The best manufacturers of heating radiators


  1. Top 5 manufacturers of aluminum radiators
  • Global Radiatori
  • Sira Industrie
  • Fondital
  • Nami
  • Rifar
  • Top 5 manufacturers of bimetal radiators
    • RADENA
    • Rifar
    • Elegance
    • Oasis
    • Millenium
  • Top 5 manufacturers of cast iron radiators
    • Konner
    • Guratec
    • Roca
    • Demir Dokum
    • Retro Style
  • Top 5 manufacturers of steel radiators
    • Buderus
    • Kermi
    • Korado
    • PURMO
    • DeLonghi

    Without a heating radiator in our country can not do any room. Today, cast iron, as well as aluminum, steel and bimetallic batteries are used. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but when you have already decided exactly which type of radiator should be installed in your apartment, it is time to select and buy the product. We all want to choose the highest quality product, and in this case the easiest wayfocus on the name of the manufacturer. Which companies have proven themselves in terms of production of radiators?

    Top 5 manufacturers of aluminum radiators

    Global Radiatori

    This company is consideredthe world leader in terms of production of aluminum radiators

    . This is a European quality and an Italian approach to design. Moreover, the manufacturertakes into account the domestic realities, so its radiators can be used both in private houses and in multi-apartment buildings. Their working pressure is up to 16 atmospheres, and inside the radiators are covered with a protective fluorine-zirconium compound, which allows the company to confidently give a 10-year warranty on its radiators. The assortment includes two models of such radiators:ISEO andVOX. The first are cheaper, but less powerful, the second a little more powerful, but also cost more. But they all have a beautiful design and will be the decoration of the apartment.

    Sira Industrie

    This company andwas at the origins of the use of aluminum radiators, because it was here that they invented and produced such a product for the first time. This happened back in 1961, and since then the company has gained worldwide popularity. Today the assortment of the manufacturer is simply amazing:The cast and extrusive models are presented, and in several model series.There are a series of radiators that are manufactured in Italy: they are more expensive, but the quality here is very high. Some of the company's plants are located in China: there are more budget series. To production here are treated with great responsibility, which allows to give to all productswarranty period of 15 years is the largest among all manufacturersaluminum radiators. These are premium-class radiators that boast not only excellent performance, but also an exquisite design.


    Another Italian manufacturer of aluminum radiators, which also offers products of the highest quality. Its peculiarity is that in the assortment it is widelyradiators, adapted to the domestic conditionsand corresponding to all our GOSTs. The inner surface is covered with a protective layer, can withstand the influence of a coolant with a wide pH range and operate at pressures up to 16 atmospheres.



    Excellentradiators from Hungary, which are often recognized todaythe best in the ratio of price and quality. The company produces a series of radiators Grande, which is calmWork in conditions with non-standard indicators of coolant, therefore, suitable for domestic apartments. They have a double anticorrosion coating, they can normally interact with heat carriers, the pH of which varies widely. The working pressure in radiators is 22 atmospheres, and the warranty for them is 10 years.


    itdomestic manufactureraluminum radiators. It is interesting because it uses high-quality modern European equipment for production, and when manufacturing productstakes into account modern realities: often changing pressure in the heating system, poor-quality coolant, etc. Working pressure - 20 atmospheres, manufacturer's warranty - 10 years.

    Top 5 manufacturers of bimetal radiators


    The Italian company, in the assortment of which much attention is paid to bimetal radiators. The manufacturer offers radiators that are manufacturedtaking into account domestic heating features, and at the same time meet the European standards and quality standards. Such radiators are not only characterized by excellent technical qualities, but alsoexcellent appearance, elegance and lightness, but also the price corresponding. Among Italian manufacturers of bimetallic radiators, it is also worth mentioning the aforementionedGlobal Radiatori and Sira Industrie.


    Domestic manufacturer noted in terms of manufacturing bimetal radiators. Its products have absorbed all the best:Italian quality and reasonable price. Thus, the products of this manufacturer are differenthigh heat dissipation, which is even higher than that of Italian counterparts, but the price is much lower. Also in the range there are radiators with the possibility of a lower connection, which ensures a high aesthetics of the premises. Particularly distinguished radiatorsseriesMonolit, which have the highest strength and reliability, can withstand all operating conditions, and the warranty period for them is 25 years.



    Radiatorsof Ukrainian production, which are manufacturedon modern Italian and Swiss equipment.This allows the company to produce high-quality products with excellent performance: radiators can withstand pressures of up to 30 atmospheres, have good heat dissipation and a pleasant external view. With all this they standmuch cheaper than those produced in Europe, and the warranty period for them is 10 years.


    A German company whose production facilities are located in China. Despite this, the radiators are of good quality, meet all standards, withstand pressures of 30 atmospheres, are successfully used in multi-family and private homes. A distinctive feature -low price, which made the company popular.


    Manufacturer from China, which makessimple, reliable and most affordable bimetal radiators. Their performance parameters are not so high, and can not compare with the market leaders, but still allow the use of products even in domestic conditions. So, almost all models in the manufacturer's range are designed for operation at a pressure of 18 atmospheres and with a maximum temperature of 1200 ° C.

    Top 5 manufacturers of cast iron radiators


    Domestic producercast iron radiators, which offers products developed by our engineers with the latest technology. As a result it has turned out to create radiators of the European quality which perfectly transfer domestic conditions of operation. Particular pride of the company are cast-iron radiators, which practically can not be corroded and insensitive to the composition of water. The collection of the company presentscast iron sectional radiators, possessing a beautiful modern appearance, and alsocast iron radiators, made in retro design. In addition to cast iron radiators, the company also offers bimetallic and aluminum models.


    A German company that specializes in manufacturingcast-iron radiators in retro style. They have excellent operational qualities, they can serve you faithfully for decades. The company's products are real works of art that will become an ornament of the interior in the classical style. The surface of the radiators is covered with powder paint, so that the product is as resistant to scratches and moisture as possible. In addition, all radiators have excellent heat dissipation, withstand high pressure, can operate under low pressure conditions, are characterized by the highest reliability in operation.


    KnownSpanish company with almost a century of history. Today it offers a wide range of products, including radiators. The company offers aluminum, steel, as well as cast-iron radiators.Manufacture is located in Spain, and this means that all products are of the highest European quality and meet all standards. Today in the assortment of the company stands outseriesEpoca - cast iron radiators in retro design. They combine an excellent appearance and first-class performance, but the prices for products of the company are correspondingly high.

    Demir Dokum

    itturkish manufacturer, which has been working in this field for more than 60 years. The production uses modern equipment, and the manufacturing process itself is in compliance with all European standards. Today the cast-iron radiators of the company are presentedsix model rulers, in each of which there are products with different parameters, so that everyone can choose the right option for their interior. Moreover, in one apartment it is often necessary to use batteries of different sizes, and in the presence of One series of different types of sizes to organize space in a single style is maximized easily. All series of radiators are distinguished by a beautiful appearance that allows them to become an ornament of the interior. In addition, batteries meet all standards, so they will reliably warm your home and serve for a long time.

    Retro Style

    Domestic company, which also offers cast-iron radiatorsin the vintage style.Products repeat the style of the XIX-XX centuries, and therefore they can become a worthy decoration of the classical interior. The manufacturer offers several collections, each of which is distinguished by a special exclusive design. In addition, each product can be painted according to the customer's request in one of the following colors:black gold, chocolate, gzhel, old silver, bronze, red and goldetc. The patterns executed on the surface correspond to the style of different epochs:baroque, empire, art deco, classicism, rococoetc. With all the variety of cast iron batteries of this manufacturer are characterized by good performance characteristics, as well as lower price than for foreign competitors.

    Top 5 manufacturers of steel radiators


    OldGerman company, existing since 1731. It has long time proved itself as a quality product and constantly expanding range. Today the company's assortment is extensive, and the structure is complex. Among other things, the manufacturer produces steel radiators, which are characterized by excellent performance properties, but at the same time will be a real decoration of the interior. Products are presentedin several sizesso that each client can choose the appropriate option. All products are equipped with a quick assembly system, thanks to which the installation of the radiator is as simple and quick as possible. The company offerstwo models of steel radiators, which differ in some technical parameters: the buyer can easily choose the one that meets his requirements.


    Another German manufacturer, which has been operating for more than 50 years. Today its range is more than extensive, includes steel radiators, and since 2011 the company's products are well represented in the domestic market. All radiatorsare produced only in Germany, are of high quality, as here the latest equipment is used, research aimed at improving products, and the entire production process is constantly controlled. Steel radiators are represented ina wide range of: both external data and technical parameters are different, which means that everyone can choose a radiator in accordance with the interior and requirements for the heating system. All products meet European standards, which means it will last long.


    Czech company, whose name today is a true symbol of quality in the world market. Unlike many other leaders in this field, this manufacturer is quite young - the company was formed in 1990. During this time, they were able to establish the most powerful modern production, research in order to eventually offer buyers quality products that meet all the requirements and standards. Steel radiators of the company have already proved themselvesthe highest quality and reliability, beautiful appearance. The standard color of all radiators is white, but at the customer's request the products can be painted in any of the 21 suggested colors.


    Finnish company, which since the 50-ies of the last century is known in the world of radiators. The harsh climate forced the manufacturer to produce high-quality and reliable radiators. Gradually, the products conquered not only the Finnish, but also the European market, and today is represented in Russia. Today, the company's steel radiators are considered an ideal in terms of quality, price, performance and appearance. All this is achieved through a constant desire to develop, to conduct research and not stand still. That's why the companyalways a step ahead of its competitorsand is a true symbol of quality. Production is conducted in Finland and Poland, taking into account strict standards and norms, and special attention is paid to the quality of raw materials, which is a fundamental factor in the quality of the finished product. Radiators meet all international and Russian standards, are presented in a huge assortment of different sizes.


    Italian steel radiators,which are made ofquality steelon modern equipment. Together with strict control at all stages of production and carrying out of own researches it allows to let out qualitative radiators which already have won trust all over the world. All models are treated with protective agents that prevent the development of corrosion, painted with powder paint to ensure the product maximum durability. The Italian company pays special attention to the design of its radiators, so they go reallystylish and effective.The assortment has a lot of different models, which differ in appearance, technical parameters and sizes.

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