For the site and country house use unwanted wooden pallets

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to use outdoor panels with outdoor furniture

  • A thrifty person's heart breaks when he sees such mismanagement! After all, there are many ways to put such a building material into action. This is especially true for giving.

    What is a pallet?

    Immediately it is worth discussing what kind of building material will be discussed in the publication. A pallet or pallet is a means of packing for transporting a sufficiently large loading unit onto which an item is installed, often fastened with specially designed tapes or straps. Wooden pallets are usually considered disposable, and therefore are disposed of after transportation.

    The barriers on the site

    Small fences, which are easy to make from pallets, will serve the summer resident, who has decided to keep birds, goats and sheep outside the city. With their help, construct a barrier for walking living creatures.

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    If such fences are decided to be used to isolate the recreation area on the site, then you can strengthen the pots with plants on them. Particularly luxurious will look in this case, the bind, blooming beans, ivy. Twisting the crossbar, greens will give the fence charm and originality.

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    Houses from pallets

    Today, some craftsmen are building out of this recycled outbuildings, gazebos, summer hens.

    And others even manage to build houses from them. In order to keep the building warm, inside the pallets should be filled with insulation. To impart an aesthetic view of the top of the wall can be plastered or upholstered with siding. Such a building, made of waste materials, will be difficult to distinguish from the one built from purchased material.

    Finishing material for walls

    It is possible to impart antiquity to the room, you can create a certain rustic color with the help of plates from used pallets.

    To work with this material, you should carefully disassemble the pallets, pull out all the nails, choose those that are of excellent quality, trim them in size and stuff them onto the wall. Then you can sand the surface, cover it with wood stain or colored varnish for wood.

    In the same way, panels and hangers are constructed from the planks. And in these cases, defective parts are also used - they only reinforce the rustic color of the interior.

    Tables from

    pallets Tables are considered to be the simplest product of pallets. For their manufacture virtually nothing is required. You can simply install the pallet on the floor - and the table is ready!

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    Some pallet, however, require the use of human labor. Especially, if in the pallet boards are broken. They must be removed and replaced by others. And sanding the surface is not the last thing. Superfluous splinters still did not bring joy to anyone.

    You can even cover the finished product with varnish or paint, all or in part.

    It is easy to increase the table functionality by equipping shelves under the tabletop, in which it is convenient to store different things, or to make small drawers for it.

    And it is possible to turn a thing at all into an extravagant piece of furniture by adapting a glass table top to it.

    For easy movement of the furniture, you can fasten the wheels on the bottom. Today, buying them in stores is not a problem.

    Sofas and beds from pallets

    Similarly, other furniture is designed, for example, sofas and beds. They can also be simply varnished or painted in any color.

    Similar home furnishings are used in styles: Country

    • ;
    • minimalism;
    • loft;
    • industrial pop art;
    • hi-tech.

    They look like things created by themselves from material that is often used as firewood, in an original way, attracting the attention of guests with its originality and singularity.


    Often masters use wooden pallets to decorate children's playgrounds in the country. You can make a miniature house for children or build a swing in just a matter of hours, and the joy of the result will be great.

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    Remember the safety of children! Therefore it is recommended to use only those pallets, all parts of which are strong, have no cracks and are not touched by rotting.

    Be sure to carefully polish all surfaces, make the paintwork. It will not be out of place to take care of fastening the parts of the products - you should not hope that the pallets were once made, it is better to screw in the screws again or to drive an extra nail.

    Garden Furniture

    Not all people love creative solutions when creating an interior in a residential area. Therefore, the advice to furnish a bedroom or kitchen furniture from pallets with enthusiasm will not everyone. But the use of this building material to create a recreation area in the country or in the garden will surely be enjoyed by many.

    In fact, many more things can be made from pallets than are presented in this article. And it will be just fine if readers in the comments share their best practices and fantasies on this topic.

    29 Pallet Application Ideas - Video

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