How to drain the water from the washing machine: 5 effective ways

  • Likely reasons why the machine does not drain?
  • 5 ways to forcibly drain water from the

washer Modern technology, although a reliable thing, but no one is immune from failures. Quite common cases when a washing machine does not correctly complete the washing program and water remains in the tank. Before looking for the cause of the breakdown, you must manually drain the water and remove the laundry from the feed tank. In this article we will describe 5 effective ways how to drain the water from the washing machine if it broke.

Likely reasons why the machine does not drain?

Many washing machines are equipped with a display, and in the case when it cannot drain the water, a certain error code appears, signaling this malfunction. There are several reasons why a washing machine does not drain water:

  1. The washing program failed. It often happens when there is a power outage during the operation of the washing machine;
  2. The drain filter is clogged. These can be various small details of clothes( buttons, sliders from locks, rhinestones) or the remaining trifles in their pockets;
  3. Drain hose, siphon or sewage pipe clogged. To eliminate the clogging of the hose, you can pull it out of the siphon, and after dropping it into the sink or deep container, run the washing program. In case the machine drains water, it is necessary to clean the sewage system;
  4. The drain pump( pump) has broken, or the branch pipe leading to it has become clogged. A common cause of a malfunction is settled debris on the impeller or a cork in the nozzle of a washing machine. In this case, you can fix the problem yourself. If the pump burned down, you need to make a request for its repair to the service center;
  5. Lowered performance sensor, which is responsible for the water level( pressure switch).In this case, the machine during the execution of the program can drain not all the water in the drum, due to the breakage of the pressure switch, which regulates the water level.

5 ways to forcibly drain the water from the

washer When the cause of a program failure is a power outage, you can forcibly turn on the water drain program and then start a new wash cycle. If after the start of the program, the machine does not perform the operation, in any case, before finding out what caused the breakdown, you will have to manually drain the remaining water. Now we will tell you about 5 effective ways to help you, to drain the water from the washing machine LG, Indesit, Gorenje and other companies.

Drain filter

The most common and convenient way to drain water is to unscrew the filter plug. This filter is equipped with almost all models of modern machines. It serves to protect the drain pump from clogging with small objects. Located on the front of the device. To drain the remaining water in the tank, you must open the door or remove the bottom panel of the housing with a flat tool, such as a screwdriver, tilt the washer back and begin to unscrew the filter plug. But before that, under the bottom you need to put the tank, where the water will flow. The filter plug should be unscrewed gradually, otherwise the fluid flow will be large and may fill the floor. After removing the water, the filter is cleaned and reinstalled if necessary.

Emergency drain hose

It is worth noting that it is not provided in all washing machines, so not everyone can thus drain the water. If the model is equipped with such a tube, it can also be used to flush the remaining water, which is much more convenient to drain through the filter. As a rule, the emergency hose is located in the place where the drain filter is located. To drain the water, you need to get the hose, send it to a tank prepared under water, and remove the cap. After all the water comes out, the plug is put back on and the hose is inserted into place.

Drain hose on the back of the machine

If the model of the machine allows you to remove the drain hose from the back case of the machine, you must pull it out of the siphon and lower it into the container prepared for draining. When the hose of the washing machine will be below the level of the tank, the water itself will flow from it. Thus, you can completely drain the water that did not come out in the process of washing.

Charging port

In case the washing machine washing program is completed and the door is unlocked after it is finished, but the water still remains in the tank, it can be drained directly through the loading door. If there is a lot of water, the machine should be tilted back so that when the door is opened, it does not run out onto the floor. Then, using any container, you can draw out water. The disadvantage of this method is that it will not be possible to pour out all the water. The remaining water in any case will have to drain through the filter.

Drain pipe

This method of draining has to be resorted to when this same pipe becomes clogged. This can be testified by the fact that when opening the plug of the bottom filter of the washing machine, water does not run out. To identify and eliminate the cause of the malfunction it is necessary: ​​

  • to unscrew and remove the back wall of the device;
  • find the nozzle of the washing machine, it is under the drum;
  • , before disconnecting, substitute a suitable empty tank for collecting water under it, it is best to additionally prepare and place rags under the container, since water will be poured a lot;
  • remove the clamp connecting the pipe with the sediment and separate them;
  • if the water does not go out, most likely in the nozzle blockage - which should be eliminated.

In the process of working with electrical appliances safety precautions must be followed. Therefore, in order to prevent an electric shock, before proceeding to the action of forcibly draining water from the washing machine, it must be turned off and de-energized by pulling the cord out of the socket.

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