore a huge range of products is produced from the polymer, an important place in which falls on plastic paneling. The range is constantly updated, in the presence of all the necessary certificates, and if necessary, the customer receives free samples of materials to make a choice.

Plastika LLC

Company from Orenburg, which specializes in the production of plastic wall paneling. In the assortment you can find products of different colors and textures, as well as the necessary for the installation of accessories. The manufacturer takes care of the environment using recycled materials in the manufacture of products, which does not affect the quality of the wall paneling.

LLC Stroy-Finishing

The company offers a whole range of building materials, with an emphasis on PVC products. Production is conducted on modern equipment, and quality control is carried out at each stage. The result is a solid, durable plastic paneling, which has earned recognition not only in the country, but also abroad.

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