Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Dishwasher today is not just a luxury item, but a household appliance necessary in any kitchen. In addition to performing their direct functions, these devices at the time of breakdown are able to independently diagnose the cause of the fault and give a signal to their owner through the display. Therefore, any user must be able to decipher and understand the error codes of dishwashers.

  • Errors with problems with water heating
  • Errors with problems with discharge and water filling
  • Errors with problems with blockages
  • Errors with problems with water sensors

Errors with problems with water heating

In this case, the following symbols may appear on the display of the device, signaling the cause of the fault:

  • E01 - most often signals a problem with the heater( heating element of the device).Experts recommend that together with this element, check the water flow sensor, sometimes it is in it. Also, the error E01 can signal a violation of the integrity of the contacts going to the heating element.
  • E09 - a problem with a flow heater. This code may not appear on all dishwashers, but only on those with a heating element located in the circulation pump. When an error occurs E09 wizard, as a rule, check the heater for open.

Errors with problems with the discharge and the water inlet

The most typical E21.The error that is displayed when the function of the circulation or drain pump is violated. This may occur in cases where:

  • from the circulation pump is weak pressure;
  • pump mechanism wear. In this case, a signal comes from the control unit to the drain pump, but the waste water is not pumped out;
  • does not rotate the impeller, most likely the cause was a foreign object.

Code E18 indicates low water level. The reason is set according to the cycle step:

  • if the error appeared at the beginning - it is necessary to check the sensor or the water supply valve;
  • if at the end of the cycle - no need to hurry to turn off the program, perhaps the machine will drain the water in time and correctly complete the cycle.

Errors with problems with clogs

If warnings about breakdowns associated with a heating element or drain pump appear quite rarely, then error codes of Bosch dishwashers in this group are quite common, for example:

  • E22 often appears alternately with the previously considered error E21.Also associated with the problem of the pump. By issuing this code, the Bosch dishwasher says that the control module "does not see" the drain pump. This can be caused by both the malfunction of the pump itself and the control unit. Also the cause may be the wiring in the device.
  • E24 - the most common mistake for all dishwashers. The appearance of such a code on the display of the device most often indicates the appearance of a blockage. Although many manufacturers in their instructions claim that the E24 indicates the bend of the hose. But how could it happen if the machine was installed correctly and it was not moved from its place? As the practice of many dishwasher owners shows, E24 most often occurs when any part of the drain system or filters is clogged. Therefore, the first step is to remove the filters and rinse them under running water. If this procedure did not give a positive result, it is worth considering other reasons why the code E24 may appear on the display:
  1. The performance of one of the sensors is impaired. In this case, the master will have to figure out which one.
  2. Drain pump malfunction.
  3. Management program failed.

Although E24 most often indicates blockages, statistics from specialists involved in repairing dishwashers indicates that there is often a reason for a breakdown of the component parts of the appliance.

  • E25 - not enough power drain pump. Often appears alternately with E24, in cases where there is a blockage in the pipe or at the base of the drain hose. To troubleshoot the fault that the E25 points to, it is usually sufficient to simply clean the nozzle or impeller of the pump.

Errors with problems with

water sensors

Water sensors are responsible for the proper operation of the dishwasher. If they fail to function, errors may appear:

  • E4 - malfunction of the water flow switch that supplies water to the sprinkler. To eliminate the cause of E4, it is often enough to clean the nozzles that are clogged due to hard water;
  • E15 - typical for devices with the additional function Aquostop. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to establish the place of leakage of water.

Errors with wiring problems

Most common E27.It indicates a reduced voltage in the mains. An error E27 faced by those owners of dishwashers who have connected the device directly to the network. To fix the problem - you must install a voltage regulator. This will not only ensure the normal operation of the washing process, but will also protect against power surges that can disable the control module of the device.

Any code indicates a particular malfunction and, if properly decoded, eliminating the source of the problem is often quite easy.

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