Top 10 photoepilators based on user feedback

  • How to choose the right photoepilator?
  • Braun IPL BD 5001
  • Tanda Me - My Elos Touch +300 000 Pulses
  • -HH170-EU
  • Delight 2PS – Silver viss
  • Philips Lumea IPL SC2001 / 01

Photoepilation is a fairly new phenomenon for many women. And the devices for performing this procedure at home are some kind of exotic. In order not to throw out a considerable amount of money on a not-too-high-quality device, we recommend carefully studying the rating of the best photoepilators of 2017-2018, which is based on the opinion and customer reviews. Also, we will talk about what exactly you need to pay attention to when buying in order to get the best photoepilator for home treatments.

How to choose the right photoepilator?

Despite the fact that photoepilators have appeared on sale relatively recently, the choice on the shelves of stores is quite large. How not to make a mistake and buy a really effective and high-quality device. What to look at? The criteria may be:

  • The maximum number of flashes( resource). The more this indicator is, the better. After all, the lifetime of the device directly depends on it. With a small indicator of the number of flashes, one of the conditions is the ability to replace the lamp. Otherwise, over time, the best device will simply become a useless piece of plastic.
  • The area of ​​the covered surface .This indicator should also be as large as possible. Otherwise, you will have to “pass” the same place several times, ineptly spending those same flashes. What is the best indicator? The bigger, the better. But certainly not less than 3-4 cm2.
  • Power .Good models are able to work for a long time without additional charging. Also, you can purchase a device that works on the network. But it is not always convenient to use it.
  • Pulse power .What are the best indicators to choose here? According to experts, 5 J / cm2 are considered completely safe. On them and stop.
  • Security .The best photoepilators necessarily have several levels of protection: from children, from accidental pressing, blocking the ability to direct the beam into the eyes.

In addition, several additional criteria should be considered:

  • user reviews;
  • material of which the model is made;
  • usability;
  • ergonomics( as the device "lies" in the hand);
  • design;
  • can be used for different types of hair and skin tones;
  • no irritation, discomfort, allergic reactions;
  • can be used in the desired area;
  • duration of the result;
  • build quality;
  • cost.

And now let's find out which photoepilator to buy, based on the rating of the best models of 2017-2018.When compiling the rating, we tried to take into account all these factors, but most of all were guided by consumer reviews and expert opinion. Having carefully studied our TOP-10, you will definitely find for yourself the best photoepilator that is right for you.

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Braun IPL BD 5001

One of the leading models of a popular German company, which won great popularity among pretty girls, opens our rating. The light module of this model has a huge resource of 300 thousand flashes. This is quite enough for many years of work. Women point out the benefits of this model:

  • accurate, detailed and understandable instructions for use, subject to which the procedure will pass quickly and well;
  • one session takes very little time;
  • at the time of the procedure there are no discomfort;
  • device very naturally and conveniently "falls" in the hand;
  • excellent build;
  • is a huge lamp resource.

Unfortunately, like with any device, there are also disadvantages here. For example, such:

  • in the complete set there is no cover for storage;
  • battery is also absent, works only from the network.

Well, of course, not too happy with the cost. To pay for Braun IPL BD 5001 is offered from 310 US dollars.

Tanda Me - My Elos Touch +300 000 Pulses

And here’s another great photo-epilator for your home. It was developed by Synergon, a company known for using the latest E.L.O.S technology in its instruments. Its essence lies in the fact that, along with light pulses, radiofrequency exposure is also applied here. This is the only technology that allows you to work with all types of hair, including red and very blond. Other models are simply not capable of it.

The cost of the most "long-playing" device of this company is impressive - as much as $ 550.But models with a smaller lamp pulse life are much cheaper.


  • application of the technology "ELOS";
  • pulse 4 J / cm2;
  • additional radio frequency processing of 6.78 megahertz;
  • can be used on absolutely any part of the body;
  • is suitable for almost all types and colors of skin and hair;
  • compact, comfortable;
  • is absolutely safe.

Well, without the minuses:

  • for high-quality processing, each zone must be “passed” 3 times;
  • during long-term operation can heat up and spontaneously shut off before it cools down;
  • blond hair must be further processed with a special wax.

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Remington I-LIGHT PRO ipl-6000

The average cost of this model is $ 300, which, in general, is also a lot. Nevertheless, many young ladies rate this model as the best photoepilator in 2018.And not in vain. The first, but not the only, advantage is that the device has replaceable lamps. And there are 3 pieces of 1 500 flashes each at once. The rest can be bought as needed. The device is very energy efficient and has built-in UV protection.


  • is simple and convenient;
  • leaves no discomfort;
  • does not leave marks on the skin;
  • 5 modes of operation( power);
  • small size.


  • coverage area of ​​only 2 cm2, which is clearly not enough.

In general, it can be noted that this is one of the best models for working with the armpit or bikini area. But with the legs have a little tricky.

BaByliss G933E

Quite a lot of girls like this photo epilator. Probably, this popularity is due to not too high price. In online stores, the G933E model can be ordered for as low as $ 170.


  • light module for 100 thousand flashes;
  • quick result;
  • compact size;
  • can be used in the bikini area;
  • cover area 3 cm2.

There are no particular deficiencies in this photoepilator, so we safely place it in our rating of the best models of 2017-2018.

Silk’n Glide infinity 400K

Super-advanced model from a well-known Israeli company. Silk’n Infinity is different in that it uses two types of energy. The combination of optical and electroplating systems gives an extremely fast sliding effect.

The device is suitable for almost all skin tones. The only exception is the darkest tan. The lamp has just an endless resource of 400 thousand flashes. Also, there is an opportunity to synchronize the photoepilator with your smartphone and the latter will regularly remind you of the need to carry out the following procedure.

Well, the most important! This is practically the only device in the instructions of which is directly indicated the possibility of its use in the zone of "deep" bikini. The cost of such a miracle technology about $ 430.But believe me, it's worth it.

Philips BRI863 / 00

And here is another model for those who would like to get a "salon" result at home. The device can be used for almost any skin tone, power is adjustable. There is a built-in skin color sensor. In fairness it should be noted that in a very dark tan the photoepilator simply does not work, because the risk of burn is too likely. BRI863 / 00 is very convenient and easy to use and is able to provide lasting results.

As a disadvantage, some users note a slight reddening of particularly sensitive skin areas after use. A slight inconvenience can be considered the fact that the device operates exclusively on the network.

Offers in various outlets start at $ 234.

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Gillette Venus Naked IPL

Again, the device for removing unwanted hair from the German company "Brown".He has many advantages, the main ones are:

  • considerable power - 10 J / cm2;
  • is a fairly large pulsed lamp life - 50 thousand flashes;
  • ; the presence in the kit of a special gel that cools the skin and facilitates work with the follicles;
  • has a built-in skin tone sensor;
  • cost from $ 200, which is good.

Practically the only drawback of this model is that girls call a rather cumbersome skin sensor design. To be precise, this is generally a separate device that should be brought to the leg or arm area, and then a photo-epilator placed on it so that it can read the information. But this is a matter of taste, you gradually get used to it.

Homedics DUO PRO IPL-HH170-EU

The following photoepilator not only allows you to get rid of unwanted hair easily and painlessly, but is also equipped with a rejuvenation function. This fact makes it extremely popular among customers.


  • is simple and easy to use;
  • interesting design;
  • comes complete with a special collagen nozzle that allows you to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation;
  • visible result after the first procedure, the hair becomes much softer;
  • long lasting result.

This device may not be used in the presence of a large number of moles. On various uneven surfaces, it is necessary to adapt a little to use. The cost of this device is about 250 dollars.

Delight 2PS – Silver viss

This photoepilator is much more expensive, from 475 conventional units. However, it can be applied in three directions:

  • photorejuvenation;
  • photo epilation;
  • removal( treatment) of acne.

The lamp life is small, only 8 thousand flashes. But the manufacturer assures that this is quite enough for the complete removal of unwanted vegetation from the whole body.


  • the presence of several functions in one device;
  • is just a huge working area - 6 cm2;
  • 8 power modes;
  • full course of cardinal photo epilation on the assurances of the manufacturer takes only 5 months;
  • really visible effect after the first procedure;
  • to work with the device is easy and simple.

If we consider that no negative reviews were found about this device( except for the price), we can call it one of the best photoepilators in 2017.

Philips Lumea IPL SC2001 / 01

Another not the cheapest model. The cost of such a photoepilator starts from 400 conventional units, which, of course, does not please. Nevertheless, the device occupies a worthy place in our TOP-10.And here's why:

  • built-in ultraviolet filter;
  • battery life capability;
  • charging time just over 1.5 hours;
  • is simple and easy to use;
  • 5 different power modes;
  • lamp operation is designed for 80 thousand pulses;
  • procedure is absolutely painless and does not cause discomfort.

Almost the only drawback is the fact that the replacement of the lamp in this model is not provided and after working out a resource, it will just have to be thrown away. In fairness it should be noted that the number of charges should be sufficient for a very long time.

So our rating of the best photoepilators of 2017-2018 has come to an end. According to customer reviews, these models received the largest number of positive ratings. However, in the shops there are still a lot of decent models. And each of you will be able to choose something for yourself.

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