How to choose roller shutters for giving: what factors should be considered

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video Recently, the question has become: "How to choose roller shutters for a summer house or a country house?".This device protects from prying eyes, from burglars, from sunlight or just from stones and bottles.

What is roller shutter?

If a house becomes uninhabited for some time, then it is better to protect it from all kinds of damage and penetration. Rolling shutters for giving an excellent option, but what is it? This is a mechanical device that performs the protective functions of windows and doors. Roller shutters can be easily removed in a box or a special cavity, they are able to curl the fabric into a roll. The device can be driven by an electric motor or mechanical drive.

Roller shutters have several advantages:

  • are very compact;
  • aesthetic in appearance;
  • easy to maintain and maintain;
  • do not spoil the facade of the building;
  • provide sound insulation.

This device can be installed on( c) any openings, they are convenient and versatile to use.

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What are the roller shutters made from and which ones are better?

Roller shutters are made from two materials:

  • from aluminum - good because they are lightweight and very compact;
  • made of metal - galvanized sheet is used, which allows the device to be a solid protection, but also more expensive in price.

Both options look great on a house, but they differ slightly in quality, cost, and reliability. Therefore, before choosing the roller blinds for the dacha, you need to find out from which material the device is made.

What you should ask

In order not to make a mistake when buying products, you need to take into account many factors. This is not only material and price.

Tips on how to choose the roller blinds to give correctly:

  1. First, much attention should be paid to technical features. For the convenience of the user and a longer service life of the device, it is better to equip it with an electrical system. It is controlled using a remote control or button. All windows can be connected to a single system and simultaneously open or close.
  2. Secondly, an important issue is the roller shutter manufacturer - a separate model has its own characteristics.
  3. Thirdly, it is desirable to ask for certificates of quality for the goods.
  4. Fourth, when choosing to take into account the interior of the villa or house, so that the result would be not only reliable protection, but also a harmonious look.
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Components and installation of roller shutters for giving

Roller shutters consist of three parts:

  • of the box( inside it is a shaft and side rails);
  • protective curl;
  • side guides.

Roller shutters by type of installation are:

  • embedded;
  • invoices.

The first type is more reliable and practical. Roller shutters are installed in the window or doorway. They can not bend or tear, you can get to them only in the raised form. Otherwise, you just have to disassemble the wall.

Overhead roller shutters have one drawback - guides are visible that can be turned or broken( albeit with great effort).

It is best to plan the installation of this device at the design stage of the building. The dimensions of the box depend on the height of the window or door opening. If in the house, installation of rolling shutters for giving with the electric drive is planned, then in advance it is worth laying the corresponding cables with its eyeliner to windows. But if the choice was made in favor of mechanical control( manual), then it is better to provide an exit point inside the building so that the decoration does not deteriorate.

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Additional benefits of roller shuttersIt is important that the color gamut of the device is quite wide. For example, roller blinds are white or brown, gray or beige. Also, at the request of the customer, the base colors can be expanded, the list of shades reaches up to 150 colors.

This device saves heat by saving it. Plus roller shutter for giving is their adjustment. The mechanism can be fully opened or ajar to the desired distance.

For what purpose do people install roller blinds to give?

The main purpose of the roller shutter on the house, which for a time remains without owners, is to protect the premises from thieves and robbers. A device made of durable material is quite difficult to crack, the whole process is loud and long.

Already a large number of people used the roller shutters to give. Consumer reviews are mostly positive. There are obvious advantages of the device:

  • beautiful and unobstructed view from the window( to look through the bars is not a very pleasant sight);
  • ease and several ways to control( manual or automatic);
  • robust protection against burglars.

How to choose a roller shutter - video

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