Electric chain saw, which one to choose for building and giving?

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video coders how to use the tools for the maintenance of the tool

  • How to choose an electric chainsaw -

how to use the tools and how to use the tools for the tools

  • How to take care of the tool
    • chain saw. Stop on a gasoline, or better electric chain saw, which one to choose depends on many factors. We will talk about electric saws, layout, use, maintenance. The choice of tools will be yours.

      Sphere of use of a chain power saw

      Where used to use a hacksaw, as a knife with oil, cut a saber saw with wood. Sawdust obtained small, you can work in crowded. The saw and the ordinary two-handle will be replaced by a chain saw, electric or gasoline. If the work is associated with felling and cutting logs in the forest, there is no alternative, only a powerful gasoline professional tool to help you.

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      Gasoline saws are more expensive, they are not tied to the network, they are noisy and at the same time spoil the air with exhaust.

      How to choose electric chainsaws for household work:

      • sawing logs in the chocks;
      • cutting boards, slab, timber, wood waste;
      • forming tree crowns.

      If there is mains electricity, street work will not cause concern to neighbors. Electric cutting can be conducted in a confined space, there is no exhaust gas. One taboo - to work in the damp or in the rain is strictly prohibited. How to choose an electric chainsaw on power and layout depends on its purpose. If you have to work occasionally and not for long, you need to buy a saw for domestic needs. If working with wood is a profession, another tool is needed.

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      Manufacturers of building tools

      The leaders in the production of chain saws are Makita, Bosh, Stihl, Champion for a long time. Their products are more ergonomic and easy to operate. What electric chainsaw to choose an amateur - we recommend, Champion brand, decent and inexpensive.

      Makita and Bosch are competing in the ratings of the best products of this category. Both produce professional and amateur models of high price class.

      But the introduction of innovations, interlocks, electronics is being developed as a know-how precisely at these sites. Chainsaw selection is not limited to listed companies. Following the famous brands, saw production was mastered and achieved quite good indicators of the company Interskol, Zenith, Forte, Efco, this is not a complete list of manufacturers. You should know by what indicators to choose a tool.

      Technical data of power saws

      Engine power is the determining factor in the choice of an electric chain saw. Working outside the city and in the country there is no guarantee that the network is stable 220 V. The tool can not work at full capacity, overheats and can fail prematurely. Therefore, you need to use a stabilizer or buy a more powerful device. The more powerful the saw, the more expensive and heavier it is.

      It is accepted that household appliances with a capacity of up to 2 kW, above, are professional tools. It is necessary to select the power of the device according to the network status.

      The layout of the case, depending on the location of the engine. Take a closer look at the circumference of the saw. If the product is narrow and long, the engine is located along the axis, the balancing is excellent, you can work tirelessly for a long time. Universal device due to the longitudinal arrangement of the engine. The installed adapter bevel adapter increases the cost of the device by several thousand

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      With a transverse arrangement, the saw becomes shorter with the same tire length. This is an amateur version of the tool. He cuts wood perfectly and everything from top to bottom. It is convenient to work with such a compact device to professionals, collecting the truss structure. Which chain saw to choose on the layout you need to decide, bearing in mind, the longitudinal saw will serve 2 times longer.

      Do not work with an electric tool in wet weather outside. Always hold the saw with both hands. Do not be distracted while sawing to talk, be attentive.

      The longer the tire, the thicker the saw is sawn. It will cost more. For domestic use, the best version of the canvas is 30-40 cm.

      For comfortable, safe work, you need the following equipment:

      • with a chain brake;
      • motor overheating protection;
      • soft start;
      • engine brake.

      You can not buy a saw, if it does not provide for blocking from accidental activation. This is a counterfeit!

      Tips on choosing a saw from a professional

      If you plan to build a house from round timber, then in the arsenal should be a gasoline and electric saw. Each tool is designed for its sector of work. How to choose a chain saw with binding to the network:

      1. Choosing a model, ask if there is a service center in your area for servicing products with consumables, spare parts. Read reviews not about the company, but about the work of the tool of your brand. Make sure that the instruction is not a photocopy, a normal typographical copy.
      2. The saw should rest comfortably in your hands, not cause discomfort;
      3. The more powerful the power saw, the more hope that the voltage sag will not interfere with the work.
      4. Saw middle farmer class the most reliable option, intermediate between professional and amateur. Electric saws are cheaper, easier to operate and allow you to work in a closed loop.
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      tool care tips Please note that the engine may overheat due to increased load. The reason - the oil does not appear on the chain lubrication. Necessary before work and in the process to check the flow of oil to the chain and its level. Check intake is easy - position the cutter along a strip of newsprint or cardboard and start the saw. If the micro splashes from the chain left an oil beam on the newspaper, it means that the oil enters. Use recommended or mineral oil.

      Before operating, check all mounting bolts, oil level in the tank. If the saw is taken from cold storage, it must lie at room temperature for at least 2 days for the condensate to evaporate from the windings.

      It is believed the sharp chain determines the operation of the saw. At first, the saw enters the wood effortlessly, then you start to lean on it. And you just need to sharpen a special tool, file or file. You do not know how to grind, put a new one, and this one is handed over to the knife grinder in the near kiosk.

      Remember, a dull chain is not only a load on the hands, but also on the engine! For long breaks, keep the chain in oil.

      Choosing an electric chain saw - video

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