6 tips on choosing and installing window grilles


  1. №1.Mounting method lattice
  2. №2.Profile Type
  3. №3.Rebar thickness and cell size
  4. №4.Design of the
  5. grid №5.The method of staining
  6. № 6.Where and how to install the grid?

Grid is an old proven method to protect your home from unauthorized access. Despite their wide distribution, many still choose lattices completely wrong. Some look only at the aesthetics of the product, others pay attention to the possibility of plowing, others do not argue at all and make a design order in the first available company. It is not surprising that then the unpleasant consequences of ill-considered choice are revealed. Let us see that, first of all, it is necessary to take into account when choosing a lattice, and what it should be in order to protect as much as possible and not to spoil the interior of the apartment and the facade of the house.

It should be noted that there are no such grids that the thief would not be able to break or cut through. The choice is to ensure that the

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find a product that will require the longest possible to break into, and the longer an attacker will mess around, the more likely his neighbors or passersby will notice his attempts to enter the house.

№1.The method of fastening the grille

To a greater degree the level of protection of the dwelling depends on how the grille is installed. There are several ways of fastening the grille:

  • stationary grilles - those that cannot be opened;
  • swing , in which one or two doors open, as in the windows;
  • sliding ( grille curtains), which are made according to the type of pantograph;
  • removable , which differ from the fixed ones in that they are fastened to the wall with the help of screw-in bolts.

Stationary grilles are the most robust constructions of all existing, because their fittings are mounted directly into the wall. It is recommended to install such structures to the owners of apartments located on the first floor of the .The attackers even learned how to overcome such grids, but they do it very simply: they tie the cable to the grille and fasten it to the truck - many constructions break out without much difficulty, therefore the grating fixtures should go into the depth of the walls not less than 8 cm.the reliability side of stationary arrays is the inability to open them during the fire. No one is insured against such unforeseen situations, therefore at least one window in the apartment should have hinged lattices.

Swinged grilles can swing open if necessary, leaving the window opening completely free. This is convenient not only from the point of view of fire safety, but also, if desired, not to clutter the view from the window with steel rods. One or both flaps can swing open, and the window is protected from penetration by unauthorized with a padlock or a dead lock.

curtain grilles are recognized as the most unreliable structures, as they are made from movably mounted crosswise metal strips, which affects its burglar-resistant qualities. Such grids are mounted from inside the room, and some products only open the window opening 80% when opening - be careful when choosing. Sliding grilles are used in country and private houses, where security alarm is used, which is triggered by broken glass, and the grille located inside the window opening will become an obstacle that the attacker cannot overcome before the arrival of the guard.

Removable grilles were to be a compromise solution in terms of strength and fire safety. The designs are quite reliable, but they are inferior to stationary ones in this parameter, but it will be problematic to unscrew the bolts that are used to fix the grill in a state of panic.

№2.Profile type

Lattices are manufactured using of such types of profiles:

  • bar - a profile, as a rule, of circular section, which is obtained by pressing or rolling. Lattices from a bar turn out very strong and rather esthetic. A bar with a diameter of 12-20 mm is used;
  • square - square section profile. It also produces products that are quite good from an aesthetic point of view, and they are not inferior to the bar in strength. The profile with a section of 12 * 12, 14 * 14 and 16 * 16 mm is used;
  • is a flat profile with a rectangular cross section. Width up to 20 cm, thickness up to 6 mm. They make the simplest and far from the most artistic specimens from the strip, and in terms of strength they cannot be compared with the two previous versions, but at the price they surely win;
  • combined option involves the use of different types of profiles.

№3.The thickness of the reinforcement and the size of the cells

To be as confident as possible in the reliability of the protection of the dwelling, it is better to choose gratings in which the has a profile thickness of at least 14 mm .To cut or bend the metal of such thickness, it will take a decent amount of time, and this is the main task of a good grille.

Choosing the grille, you should not discount the possibility of the penetration of thieves through its bars. So that even the smallest attacker does not penetrate the house, the distance between the rods should not be less than 15 * 15 cm.


Lattice Design When it comes to an element that you will constantly see when you look at the window, design plays a significant role.

They make grids with one in two main ways:

  • welding, which is used to connect elements made by the method of hot and cold forging. These are reliable products, some of which look really good;
  • forged lattices are made of square and rods, and skillfully made products resemble lace. Such grids are more expensive than welded ones, since the process of their manufacture is rather laborious, and in terms of reliability, such constructions are in no way inferior to welded analogues. They are perfect for country house windows, and for an apartment in a high-rise building it is better to use welded products.

The grid can be absolutely any: manufacturers' catalogs are striking in diversity, and besides, it is possible to make a grid to order. A drawing may consist of repeating elements, be symmetrical or abstract. Welded joints can be decorated with clamps, spikes, sheets and petals, and by using machine forging elements, amazing results can be achieved. Today, the lattice is not the same primitive patterns that were used in the not so distant past, but you should not overdo it in this matter either, in order not to lower the light transmission significantly.

Lattices can be not only flat, but also voluminous , which is clearly seen from the side. Such products, even being welded, look much prettier and look better on the window. The most popular option is the lattice in the shape of the letter S.

No. 5.Coloring method

The color of the grid also affects its perception. It is good that today with the help of dyeing you can achieve any shade: from standard black to noble bronze, antique silver, etc. Painting is always carried out after pre-priming of the metal, which protects it from corrosion. The most common choice is alkyd enamels , and domestic ones are not inferior in quality to imported counterparts.

Another good way - powder coating , which has maximum resistance to negative environmental influences, does not fade in the sun and very well protects the metal from corrosion. The warranty on such coverage is usually 20 years.

# 6.Where and how to install the grid?

Some types of lattices assume only one option for their installation: for example, sliding lattices are installed only inside the window opening. In other cases, you can choose. Most of us prefer to install the grille outside the apartment, arguing this choice mainly with aesthetics and convenience. In this case, maximum attention should be paid to the structural strength and reliability of its installation.

In terms of security, the best option is to install the grille inside the window when using a burglar alarm. It turns out that the thief will first break the glass, which will cause the alarm to work, and he simply will not have time to break the grate, enter the apartment and take valuable things. In this case, you can choose almost any type of grating.

The grille can be installed:

  • at the ends of the window opening;
  • inlay. In this case, the grille is mounted only outside the window, and it should be larger than the opening.

Depending on the of the chosen option and the material of the walls of the at home, the installation will be different. Suppose you need to install the grilles in the wooden house inlay. In this case, holes are drilled in the walls for through bolts, on which the grille will hold. The ends of the bolts indoors are tightened with nuts. If the method of installation in the ends of a window opening is chosen for a wooden house, then it is necessary to use special lugs that are welded to the grid frame. Thanks to the holes in them, the grille is attached to the wall with screws up to 10 cm long. These holes are made on 2-3 sides and 1-2 on top and bottom, they mortgage mortgage pins, protruding 2-3 cm, so that they can be welded grille. Similarly, installation is carried out in the case of with concrete walls .

As you can see, the grille can really become a reliable protection and a nice window accessory, if you take its choice responsibly.

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