Connect the hob with your own hands

Modern hobs firmly secured the title of one of the most popular models of home appliances. That is why many forums and consulting sites often raise the actual question - how to connect the hob? Do not forget how responsible you need to treat the installation of electrical engineering. It is necessary to take into account every nuance and to foresee all possible difficulties.

Before installation, you should understand all types of hobs. There are such types of heating:

  • Gas;
  • Electric;
  • Combined.

The gas version will be an excellent choice for gasified houses and apartments. Such devices do not require large costs in operation, do not cause problems in use, and in general are more familiar to people from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Traditional gas rings are ideal for cooking and, according to professional chefs, are best suited for cooking delicious dishes.

Electric panels are rapidly replacing gas due to their exceptional qualities - the surface heats up and cools down in a matter of seconds, and the aesthetic component is also at altitude.

Combined model will be the best solution - customers can use both an electric surface and gas burners. Each of these varieties is good in its own way, but do not forget - for each of these cases has its own way of connecting the hob.


  • 1 Electrical hob connection
    • 1.1 Preparatory work
    • 1.2
  • 2 installation scheme Gas hob connection

Electric hob connection

Before installing the electric hob, pay attention to the electrical power of your purchase. Modern electrical panels have a high power consumption, up to 7 kW.The condition of your wiring must be appropriate, otherwise your device will fail, and this is fraught with serious problems until a fire occurs.

Electric hobs are divided into two types:

  • Traditional( with the usual metal disc);
  • Induction( only the small surface of the panel on which the dishes stand is heated).

The principle of operation is slightly different, but the connection is the same. It is possible to connect such a miracle of technology independently, without the help of a team of professionals. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

Preparatory work

An electric stove is usually built into the kitchen worktop. With this approach, you will significantly save space. In order to embed the hob, you will need a masking tape, a pencil, a drill and a jigsaw. Paste the tape on the surface of the tabletop as a scratch and pencil protection, make a markup. Drill a hole inside the marked contour of such a diameter so that the jigsaw blade can enter freely( usually there is a 10 mm diameter drill) and cut the necessary hole with the jigsaw exactly according to the marking. Half an hour - and the place for the panel is ready.

Some people prefer a standard plug-in device connection. But experienced experts advise not to use such a connection, and connect the device with a separate cable, selected according to the device's power, directly to the terminals. The screw connection will press the contacts perfectly and ensure a reliable connection.

If laying a separate cable is not possible, then before installation, check the condition of the outlet in your kitchen to which your equipment will be connected.

Usually, the hob is connected to a voltage of 220 volts, but some manufacturers also allow the power supply to be 380 volts. In the latter case, do not make a mistake and do not fix the phase to ground or zero contact - otherwise you risk getting an electric shock. To connect to 380 volts, you will need a cable for 5 PVA wires of 5 x 4 mm² - only it can provide security.

mounting scheme The assembled connection of the hob is usually five pins. It is necessary to connect the phase wire to the first three contacts( in most cases it is covered with gray insulation).Then comes the turn of the other two contacts. Using a special jumper, the neutral wire is fixed to them, and then you can proceed to the installation of grounding. There will be no difficulties - the “ground” connector is marked with a special symbol, and the wiring must be fixed under the previously provided bolt.

If you live in a private house with a power of 380 volts, it is recommended to connect the device to 3 phases. To do this, you need to remove the jumper contacts No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, and attach 3 opposite phases to them. Connect the neutral wire to the fifth contact. With this approach, you effectively disperse the voltage and protect yourself from electrical shocks and the possibility of fire.

The next step is to connect the outlet, you can also handle this yourself. There will be no problems here, the 2-wire cable is easy to connect and is guaranteed not to fail. If you have a cable for 3 wires( the third is grounding), just remember to connect the grounding wires, and the job is done. To install you will need a standard "gentleman's" set of electrician - pliers, wire cutters, electrical tape, a knife( or a tool for stripping contacts) and a voltage indicator. You can easily connect everything yourself, it is worth a responsible approach to the matter.

Gas hob connection

In this case, the scheme will be somewhat different. From the tools you will need:

  • Socket;
  • painting tape;
  • Drill and jigsaw;
  • Screwdriver and wrench set;
  • Sealant
  • Knife.

The gas hob is installed on the countertop using a jigsaw, as is the case with an electric one. The important point is that there should be a gap of at least 55 mm between the panel and the wall. Then you need to decide on the nozzles for gas. If the gas comes from the pipeline, we need some jets, if from a cylinder - others. The nozzles are screwed in using an allen key.

Then you need to fix the corner for the gas supply. You will need a flexible tube, since all the devices of the new sample are connected to the mains for igniting the fire. Only after all these operations can insert the panel into the tabletop. For fixing, you will need special legs, which will be attached at the bottom. The gap between the panel and the tabletop can be filled with high-quality sealant, which is not inferior to the sealants.

To connect to a gas pipe, you need a flexible steel corrugated hose( bellows), certified by your gas service.

Caution! All work with a gas pipe in your room should be performed by experts of the serving gas company!

Combination hob connection follows the same scenario. Follow the safety precautions, use a working tool - and you are guaranteed a high-quality connection.

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