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Many owners of country houses use an attic space as a place to store unnecessary things, all sorts of old utensils and building materials. However, the space under the roof can be properly arranged, turning it into a full-fledged living room, a recreation area or a billiard room. You will learn how you can use the living space with the benefit and comfort for yourself and your family.

How to get started?

For a start, get rid of all the old unnecessary things and free up space for work. Ideally, the attic space is best equipped during the construction of the house. Conditionally the whole process can be divided into 3 stages:

  • development of a plan;
  • roof insulation and electricity:
  • decoration and design.

Be sure to check the integrity of the roof and rafters. Inspect the floors and ensure their reliability. When detecting rotten sections of supports, they must be replaced, and the floor covering should be strengthened, since it will experience a heavy load.

On the conduct of communications should be taken care of before the start of construction work.

Warming and soundproofing

A comfortable stay in the attic is possible only if the optimum temperature is maintained at any time of the year. Glass wool in rolls is often used for warming walls. It weighs a little, which facilitates the load on the supporting structures.

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Be sure to take care of the waterproofing of the ceiling and sound insulation of the floor and walls. The floor covering is better to finish with plywood, and for walls the gypsum cardboard ideally approaches.

Decorating the room

If a folding ladder is to be used to access the attic, then it is better to replace it with a stationary, stable structure with handrails. It is advisable that it should go out in the side of the room, and not in the center, so as not to take up unnecessary space.

Before proceeding with the arrangement of the attic space, it is necessary to decide for what purposes it will be used:

  • winter Garden;
  • children's:
  • billiard room;
  • workshop;
  • bedroom.

Finishing materials can be chosen any. The main thing is that they are light and durable.After you finish with the walls, ceiling and floor, you can proceed with the arrangement of furniture.Depending on the function of the room, it can be beds, cabinets, a pool table, soft armchairs.

Do not forget about such decor elements as high clay vases, flowers, pillows and original lighting sources.


Windows play a huge role in the overall perception of the attic space. If there is a possibility and means, install them in the roof and gables. The leaflets should open to allow airing during hot summer days. The glazed roof creates a special romantic atmosphere, allowing you to admire the night sky in the dim light of a cozy night light.

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Consider the height of the ceiling - the higher it is, the more powerful the light is required.

Design Tips

As in any other room in the house, light tones visually increase the free space, and also soothingly act on the person. If you plan to equip the office in the attic, place the table near the window. The light should fall from the side.

The original solution will be an unclosed ceiling. The wood is painted with varnish and processed by the composition against rotting.

Furniture is recommended to make to order, especially if the roof is at an angle.

If the area allows, in the attic you can hang a large swing on the chains. This simple design guarantees a lot of pleasant hours spent with comfort.

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The room can be zoned using curtains and various partitions. Either the contrast of colors is used to clearly delineate the zones among themselves.

Although carpets have a positive effect on sound insulation, they collect a lot of dust and are a container for various harmful microorganisms. Therefore it is better to use ordinary laminate.

In the attic, you can place a library. Books will be placed in custom-built cabinets that repeat the sloping roof shape. Such a collection will amaze the imagination of even the most picky esthete.

Now you can turn an attic room into the most cozy corner of a country house. Take care of the key points before embarking on finishing. Otherwise, the future appearance of this part of the building will depend only on your imagination. Whether this is the place for frequent family gatherings or a game zone for table football fights with friends is up to you. Spend enough time planning work, and then possible errors will be ruled out.

Ideas for turning an attic into cozy rooms - video

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