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Interior arches - this is a popular element of modern interior design. The arch is appropriate both in a small apartment and in large apartments. The modest dwelling, decorated with an arch, will become more spacious and lighter, and a large one will acquire the majestic features of the royal chambers.

Why an arch has the shape of an arch

And why not leave an open doorway instead?

The fact is that rectangular structures hanging overhead create strong psychological discomfort. It is much more pleasant for us to see the billowing vaults above us, which resemble leaning crowns of trees in the park or sea waves. There are no rectangles in nature; all lines are natural, lively and streamlined are written out. Therefore, since ancient times, architects have sought to repeat the natural lines, so that people in any building feel calm and protected.

Types of arches

There are arches of various types. Separately allocate a classical arch. It does not change its shape over the centuries. The classical arch has a radius equal to half the width of the opening and the characteristic elements of the decor. The perimeter of the opening has a platband of stucco or similar materials. In the center of the arch arch forms a kind of decorative element - the capstone. The side parts of such an arch are often made in the form of columns, on which the base and capitals are clearly visible. The classic arch is always appropriate in the respective interiors.

The following types of arches are most popular in non-classic styles:

  1. Gothic - formed by two arcs that intersect at an acute angle and look like an arrow.
  2. Moroccan - strongly elongated in the center. This type of arches is common in Spanish and Moorish architecture.
  3. Oriental or Arabic-style arches are characterized by an opening in the shape of an onion or keel of an inverted boat. This type finds its use in the architecture of India and the Muslim countries of the Middle and Near East. Echoes of style can be seen in the ancient Russian religious buildings.
  4. Modern differs in unusual forms among which asymmetry is popular.

Modern democratic style allows for the most unexpected forms and designer finds. Asymmetry is widely used, mixing styles and materials for finishing.

New construction and finishing materials - gypsum board, which are mounted on a frame made of wood or metal, allow to bring into life any design idea. These materials do not require the involvement of specialists with professional tools.

All work on the device arch of drywall is easy to do yourself.

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Arch as a way of zoning

Creating an interior arch is a convenient and practical way to zoning space. With it, you can both allocate separate zones in one room or a studio apartment, and combine small rooms into one.

Most often, the arches are arranged in the hallways, removing the door that darkens the room. A small hallway in this case is visually merged with the next room, especially if they used the same finishing materials. For example, the same tile is laid on the floor in the hallway and in the kitchen, and the room is separated with laminate or parquet. If a separate room is allocated in the apartment or house as a dining room, the interroom arch between it and the kitchen will be much more appropriate, since the hostess will often have to walk between them with dishes in her hands.

When combining a balcony or loggia with a room, decorate the doorway in the form of an arch.

According to the construction rules, it is prohibited to demolish the bearing external wall, and the arch device will not violate the rules and give a highlight to the interior. Below we describe how to make an arch in the doorway.

If the arch will stand in a room with high humidity, you should purchase the appropriate drywall - its sheets are green. Ordinary material in conditions of high humidity will lose its shape in a few years.

We build an arch with our own hands

A similar arch is easy to create in any room - in the kitchen, hallway or living room. If you have very little experience in finishing work, we suggest you to make an arch yourself with the help of step-by-step instructions and photos.

Prepare the tools in advance:

  • screwdriver;
  • scissors for metal work;
  • knife;
  • Roulette;
  • spatula;
  • grater or grout;
  • joiner's square;
  • pencil.


  • drywall or wooden bars;
  • metal profile;
  • plywood sheet;
  • self-drilling screws for drywall;
  • putty and plaster;
  • paper tape.

Also, do not forget about personal protective equipment - gloves, goggles and a respirator.

When everything is ready for work and a place is chosen for the future arch, the doorway should be measured. Given the size of the opening, draw on the sheet of drywall the desired shape of the arch. This stage is the most crucial, therefore it should be approached seriously. The curve of the desired radius can be drawn by twisting a screw with a rope tied to it in drywall. The length of the rope should be equal to the length of the radius. When the arch contours are drawn on a sheet of drywall, do not forget the old rule:

Measure seven times - cut once.

Cut the future arch along the contours with a jigsaw or special drywall saw. Secure the sheet before cutting so that it does not move. After the drywall is cut, it can be set aside. It is time to make a frame. As we remember, it is made of a metal profile or a wooden bar. The frame of the profile is more suitable for brick walls, and the bars for wooden.

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Installation of metal frame

In order to make the arch of plasterboard, first mount its frame. Guides of the desired length are cut out of the profile and fixed to the wall as shown in the photo.

If the profile is attached to a concrete wall, it is necessary to drill holes in it and hammer in the dowels with a hammer, into which the screws are then screwed. For fastening the profile to a wooden wall, use self-tapping screws with a length of at least 4–5 cm. The optimal distance between them is 10–12 cm.

After fixing the guides, measure the profile section for the lower edge of the arch. Since the arch has a curved shape, the profile section will also have to bend. To do this, its sides are incised with scissors on metal and gently bend, each time trying on a plasterboard arch to the cut part. This process looks like this:

Next, the bent part is attached to the guides either directly or with the help of direct suspensions, as in the drawing below.

Suspensions are needed for rigid mounting of the lower part of the arch. Next to the frame fasten the side details of the arch, cut from plasterboard. The most convenient way to do this is with a screwdriver.

Then, at several points, jumpers should be installed connecting the two side walls of the arch.

Installation of wooden frame

If you decide to make an interior arch of wood, you first need to determine the thickness of the wooden bars. Measure the width of the opening and subtract from it the thickness of the plywood and drywall, the resulting figure will be the thickness of the bar. Use the fretsaw to cut the sides of the arch out of plywood.

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Fasten the whole structure with screws. It should be something like this.

Mounting the bottom of the arch

After installing the sides of the arch, it was the turn to sew the opening below. Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of the bottom and draw it on a drywall. Since the lower part has a curved shape, the material will have to be bent. To do this, draw across the strip parallel lines with a pencil. The distance between them should be about 10 cm.

Cut a layer of paper along the lines with a knife. Attach the drywall to the bottom of the arch cuts upward and with smooth slow movements gradually give it the desired shape.

When bending drywall, do not apply too much force to prevent the material from breaking.

Next, align the edges and secure the lower part with screws.

After fixing the lower part, clean with a knife all the irregularities on the drywall.

. Finishing of the arch.

In order to prevent the joints and mounting points of the screws from shining, they are pasted over with paper tape or masking tape. Align the putty in several layers and each layer is polished with an abrasive of the desired grain. For puttying use acrylic putty for interior work or special for drywall. Putty putty spatula and level grout.

If in the process of breaking the doorway from the concrete wall broke off large pieces, use plaster. Unlike putty, it can be applied in a thick layer. After the plaster has dried, level the surface with a thin layer of putty.

To prevent cracking over the putty, strengthen the mounting grid.

Last, a finishing putty is applied to cover the mesh. After drying, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned. If the mesh is still visible after drying, another layer of material is applied. The result should be a perfectly flat white surface.

Now the interior arch, made of drywall with your own hands, is ready for decorative decoration.

Examples of the use of arches in the design of

Look at the most successful and beautiful examples of the arch of plasterboard in interior design.

An arch of complex shape with shelves combines a room with a balcony.

In this arch between the room and the hallway mounted lamps. It turned out spacious and bright room.

In the following photo, an arch leads to the kitchen instead of the door.

In the hallway all the doors are replaced with arches.

The photo clearly shows how the creation of an interior arch enhances the room and emphasizes the beauty of the interior.

Installing the arch in a simple way - video

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