How to make a decoupage of a refrigerator with your own hands

  • Why decoupage, not painting?
  • What you need to have for decorating
  • Preparing the surface for decoupage and drawing
  • Coating after painting
  • Application Styles
  • Other ways to decorate a refrigerator

Sometimes, people will make repairs, decorate the kitchen with stylish furniture, for example, in the style of "Provence". And everything looks good and beautiful until the look falls on the refrigerator. He stands in the corner and looks with a mute reproach... A white, boring and completely inappropriate block that spoils the impression. If this is the case for you, then it's time to do the decoupage of the refrigerator with your own hands!

Why decoupage, not painting?

No, well, if you are an artist, you can paint it. It will be even easier for you. But for others this pleasure is not cheap.

But, if only it was a problem. By hiring an artist, you never know what the final variant will be. The portfolio can be anything, but the final result may not correspond at all. And do not give money for work - minus in karma. Yes, and what to do with him then? Remove from the refrigerator coating the paint is not so simple, it is in any case, will not return to its original appearance.

With the decoupage of the old refrigerator things are simpler. If a tiger is depicted on a napkin for decoupage, then it will remain a tiger, only on the refrigerator, and not a cat or another unknown animal, as in the case of a negligent artist. And indeed: I did not like the drawing - I immediately took it off, rubbed the place with a clean cloth and forgot it. Moreover, decorate the appliance with a refrigerator in the state-each! Cheaply, angrily, and with a successful selection of style - and at all, stunning.

What you need to have for decorating

First, you need to have an idea. Naleptit randomly florets, this, you know, is not ice. It will look like a transfer sticker in Soviet times. And the effect of transforming the refrigerator with their own hands will be sad.

Therefore, think over the composition from and to. It should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture, and interior items. And, we draw attention to the fact that you should not combine the picture of the refrigerator with curtains, tablecloths, covers on chairs and other, short-lived things. You will change them, and the refrigerator will remain ...

If you have already exactly come up with everything and are ready to proceed, then you need to buy such things:

  • Napkins for decoupage (four-layer)
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Fine abrasive "skin"
  • Acrylic lacquer
  • Paint for craquelure (optional)
  • Gilding paint (optional)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glue brush
  • Paint brush
  • Pillow roller for smoothing

Now you can get down to business. This work is laborious and requires patience. The volume, after all, is considerable. Do not rush, it is better not to do it in one day, slowly, but so that the guests just gasp!

Preparing the surface for decoupage and drawing

The refrigerator should be thoroughly washed, wipe dry. Then, rub alcohol with places where you plan to glue the application. Acetone degrease does not make sense, there is no need to coat the surface either.

The risk that the application will "go away there is no. And, for you it will be better if you leave a chance for a reverse move. Little did it not work? Or, after a certain number of years, you will want to sell it, and nobody will take it with decoupage, it's a fact.

After that, cut out your pattern with scissors, without separating the layers of the napkin. After the part has been cut, it is possible to separate the uppermost part from the bottom.

Then, apply a thin layer of PVA glue on it and attach the pattern to the surface. After about 20 seconds, run the roller in different directions, carefully expelling the air and smoothing wrinkles.

Coating after painting

After the pasted motifs dry up completely (and this, no less than 4-5 hours), you need a small skin, very carefully, smooth out the contours. Then the sticker will not look rude.

After that, you need to cover everything with acrylic lacquer. First one layer, after complete drying - the second. If this is not done, then the layer of varnish will peel off in the very near future, since it is often necessary to wash the refrigerator.

Application Styles

There are as many styles as there are styles of decorating the interior itself. This is not about what styles are there. We are sure you are aware of this without us. I just wanted to remind you that if you have the style "Provence then do not do the decor in the style of "ethno".

Everything should harmonize so much that the refrigerator looked like a single ensemble with the rest of the furniture. Sometimes it looks very good if the refrigerator is decorated in such a way that it is practically invisible, it takes the form of a cabinet in a given style.

It happens - on the contrary. At you kitchen white, in style hi-tech, for example. And often, a very successful decision, it turns out, to allocate the refrigerator a bright spot, which contrasts with the rest of the situation.

Let's take a closer look at some "strong" ideas. Perhaps you will take something for service.

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Phone booth"

This is a very cool design. The refrigerator looks like a classic, red phone booth, which is so much in the streets of London. But, for its embodiment you can not do with napkins alone. Here you will need paint and a fairly high level of skill.

First, apply a drawing on the fridge so that you know exactly how and where to glue the details. The windows in the booth, will need to be decorated with wooden frames, to give the composition a volume and a natural look. Some details will need to be drawn, not forgetting the shadows.

Such refrigerators look good in almost every kitchen, except for the obvious "Country" and the notorious "Provence". There they will be irrelevant at all, since, this is a more rigorous style.

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Ancient cupboard"

But this, obviously, for the "Provence" and others like him. The cabinet can be depicted absolutely any one you want, do not necessarily try to make it to the tone to the basic furniture. Moreover, it is even undesirable, since, it will still differ, and the appearance will turn out to be rude.

It's better if you make a completely different wardrobe, simply, in the given style. And, yes, this is also a level not for the beginner. And also need paint, craquelure, the effect of aging, etc., etc. ...

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Patchwork"

Very interesting idea. Pechvork is a classic patchwork quilt, as you know. Such a design is within the power of everyone, absolutely.

There are napkins with an already ready patchwork ornament, and, with the effect of flashing threads. There are simple monophonic napkins that you can pick up to your liking and "sew" flaps yourself. In this case, the separation will need to be painted over, simulating the machine line.

But, we draw your attention to the fact that this is a catchy and bright design. He will "play" if the kitchen itself is not bright. If your walls are painted, or furniture of different colors, then better give up this idea.

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Entrance door"

Also, a wonderful solution. By the way, decoupage can be done not only with the help of napkins, but also with the help of photo wallpapers, for example. And, just, there are a lot of motives for such a plan.

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Flowers" and "Grapes"

In this case, everything is quite simple. Find successful variants of flowers or grapes and glue. But, do not forget that you need to paint the branches with paint. If this is not done, then the species will come out lean.

Decoupage of the refrigerator "Goroshek"

Funny design, but it's a pretty bold decision. The refrigerator looks like a piece of cotton cloth. Unassuming and very nice.

Colors can be chosen absolutely any, but - peas should be monophonic and not very large, otherwise, the effect of tissue will not work.

Other ways to decorate a refrigerator

There are lots of options. Decor with wallpaper, photos, ordinary magnets, airbrushing, initial stickers, monochrome paint ...

By the way, you can not buy magnets on the refrigerator, but do it yourself, using the same technique of decoupage. If, you have never tried to decorate something, then you can try on the magnet.

That, in general, and all that we wanted to tell you about the decoupage of the refrigerator with their own hands. We are sure that you will succeed!

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