Solar water heater with your hands

Solar water heater factory-built - an expensive device. Simple operation pays the complexity of realization of the concept into practice. Solar collector works in the winter. The simplest water heater saw each. Fuel tank truck, decorating booth improvised shower. Tanks for fuel quality painted black, helping to make solar water heater with your hands!

The black paint cans, masking dirt, the spray wheels of the truck. From a physics standpoint gasoline tank must be white, avoiding absorb sunlight.

Color collector solar water heater

Why refrigerators traditionally painted white. The new models are rejected. Insulation is not terrible sunlight. The white color of the spectrum is the only absentee among the wavelengths emitted by the Sun, as is obtained by adding the rest. It has a light-colored surface an interesting feature - does not absorb energy. Heard, color has the lowest absorption coefficient at the spectral region where is located. Refrigerator painted sum of rainbow colors that absorb less. Green leaves of plants (land dominates the radiation of the sun, the plant will burn, whether it covers a different color).

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It requires explanation because it does not obvious. Each universal star unique chemical composition and temperature. No two are alike, completely identical to each other people. Stars in the sky more than the population of the planet. Each "sun" is inherent in its own emission spectrum. Most are considered hot blue stars, cold - red. Easy to remember, having learned a simple proverb:

Water heater for home

  • Every hunter wants to know where sits Pheasant!

Encoded spectral colors according to the first letters of increasing frequency. Star radiates as a black body. According to the schedule goes bump equipped with flat right side. Mountain peak frequency is higher, the more heated body. Sun is An intermediate galactic mass. Maximum is in the green grass. We see the celestial body in yellow. Just rays consist distort the perception atmosphere. Galaxy 5 billion. years, according to the content of isotopes in the Earth's crust, the sun will be enough for at least the same amount of warming of the planet.

Let's go back to the plants. Surviving produce photosynthesis, accompanied by the absorption of solar energy, the release of oxygen. Guess why chlorophyll is green? Not surprisingly, just nobody I do not know (above expressed a common point of view).

solar water heater

There is a hypothesis, with the appropriate color, the plants are protected against overheating star rays. In the absorption spectrum of the leaves deep dip, where the Sun shows a maximum. Let's see what a fridge. White color only where the absorption spectrum of sunlight is minimal. By minimizing heat exchange with the environment, appliances coated with the powder paint that is not in its natural color spectrum.

Due to the opposite solar collector water heater should be black. No color, the complete absence. Nature strives for balance, the full range of flows into the void, the gripping trap from which one exit - home. Solar rays are collected boilers, including ultraviolet, infrared, direct heat water, Freon, other coolant.

Viewed times film shown as black painted steel profile pieces were placed in a rectangular housing, cover glass on top. It turns solar collector air heater. At the root of the wrong approach, but cheap. The design eliminates the spectrum of ultraviolet light, reaching at best half to rooms, it heats the glass barrier. After all, the factory does collectors are designed as "lamp" daylight. Quartz glass, UV does not delay. Lamps processed Chamber hospitals, killing microbes. Glass medical suited to create solar collectors water heaters.

Water heater solar

Thermal insulation is a vacuum. The air cylinder between the collecting black, silica glass is evacuated. Rays reach the collector, the heat given to the passing liquid flow. Why is the energy does not go into the environment. The collector is black. Slightly emits mostly gives energy by heat exchange within the device. That's how the solar water heaters for the home. They say, come up in the freezing Switzerland, can easily cope with the task in the cold until the vacuum is available in tubes of the collector.

Design solar water heater

Now that you understand the idea of ​​a solar water heater, try to design their own hands. tank truck needs no elaboration. Black, top spout for filling with water, the bottom - most outlet. It remains set up on the shower, fill with water, wait for the sun to do the work. Of course, in the morning the water is cool, you can bathe in the afternoon. The virtue apparatus simplicity. We'll have to clean the tank of gasoline and oil, so as not to grow bald. Buy solar water heater factory type not everyone can afford.

Do not try to use to clean phosphoric acid, special automotive fuel additives. Toxic. It is better to use a standard washing powder, soap, Vanish.

It is necessary to fill the tank with hot water, detergent, let stand, to merge. Repeat the process with clean water rinse, achieving crystal purity Photo. Most of the crap out of the tank will be deleted. In the future, you can put the unit for a week in the sun, the water drain, do not wash. After the procedure, the tank can be used for showering.

As for the question, where can today bulletin boards are full of offers to sell beushnyiy capacity. Modern usually made of aluminum, steel old caught. Issue price of 2000 rubles. We believe the use of complex structures impractical. If lying around the steel (not cast iron) such as radiators shown a pattern, try to collect worthwhile device, only during the summer period. We will not use glass or gas tanks, need black paint, pipes. We believe construction must contain the hot water tank located in the house, a sufficiently large volume.

You will need a small pump flow capacity with landing sizes to the standard line. We offer homemade solar water heaters do the image of the factory. Put on roof slope serially connected radiators number not less than three, painted black.

homemade Water heater

Homemade solar water heater pipe paint the analogously. Domestic insulated tank of liquid rubber. Polyurethane foam forget the other sprayed insulation does not occur. The homemade solar water heater tank four holes:

  • Three at the top:
  1. Water intake.
  2. Replenishment of water reserves.
  3. Exit on the battery.
  • At the bottom of the hot water from the batteries will go into the tank.

Convection currents in the tank will be natural. Warm water comes from below, it begins to rise. It is necessary to set the horizontal plate opposite the entrance-reflector impede the formation of vertical flow over the entrance. Flow pump is mounted on the hood near the respective upper holes. Ramp roof for positioning radiators homemade solar water heater choose south. This may be a horizontal roof. Bottom radiator trim reflective insulation like Penofol. Paint with black paint only the sunny side.

The design is ready. It is inappropriate to cover the glass assembly, it is desirable to protect the wind. gain is obtained. Solar water heaters will go to the population to testify. At night, turn off the pump, the winter design with roof dismantle. Factory solar water heaters for heating will give one hundred points handicap efficiency, we knock down price. Cheap factory manifold costs 15,000 rubles. I want to spend money - for a substantial amount of care and heat pump for heating.

Water heaters Solar leave Germany and similar countries. In Europe, there is a program of state support for energy-saving technologies, electricity can be pumped back into the network (no kidding). Solar water heater for the pool will gather for the considered technology. Radiators are allowed to spread on the platform, the tank is an artificial reservoir, do not forget to disinfect the water. Good idea to use a mirror, covered with aluminum foil. You can stick the film on the thin plywood panels to collect energy in the right place. Get the cheapest, but good. Will protect against wind, heat radiators will go faster. Installation location - north of collectors.

Now readers know how to make a solar water heater.

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