Ventilation in the sauna: how to do with the electric heater

Oxygen-enriched air, is essential for people. Especially if the person is in a confined space. Therefore, the ventilation in the sauna, bath, bathroom and other places with high temperature and humidity levels should be equipped properly.

Otherwise it is encountered with mass surprises and their negative consequences. Among the consequences of including not only the harm to health, but also the deterioration of building structures, the development of the fungus, the gradual destruction of the building.

All of the methods and features of the organization ventilation Finnish and Russian steam rooms, equipped with electric and wood stove, you will find on our site. We will talk about the specifics of the device the air supply and discharge systems. We list the typical errors that occur when an illiterate construction.

The content of the article:

  • Do I need ventilation in the sauna?
  • Rules of organization ventilation
    • What happens elektrokamenka?
    • Technical ventilation nuances in the bath / sauna
    • Features of the system unit
  • ventilation facilities Errors
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Do I need ventilation in the sauna?

The fact that the presence of sauna ventilation system is not necessarily, you can often hear on the forums and in conversations with more experienced friends, who for the second year in a steamed own built bathhouse / sauna.

Their main argument is an example of his operation room. After all, for ventilation devices require time and money.

Ventilation easier to provide immediately

Ventilation easier to provide immediately, even before the construction, than to deal with problems that arise because of her lack of

The view that everything is working perfectly, radically wrong. The first year or two will work, but then the owner of this steam will face a lot of trouble. Yes, and as a bath treatment in a non-ventilated area is debatable.

Steam and fresh air

It was in the steam room with fresh air, you can get quality procedures are beneficial to the body as a whole

The main problems that will have to meet with the equipped incorrect or no ventilation system in the home sauna with electric heater, the following:

  • lack of oxygen;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • rotting structures;
  • reduced lifetime premises;
  • drafts;
  • increased fuel consumption for heating.

All of these symptoms or only some of them, one after another will begin to appear in the sauna / bath, having broken ventilation. If there is no inflow of fresh outdoor air, and the steam room is located just a few people, there is a danger poisoned by fumes. Especially if the rest are intoxicated, which, unfortunately, can often be found.

Relatively odor, it arises from the accumulation of sweat and insufficient removal of moisture in the room. After all, in the absence of air to dry the steam room after use is problematic - you need to open the door and make sure that all well ventilated and dry.

And this applies to all rooms - for recreation, bathing, dressing rooms, and other built-sighted owner.

Special vents

It is convenient to use a special grill and gate - so no animals are not flies, and inflow / outflow can be controlled

Unpleasant smell is still there as a result of rotting wood, does not have time to dry. This occurs in two to three years from the beginning of the use of the sauna. For example, some craftsmen are advised even special interior trim steam technology - it was convenient to rotten planks below to remove and replace them with new ones.

Sauna with the equipped properly ventilated

Many craftsmen do not even think that in the sauna with the equipped properly ventilated personal will not rot

It is therefore important before the beginning of the structure to provide ventilation to avoid future putrid smells and problems with the replacement of rotten planks.

In addition to this, you can observe an active mold proliferation the walls and ceiling, condensation and swelling of wooden structures. All these troubles begin, like a snowball, fall upon the head of the owner of the sauna.

As a result - a significant reduction in service life. Instead of 20-30 years, steam room can hold only 5-6 years. And an unpleasant smell will accompany guests enjoying bath procedures, all these years.

If the ventilation system is, but is arranged properly, a problem of drafts, walking on foot soaring. And it does not add to the joy of receiving hygiene procedures.

Another trouble - increasing fuel costs for heating steam. This often occurs when too actively working drawing, removing from the premises excess heat.

The ventilation system in the sauna

Properly planned in the sauna ventilation system can protect the wearer from unnecessary spending and save not only money but also health

That such problems do not occur, you need to plan in advance and calculate the ventilation system, Choose the optimum scheme of its care. And there is no one correct solution to this problem - it will depend on your particular room and its location.

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Photo of

Interior of sauna with electric heater

Sauna with the electric heater does not need to remove combustion products. However, the system for discharging exhaust air and moisture must necessarily be provided

Construction of electrical equipment in the steam room

During delivery of the "dry" steam electrical burns a lot of oxygen required for breathing, the content of which must be maintained by ventilation

Natural ventilation type

For the organization of natural ventilation with air flow arrange supply and exhaust openings, the air holes. In the process of airing taking part window and door openings

Rooms with high humidity levels

Without a system of ventilation and regular airing volley washing, steam room and adjacent rooms wood trim, and indeed the building quickly become unusable due to dispersal of the fungus

The fan in the exhaust hole saunas

By the method of prompting airflow ventilating systems are divided into natural, mixed and forced. The forced movement and mixed stimulate ventilators

Airing through the window opening

In mixed ventilation systems combined with natural principles enforced. For example, the outflow through the window opening or exhaust opening and the air supply fan is made pritochnikom

Centrifugal fan for ventilation duct

In the saunas and baths more often satisfied with channel-free ventilation system. However, if the fast flow of exhaust moist air from several rooms is planned, it is recommended to construct a channel version with centrifugal fans in ventilation ducts

Air outlet in the washing compartment

Ventilation must be equipped with all the facilities baths and saunas: the dressing room and the washing room, and just room for the reception procedure,

Interior of sauna with electric heater

Interior of sauna with electric heater

Construction of electrical equipment in the steam room

Construction of electrical equipment in the steam room

Natural ventilation type

Natural ventilation type

Rooms with high humidity levels

Rooms with high humidity levels

The fan in the exhaust hole saunas

The fan in the exhaust hole saunas

Airing through the window opening

Airing through the window opening

Centrifugal fan for ventilation duct

Centrifugal fan for ventilation duct

Air outlet in the washing compartment

Air outlet in the washing compartment

Rules of organization ventilation

The question of how the right to make an effective ventilation in the bath and sauna, excites many owners of country cottages, houses a permanent residence and a small houses. After all, build the steam room can be almost anywhere, the main thing - the desire and the presence of certain funds for this purpose.

What happens elektrokamenka?

A sauna or a bath, the heart of which is the electric oven, stove, Not unusual. Often, it is the electric variant preferred for safety and minimum expenditure of energy on something to get a good heat the bathhouse.

Elektrokamenka on the balcony

Dimensions of the sauna heater can pick up at will - it could be quite a miniature version for a small steam room on the balcony

Stove, available on the market of equipment for saunas and baths, such options are presented:

  • Finnish elektrokamenka;
  • for small saunas;
  • with a steam generator;
  • for Russian bath.

You can choose any model, the main thing before you buy do not forget to check the availability of technical documentation, quality certificate and the manufacturer's warranty from the seller.

Also, depending on the selected furnace may be different requirements for the arrangement of the ventilation system. Manufacturer's recommendations are usually registered in the Hardware Owner's Manual. As is the most acceptable and ventilation device circuit.

Elektrokamenka useful not only in the installation, but also in the further operation. It does not require to lay the chimney and to think of additional options for the preparation and storage of firewood or other fuels. The only negative - the dependence on electricity. If the country with the resource problem, it is best to choose another type of furnace.

Electric compact with stones

Electric furnace with stones is extremely compact, has a low weight model - up to 70 kg. Therefore, to arrange the steam room on the balcony is not a problem

Electric furnace heater case with various additional features and capabilities - the temperature sensor and the humidity regulator, a control panel. Also, for safety of users and protection against overheating, electric furnace equipped with thermostats and fuses.

If you purchased a highly functional model of the equipment, which can optionally set the level of humidity and temperature, the sauna can easily turn into a bath and vice versa.

Technical ventilation nuances in the bath / sauna

Sauna - a non-residential room, but it is no less residential needs intensive air exchange. Without enough fresh air intake Steam will not be able to fully heal.

And the visitor will feel uncomfortable - the air stale, musty and breathe heavily. It is therefore important when planning a ventilation system in the sauna, take into account the technical details of its care.

The requirements for the arrangement of the ventilation system in the sauna

to the arrangement of the ventilation system in the sauna requirements differ substantially from the ventilation in other rooms

AT steam room with heater it is important to ensure the right kind of ventilation 3:

  • most stove;
  • Steam-room;
  • adjoining rooms (lounge, locker rooms, showers, and other subject to availability).

If you are unable to provide proper circulation of fresh air for the sauna, the problems with her work will not arise.

It is important to supply air from the street immediately fell on sweaty oven, heated by it and cooling it at the same time. Then, already warm, but still fresh, it will rise up and mix with room air masses, displacing part of the outside through the exhaust port.

ventilation system

Therefore, the circuit where air inlet is far from the furnace, apply undesirable. It is better to consider a more acceptable version of ventilation

Technical requirements for the ventilation system in the sauna:

  • the door gap of 2-5 cm;
  • without drafts;
  • adjustment inflow / output;
  • cyclical renewal of air;
  • net inflow of air from outside;
  • correct direction of air masses on the duct;
  • optimum section vents;
  • ventkanala correct height above the roof.

To provide a steering output and inflow air mass, it is necessary to use the valve. This is a very convenient invention that came to us a long time and get a modern design.

As for cycling, according to regulations, the air in the steam room must be updated 5-6 times per hour, and if it is a dry sauna - is at least 10 times per hour. His inflow should not be handled with the interior, and on the streets. It is important that the incoming air is maximally saturated with oxygen.

Ventilation in the sauna room and adjacent rooms

Air masses moving along the duct, should be in the direction from "steam" - first hit the air with streets in the steam room, then continued on his way along the adjacent room, completing the path of technical room, storage room, storage area

the exhaust air outlet with an increased percentage of carbon dioxide can occur through ventkanal bred over roof. Its height is in this case must be optimal in order to ensure good traction, but not more than 3 m. The height depends on the channel location.

Optimal duct section

The optimum duct cross section is calculated by the steam volume. Thus, per 1 m3 Rooms need 24 cm2 section

The sauna with electric heater does not need to worry about installing a separate chimney or ventkanala for output of products of combustion. This is a definite plus in the regeneration of the ventilation.

Features of the system unit

Ventilation system on the correctness of the device depends on the quality of the procedures in the steam room, the mood and health of users, duration of life of the premises. Yes, and maintenance costs also depend on how effectively occurs breathability.

Selecting the scheme for ventilation device It depends on many factors - the sauna / bath size, the number of related facilities, locations such elektrokamenki. Thus, it can be:

  • detached building;
  • sauna in the room adjacent to the bathroom;
  • sauna in the basement of the cottage;
  • steam bath on the balcony of a city apartment.

It is important that while one wall facing the street. That it is advisable to plan the installation air supply valve and windows. If this is not possible, then consider the options with forced injection of fresh air by means of fans.

The wall is adjacent to the street

Conveniently, the one wall adjacent to the street - supply valve with a valve can be mounted exactly in it, providing a net influx of air

Depending on the type of control ventilation in cabins can be:

  • natural;
  • compulsory;
  • mixed.

Most often used the latter option, when the inflow comes naturally, and the outflow of using exhaust fans. To this end, the bottom of the furnace at a height of about 30 cm from the floor mounted air inlet. Well, if this is the wall adjacent to the street.

If not, then it is possible to lay ventkanal using flexible duct, Having brought it to the desired location. Avoid sharp turns, selecting the smoothest and shortest way. Inside, it is advisable to put a damper or valve is set to damper.

When outdoor air enters the steam room, he immediately stumbles upon a sauna heater. She flushed, warms up, allowing to climb up, where it is mixed with air masses, displacing part. When the cooled air goes down, it is tightened exhaust fan in the hole and begins to move up the ventkorobu.

Exhaust vents are usually made on the opposite wall. Moreover, one is at the bottom, and the second from the top. Between them they are connected ventilation duct. Also, a system for removing exhaust air equipped with an exhaust fan.

Air exchange with supply and exhaust Scheme

Air exchange with air handling scheme is most qualitatively - fresh air evenly warmed, is mixed with superheated steam, forcing the exhaust to exhaust port

Additional circulation air flow occurs through the slot in the window and through the gap between the door and the floor. If the sauna separately standing and its frame was built by all the rules, then between the lower logs is sure to be a small gap, providing additional ventilation. This is necessary to prevent rotting wood and mold growth on the walls inside the sauna.

ventilation facilities Errors

If we consider all the details of the ventilation system of the device, the result will please more than one decade. But often inexperienced masters allow annoying errors that directly affect the quality of the procedures and the mood relax in the sauna / bath.

The most common mistake - layout Ducts laying circuitry upon completion of construction. It is most unpleasant, because such work should be done at the very beginning. Then not only all will be convenient to install, but also easy to hide communications, decorate them.

Excessive tightness of the sauna is not needed

Excessive tightness of the walls and the floor can lead to the fact that soon they will need to be replaced

Secondly, excessive tightness space can do a far better role. So, if there is no gap under the door of at least 2-3 cm, windows and openings for the inflow, in a steam room can suffocate. This is a very bad option.

A third error made in the regeneration of the ventilation system - only breaching the exhaust holes on the ceiling. It will provide a greenhouse effect, where air exchange occurs. To breathe a breath of fresh air, it is necessary to open a window or door.

Exhaust and supply opening with a latch

Exhaust and supply opening should provide a latch - it is convenient to use, and it is able to fit into any interior without disturbing the overall concept

Fourth, it is impossible to leave the entrance / exit opening of air masses without valves. Its presence helps to regulate the optimum microclimate inside the building in any weather and the temperature outside.

It helps to clear the valve to pick up a comfortable temperature and humidity, releasing excess hot air. When the gate valve is closed, on the contrary, it is possible to quickly heat the room well ventilated.

Protective ventilation grille

The presence of the protective grille at the inlet or outlet of the steam accidental ingress of insects, birds and other animals

The fifth error - placing entry and exit valves at the same level next to each other. In such a scheme can be observed drafts walking legs and virtually no mixing of air masses. The air coming from outside, will not have time to heat up and mixed into the mixture steam under the ceiling of the room.

The sixth error - installation of complex and expensive systems of ventilation. Equipment from extreme temperatures for a long time does not stand up and require periodic maintenance and replacement of individual instruments.

Complex systems - not a cheap pleasure

Complex systems - it is not cheap, especially if you enjoy the steam room from time to time - a couple of times a year

Therefore, when selecting the optimal scheme of ventilation should be tailored to suit your space, its size, ceiling height. It is important not to forget on this at the stage of construction work planning not to pay later.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In the sauna ventilation can be arranged by using the means at hand. A video about the installation pritochki in the sauna:

The second part of the economical arrangement of ventilation in the steam room - exhaust gasket ventkanala:

In the video, discussed various ventilation schemes in the baths and saunas:

On the creation of an efficient ventilation system in the steam room is set out in detail in the video clip:

About properly designed ventilation system in the sauna and the main mistakes made by home worker says in the video:

After reviewing the features of the ventilation system in the sauna, it is possible to properly design and build ventilation with electric heater. Moreover, with a small sauna and a desire to do everything with your hands, with the installation will be able to cope on their own.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the locations of inlets and outlets and accurately perform the installation of ductwork.

Please write comments in the box located below. Tell us about your own experience in the ventilation unit in the sauna or bath. Ask questions, share useful information, post pictures on the topic.

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