Error LE on a Samsung washing machine: causes and repairs

  • Problem description
  • Error code value le
  • Causes of error le
  • Elimination of error le on washing machine samsung

Household helpers tightly entered the daily life of the modern eternally busy person, making it easier and easier. With the help of technology for the home, you can solve many problems that previously required a lot of strength and energy.

In particular, this applies to the washing machine, which certainly made its big contribution to release from heavy, time-consuming work - washing. This is most clearly realized in those moments when the machine breaks down.

Problem description

Modern Samsung washing machines have built-in minicomputers, which, during operation, analyze the system and, if problems arise, display an error message on the display.

Error codes may be different. Today we will focus on the error of the Samsung washing machine, which is labeled as le.

So, your Samsung washer flashes LE on the small display window. You have piles and mountains of linen that should be washed, and a faithful assistant refuses to work.

Many people know this feeling of panic, confusion, and the question that hangs in the air - what to do next. Samsung washing machine repair technicians advise not to panic, but to calmly analyze the situation and find out what the LE error code means, as well as several key components that need to be checked.

Error code value le

This error code on the Samsung washing machine means “low water level throughout the wash cycle”.

As you see, nothing global or scary happened to your faithful assistant. Below is a list of several things you can check to fix the error.

There are a few more errors associated with water leakage. For example, if the water does not drain at all, then error 5E appears on the display. For information on how to fix this error, see the article Samsung washing machine gives error 5E.

Causes of error le

  • Check for leaks

When the water level falls below the reset level, this fault code is displayed.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is a leak. Do you see water on the surface around the washer? Look behind the car, on the sides, under it, if possible. If you see water, there is likely to be a leak inside the washing machine.

The few places that are most vulnerable from this angle are the hose from the pump to the drum, as well as the drain hose.

A rubber boot that connects to the bottom of the tank and the drain pump often leaks. It will collect small things gradually filling up, and in the end, if something sharp gets stuck, it will punch a hole in the rubber layer.

The drain hose may also leak. If one of the mounting clips of the drain hose is broken, the hose may be damaged by starting to let water out.

This option is more common on other models of washing machines, but it is still possible with Samsung.

  • Check the drain hose

This is also a very common problem that causes the error code LE on these washing machines.

This problem most often occurs immediately after installation if the technology has been violated. The drain hose can become a water leak if it is located far down the sprue.

This usually happens when non-professionals install the machine, placing the drain hose as far down the riser as possible.

Check the drain hose by pulling on it, then listen for water flowing from it. This, as a rule, always means that the drain hose is far down the riser. Most manufacturers recommend putting the hose into a tube of 8-12 ".The washing machine is usually completed with a small plastic loop, with which you can attach the drain hose at the desired height. A small plastic contour prevents the hose from falling down and causing a similar problem.

  • Cracks in the drum or

case Samsung front-loading Samsung washing machines have an external plastic case and a metal drum inside.

The outer plastic panel may crack, causing this problem. Check around the tank, look for leaks. This is not a frequent problem, but it is possible.

Double check all hoses, connections around the drum. If one of the hoses is damaged, an error code LE may be displayed.

Elimination of the le error on the samsung

washing machine After you have checked all possible options for the occurrence of this annoying problem, you need to figure out what to do next to return the washing machine to its working condition in order to wash the laundry.

Solving a malfunction with your own hands is not difficult. Did you manage to place a water leak? Congratulations, half of the repair has already been done. It remains quite a bit before the joyful moment when you can start the wash cycle.

So, if the problem arose due to water leakage through the drain hose due to its incorrect location, just change it. Here you will be helped by the above-mentioned plastic loop, with the help of which the hose is perfectly fixed at the required height, as well as the desired position for the correct operation of the waste water drain.

Elimination of leaks through the rubber casing will probably require replacing it when damage is serious. Similarly, the situation with the replacement of the hose leading from the pump. To fix it yourself, without changing, is unlikely to succeed.

The appearance of a crack in the drum or the body will definitely upset you, since in this case the whole part must be replaced. For its implementation, it is still better to contact the service center, as this requires a special tool and experience.

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