Beneficial or not breeding rabbits as a home business

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video The profitability of rabbit breeding is now quite high. Many farmers know the secret of successful breeding rabbits, understand the specifics of the case, successfully make a profit and are engaged in this for many years. The question whether rabbit breeding as a business is profitable or not is relevant only for inexperienced farmers.

Breeding rabbits: the positive and negative aspects of

Many are repulsed at the initial stage of the difficulties associated with the sensitivity of rabbits to certain diseases, which often lead to the total death of the entire herd.

The next minus is considered to be the search for the sales market of products. Rabbit meat is not so in demand, and the skin requires experience in dressing.

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And the third scary moment in breeding rabbits as a business is a large initial investment.

In fact, rabbit breeding is a fairly fast-paying enterprise that does not require any extra knowledge and effort to achieve a stable profit. Many rabbit breeders easily cope with the task, and there are a lot more positive factors.

At the initial stage it is important to choose a good breed of animals that give high growth, quickly gaining weight, resistant to diseases.

Why you should not be afraid of the negative moments:

  • timely vaccination of the entire livestock will exclude the death of animals;
  • many meat shops, shops, market stalls accept and place orders for diet rabbit meat;
  • neighbors and relatives are always provided with rabbit meat and are happy to acquire a useful product( proven by more than one breeder);
  • rabbit fur is valued as a natural, warm and beautiful material, making the ad easy to find regular buyers for the skins;
  • the ability to frequent fertilization, year-round offspring( one female brings about 60 rabbits per year), allows you to expand production without the cost of purchasing individuals;
  • rapid rabbit growth contributes to uninterrupted production and stable income.
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In addition, rabbits love green fodder, which is abundant in the summer-autumn period in every rural area, which also saves costs.

Secrets and Basics of Successful Breeding of Rabbits

Positive points will be visible from the very beginning, if you correctly draw up and apply a business plan for breeding rabbits. You will have to push off from the possible and conceived scales for which the enterprise is designed.

Where to start:

  • decide on the method of breeding livestock;
  • determine the allocated area for pens, sheds( special buildings), cages, aviaries;
  • prepare a place of residence for rabbits;
  • to plan and prepare the workplace for the slaughter, freezing and storage of the product;
  • to purchase specialized feed;
  • select the breed of rabbits;
  • to purchase young.

Starting the business of your mini-farm for rabbits is also possible with one pair of animals, choosing the pure breeding method of mating or crossing.

It is best to purchase young stock from experienced farmers. Rabbits for sale are guaranteed to be vaccinated and adapted to similar conditions.

Unhealthy and unvaccinated individuals can be purchased on the market. And also make a mistake with the breed, especially if there are no skills. There are meat and fur breed of rabbits.

Recommendations for the care and maintenance of rabbits are not so complicated. The main thing is to provide them with a comfortable place where there will be enough light and space. Observe feeding mode, monitor cell cleanliness and sufficient pure water.

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There are different ways of keeping animals, after studying which you can learn - breeding rabbits as a business is profitable or not.

Rabbit Breeding Techniques and Principles for the

Business The main ways of successful rabbit breeding are keeping animals in cages, aviaries or pits. Each method has its justified advantages and small cons.

The maintenance of rabbits in cages, especially portable ones, is very convenient, but more expensive( arrangement, materials).The great advantage of this content is the minimal risk of the spread of infections, since individuals of different offspring and breeds do not contact each other. And in which case, neighboring cells are easy to isolate from the general row.

This type of rabbit farm is most suitable for crossing and breeding special breeds.

More free keeping of rabbits, first of all allows to save the area, material of the equipment.

The most affordable and easiest way is to breed rabbits in a hole. But it is necessary to choose the right place where the groundwater will not reach. The floor is equipped with a fine metal mesh and covered with sawdust or sand for better drainage and easy manure removal.

In any case, a good roof should always be prepared, which will be the main weather protection.

Rabbits contained in the pit, with pleasure digging mink, where they hide their offspring. They move freely, actively breed and do not require frequent feeding, since the area allows you to set food and drink all day in sufficient quantities.

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Rabbit enclosures are probably the most convenient option for both the farmer and the animals themselves. But for starters, aviaries need to be equipped with weather barriers and potential enemies. Open-air cages can be located under sheds or attached to the utility room.

Rabbits in cages at the same time receive food and water thanks to long trays and drinking bowls along the walls. They feel great in freedom, grow and develop better.

Rabbits or pits should contain rabbits of approximately the same age. It is necessary to do the sharing of a new lot cautiously, since adult males tend to be aggressive towards unfamiliar or younger individuals. Spreading( scattering) on ​​the bottom or floor of fresh, fragrant grass, you can kill the smell of newly-made male residents.

All rabbit breeding methods will be a successful start to a profitable business with proper hygiene and hygiene.

In addition, rabbits are afraid of drafts, frost and moisture. A dry, warm room in winter and clean, ventilated in summer is the main condition for keeping animals.

By calculating the total cost of the costs of the future enterprise and calculating the approximate annual profit, it can be concluded whether the breeding of rabbits as a business is profitable or not.

Rabbits have almost waste-free production: meat, fur, insides, manure - all this makes a profit. Individuals quickly reach sexual age. In addition, in the future you can sell live purebred rabbits.

Rabbit Breeding Technology - Video

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