How to remake a cordless screwdriver in the network in many ways

A great helper in the household is the cordless screwdriver. This tool will be with you everywhere, but it works smoothly until the battery sits down, but the number of charge cycles it has is limited, even the battery can deteriorate from idleness. Batteries live for about three years, and after this time will have to replace it. You can save the tool, if you convert it from the battery to the network, and there are various ways of such modifications.


  • 1 Why rework a cordless screwdriver?
  • 2 How to remake a cordless screwdriver to work from 220 volts? Agra
    • 2.1 Using Charging from a Laptop
    • 2.2 Activating Auk External Power Supply from a Computer
    • 2.3 Video: How to Redesign a Screwdriver for Using
    • 2.4 for a screwdriver?
      • 3.1 Connecting the old battery pack
      • 3.2 Connecting the wires directly
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Why redo the cordless screwdriver?

Why redo a screwdriver? When does this need arise? If you are reading this article, you probably have already appreciated the convenience of this tool. Without extra wiring and at any time, you can use it even in the most inaccessible places, until the battery sits down. This is the first drawback of the screwdriver. The cheaper the tool, the faster its battery runs out of charging cycle resources. Here is the second drawback. And you should understand that the manufacturer saves exactly the same way as you, and there is nothing unusual about it. Buying a new battery is almost the same as buying a screwdriver, but there is a way out, and now we’ll consider options for converting a screwdriver from a battery to a power supply.

There are several ways to convert a cordless screwdriver from a battery into a network one:

  • using laptop charging;
  • using a PC power supply;
  • using a car battery;
  • using halogen lamp power supply;
  • using a Chinese 24V power supply board.

How to remake a cordless screwdriver to work from 220 volts?

A rechargeable cordless screwdriver for on-line use varies in complexity. Connecting the charging from the laptop almost does not require knowledge, to install a computer power supply, you need to be friends with a soldering iron, and to reconfigure the Chinese unit, the master must be able to handle measuring devices.


laptop charging This method will require a minimum of technical knowledge from you. If there is a need to remake a screwdriver into a mains one, unnecessary charging from a laptop can help you, as it has similar characteristics and can easily be found in any home. First you need to see what the output voltage of the charging. Chargers suitable for 12–19V.

It is important to check the voltage and current of the charger.
  1. Get charging from the laptop.
  2. Cut off the connector and strip the wires from the insulation.
  3. Take bare wires and solder them. If this is not possible, tape them down.
  4. Make a hole in the case for the wire and assemble the structure.

Using external power supply from


So, you need an AT format power supply. It is likely that you will find it in your home, but you can easily purchase an old, working power supply at any radio market. Its cost is unlikely to be high. It is very important to remember that a power supply unit with a power of 300–350 W is suitable, and the current in the 12 V circuit is not lower than 16 A.

The AT computer unit will power the
electric screwdriver. In this regard, the same AT power supply, which is located in the case of any stationary computer, is good because it always honestly shows the power. Such power supplies always have a power button, as well as a cooling fan, and an overload protection system.

The alteration steps are as follows:

  1. Unwind the power supply case. Under the case you will see a fan, a board and a lot of wires that go from the board to the connectors.
  2. It is required to remove the protection against inclusion. To do this, you must find the green wire on the large square connector.
  3. Connect the green wire to any black wire from the same connector. For convenience, you can cut it shorter and leave it inside the case. Alternatively, you can use a jumper from a small piece of wire.
Next we need a smaller connector( MOLEX), with it you need to do the following:
Connector contacts: yellow wire +12 V, red wire: +5 V, black - ground
  1. Cut off the unnecessary wires, leaving the yellow and black.
  2. Using a piece of wire as an extension so that the power supply can be in a convenient place during operation, solder it to the yellow and black wires
  3. Attach the other end of the wire to the terminals of the empty battery compartment, as in the previous instruction.

Video: how to remake a screwdriver to work from an

network Using an

car battery The principle of such a modification is no different from the way you use charging from a laptop. Thanks to the current trends in compact pulsed charging, linear analog devices with manual control can be purchased at the car market at a very attractive price.

If the voltage on the battery varies smoothly, it will fit absolutely any screwdriver, and alteration of such a tool is done as follows:

  1. To connect the screwdriver to the car battery, you should use inexpensive wires with a small cross section, car wires will be suitable for lighting.
  2. On all sides of each wire, cut off the so-called “crocodiles”, at the free end, strip the wire from the insulation by 2–3 cm.
    Cut off the clamps and strip the wires
  3. Next, connect the wires. To connect the wires to the terminals, you need to bend a part twice that part that has been cleaned, and then pass them inside the terminals to form a kind of hook.
    Bend the wires with a hook to connect to the terminals
  4. . For more secure fixing, tighten all connections with plastic clips or solder them. Do not forget about polarity, usually “crocodiles” are marked.
  5. The next stage is the assembly, it is necessary to insulate everything. For starters, it is better to wind each connection in such a way that metal parts do not protrude, and already after wrapping everything together, the terminals should not touch.

Taking the Chinese

power supply board So, we are talking about a power supply with an output voltage of 24 V and a maximum current of 9 A. Screwdrivers are usually designed for 12 V or 18 V, so you will first have to lower the voltage to an acceptable level.

To change the output voltage, you need to make a revision in the feedback circuit. For the output voltage meets the resistor under the position R10.Its nominal is 2320 Ohms. Instead of this resistor, we will install a trimming resistor, thus it will be possible to change the output voltage of the power supply unit for our needs, the trimming resistor rating is 10 kΩ.

  1. Solder a permanent resistor.
    It is necessary to pull out the fixed resistor
  2. Before installing the trimming resistor, it is recommended to set its resistance to approximately 2300 Ohms. This is done so that the output voltage of the power supply unit is approximately 24 volts, and the power supply unit does not go away in protection against excessively high or low output voltage.
  3. Solder trimmer.
    Solder a trimming resistor to the board instead of a fixed one.
  4. Turn on the power supply and adjust the voltage by turning the trimmer screw. After changing the output voltage, check the characteristics of the power supply: maximum output current and power. At a current of more than 7.6 A, the power supply turns into an overload and dramatically lowers the output voltage.
    Adjust the output voltage and check the characteristics of the
  5. unit. Check what will happen at 12 V. Adjust the output voltage. Maximum output current more than 9 A, great!

If the battery is faulty: how to make the adapter for the screwdriver?

There are two ways to make an adapter: use the old battery pack, because it already has a connector that fits the screwdriver, or connect the wires directly to the handle.

Connecting the old

battery pack Connecting the old block is done as follows:

  1. First you need to disassemble the battery pack, to do this, unscrew the screws as shown in the figure.
    . Unscrew the cap screws.
  2. . Remove used nickel-cadmium batteries.
    Remove idle
  3. batteries from the case. Next, separate them from the connector pins.
    The contact plates of the connector are held on the plastic latch of the
  4. . After this, solder with a soldering iron to the contact plates of the wire. If it is not at hand, it is enough to wind the wires to the contacts, then you can proceed to the assembly.
  5. Place the plastic latch together with the wires into the connector of the battery pack, make a hole for the wire from the inside - you can use a wire cutter or a drill.
  6. Pull the wire through the hole and tighten the screws in place.

Connecting the wires directly

Connecting the wires directly to the screwdriver is as follows:

  1. To connect the wires directly, you must first disassemble the screwdriver, that is, unscrew the bolts that hold the two halves of the case together.
    Remove the case and find the bare terminals of the contacts
  2. Consider the connections, find the plus and minus, remember the polarity of the connection. For convenience, it was decided to remove the lower wide part of the handle.
    Remove unnecessary plastic with a hacksaw
  3. Next you need to attach the wires, this can be done with a soldering iron or good old electrical tape.
    Wrap all open spaces with
  4. tape. The main thing is to insulate everything well, wrap it so that no metal parts protrude, then wrap it again so that the terminals do not touch. You can proceed to assembly.
  5. Assemble the case by repeating the disassembly steps in the reverse order.
  6. And the final touch is to wrap the wires at the exit of the handle for additional fixation and insulation.
    It is necessary to fix the wires at the exit of the

handle. Congratulations! Now that you have learned how to remake a screwdriver in a network, you can put this knowledge into practice. It does not matter whether your screwdriver is charged or not. Do not have to think about how long the battery. Good luck in the mess!

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