How to replace a light bulb in the refrigerator: types of light bulbs and how to replace them

  • What kind of light bulbs are used in refrigerators
  • Why is the lamp not lit in the refrigerator?
  • to replace the light in the fridge in the fridgeat night. In the old model refrigeration units, standard low-power incandescent lamps were installed. In modern technology used fluorescent or halogen lamps, they are economical, energy efficient, do not heat up. But sometimes they need to be replaced. From our article you will learn how to replace a light bulb in the refrigerator with your own hands.

    What kind of light bulbs are used in refrigerators

    Refrigerator - a single mechanism consisting of a set of components and parts. All of them are necessary and equally useful. A fridge light bulb is no exception.

    There are several types of lamps used in refrigerators:

    • General-purpose incandescent lamp: it burns, emitting a warm light that is affordable and serves for a relatively short time. During the work heats up, service life small - till 1000 o'clock.
    • Halogen: can be both cold and warm glow, economical, works longer.
    • Fluorescent: creates a bright cold light, less expensive, the term of work - up to 15,000 hours.
    • LED: generates a glow of any color range, including colored tones. The “eternal” lamp, which is insensitive to low temperatures, does not heat up - its service life is over 100,000 hours( about 11 years of continuous work in household refrigeration appliances).

    The type of lamp does not affect the cost of the refrigerator, but affects the service life.

    Often in refrigerators, lighting devices with a power of 15 W or 25 W are used. In large chambers, 2 bulbs of the same power are installed, or one up to 40 watts.

    Why is the lamp in the refrigerator not lit?

    If the lights go out suddenly, you may not need to replace the light fixture.

    • Check the wiring, electrical outlet, power cord.
    • Connect another household appliance to a power outlet, for example, a desk lamp or a hairdryer.
    • If there are no problems with the power supply, watch the work of the refrigerator itself. Natural shutdown lasts up to 30 minutes, if it is silent longer - the problem is in the transformer.
    • The light may have been lit incorrectly recently( the light flashes, turns off, and then lights up again).Check the cartridge, clean the contacts from grease and dirt.

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    How to replace a light bulb in a fridge

    But if the lamp has really burned out, you need to change it, before that you must de-energize the refrigerator.

    Replacing the bulb in the fridge is a simple process. You need to know how to get to the lamp to replace it, because it is covered with a canopy, which may or may not be removed.

    Replacing the lighting lamp in refrigerators Samsung and Atlas

    The ceiling lamps of these refrigeration units are screwed. Light fixture mounted on pins or connectors.

    So, to change a light bulb, you need:

    • to disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply, de-energize it;
    • unscrew the screws on the ceiling of the backlight, remove the ceiling;
    • disconnect connectors and contacts;
    • turn out the blown bulb, screw in a new one;
    • fasten the cover with screws.

    Some models of Samsung have a protective strip that is removed before replacing the lamp in the refrigerator.

    Replacing the light bulb in the refrigerators Ariston and Indesit

    Here the ceiling light is not removed, but has a retaining screw that releases one side. It is necessary to unscrew the screw and bend the dynamic part of the ceiling, opening access to the light bulb.

    Replacing the lamp in refrigerators Stinol

    The ceiling light in the refrigeration units of this brand does not have mounting screws. In order to remove it and gain access to the lamp, the cover is gently squeezed so that the clips are disengaged. After that, you need to turn out the blown bulb and change to a new one. Plafondom put in place the above method.

    How to extend the life of an

    light bulb. In order not to change the lamp often, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    • Watch for humidity in the refrigerator, since condensate and water are the reason why frequent lamp replacement is required.
    • For refrigeration devices, draw an euro socket with a grounding function.
    • Use the refrigerator exclusively in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. In particular, observe the conditions of humidity and temperature.
    • Power surges are also one of the causes of light bulb burnout. Use a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply.
    • Although the type of lighting is not an indicator of the quality of the refrigerator, but when buying, give preference to installations with LED lamps. They are reliable and durable.


    If the light bulb has burned out before it has worked, check the disconnect button, which is usually located inside the camera on the side or top panel. The deformation of the door can lead to the fact that the lighting device operates around the clock, the light is on even when the door is closed. Solving the problem is simple: stick a button on the button itself polystyrene desired width.

    In this article we have tried to describe in detail the process of replacing the light bulb in the refrigerator Atlas, Indesit, Samsung, etc. We hope you have helped our article!

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