How to independently change the bearing drum washing machine

Washing any complex mechanism, has the ability to break. Of course, any part can fail, but usually the breakdowns are most susceptible to parts bearing a strong physical load, for example, it may be necessary to repair or replace the bearings of the washing machine. Determine that it is the bearing that failed very easily. If during operation of the washing machine there are strange knocks and noise, as well as increased vibration, most likely, it is necessary to replace the bearing.

If you have the skills to repair household appliances, then the bearing can be replaced independently. And we will tell you how to do it correctly.


  • 1 Required Tool
  • 2 Workflow
  • 3 Directly disassembling the tank and replacing the bearing

Required tool

What tool is needed to replace the bearing? This primarily depends on the features of your unit. Since the different types of machines, the internal structure can vary greatly, so we advise you to stock up on the following tool:

  • horn keys, sizes 12 to 19;
  • a set of socket keys of the same size;
  • set of imbusovy( six-sided) keys;
  • rubber mallet;
  • ordinary hammer;
  • flat and cross-head screwdrivers( preferably different sizes);
  • adjustable wrench;
  • grease LITOL-24;
  • vybynik for the bearing or a usual stupid chisel;
  • spare seal and drum bearing washing machine.

Also in the process of repair, you may need electrical tape, sealant, rags. In the absence of rubber, you can use an ordinary hammer and a small wooden bar, this will help us avoid shock damage and flaring when removing the shaft.

Order of work

The most important rule when making repairs, since you have to disassemble the washing machine almost completely - write it down in detail, and it is better to even photograph the sequence of the disassembly process so that later there will be no problems with the assembly and no “extra” parts will appear. If you have a washing machine with front loading chamber, your actions will be as follows:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the communications( water, electricity, drain).
  2. Unscrew and remove the back and top panel, the order - depending on the design features of your car.
  3. Remove the dispenser.
  4. After that, unscrewing the locking screws, you need to remove the control unit.
  5. Open the loading door and remove the collar of the cuff, then carefully refill the cuff inside.
  6. You can then release the lock.
  7. Then, removing all remaining fasteners, remove the front wall.
  8. Next we remove everything that prevents the clamp from loosening.
  9. The next step is to remove the counterweight.
  10. After the removal of the counterweight, the crucial moment is followed - the removal of the heater. When dismantling the heating element, pay special attention to the order of connecting the wires( it is better to take a photo, in extreme cases, write it down on paper).
  11. After that, it is necessary to remove everything that connects the drum tank to the body( pipes, wires, drive belt) and turn off the engine.
  12. Then we take out the engine and now we can take out the drum tank and start replacing the bearings on the washing machine.

Drum tank, for the convenience of further work with him, it is best to transfer to a solid table, so it will be more convenient for you to replace the bearing.

Directly dismantling the tank and replacing the bearing

Now we will describe step by step directly the process of disassembling the drum and how the bearing is replaced. If you have coped with the disassembly of the washing machine, then disassembling the drum and replacing the bearing will not be difficult for you. The main thing is to carry out all the work very carefully and carefully remember the entire disassembly process.

  1. Make room around the drum so that nothing will disturb you.
  2. In order to avoid damage, it is best to remove the rubber cuff, having previously canceled its location on the drum tank with a marker.
  3. After that, turn over the drum tank up with a pulley, for ease of dismantling. Turn off the bolt securing the pulley to the shaft and remove the pulley.
  4. Then you need to drown the shaft, for this we need a rubber hammer, if you do not have it, you can perform this operation with a simple hammer. In order not to damage the shaft, it is best to knock it out through a wooden block.
  5. Having released the shaft, it is necessary to unwind the drum tank itself, and then carefully divide it into two halves. Now we can freely replace the bearings in the washing machine.
  6. First, you must carefully remove the dirt and wipe all working parts of the washing machine. Then inspect the removed parts for additional damage.
  7. If you are convinced that everything is in order, we are beating out the bearing with the help of a pothole or a dull chisel.
  8. Remove old oil seals.
  9. Lubricate the bearing socket LITOL-24.
  10. After that we install the glands and press the bearing into the socket with the help of a hammer and a pick-out.

That's it. We were able to independently change the bearing in the washing machine. After that, we just have to reproduce all the actions taken, in reverse order. Pay particular attention to the assembly of the drum tank. In order to eliminate leaks, the installation must be carried out very carefully and when connecting two parts of the tank it is imperative to cover the junction abundantly with sealant before connecting.

Replacing the bearing in a washing machine with a vertical load is made in the same way, taking into account its design features.

There are washing machines with non-separable tanks, their repair is best done in specialized workshops.

Since the replacement of the bearing in them is an order of magnitude more complicated repair that requires skills in cutting and soldering the tank. Therefore, it is better to entrust a professional, change the bearing in such a difficult case than

. Add to your bookmarks: repair washing machines with your own hands

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