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more often in suburban areas began to appear unusual architectural structure resembling an openwork shelter of climbing plants. A charming example of human creativity - pergola with his own hands, conquers more and more hearts of nature lovers. It amazes with its originality, variety and beauty. This design allows you to create bright floral paintings and a relaxing atmosphere in the garden. In addition, the self-built pergola allows you to create a chic design of a place to rest.

The name of this structure comes from the Italian word with the meaning “canopy” or extension. And indeed, such facilities may adjoin a residential area, be installed on the roof or stand independently in the garden. If you look at it from the inside, you understand that this is not just a gazebo and not supports for climbing plants. The design consists of a set of repeating elements that are connected by bars. Every detail of it is completely covered with greenery or fragrant flowers. Many people would like to have such beauty in their personal plots, but do not know how to make a pergola with their own hands. Photos, a detailed description, the basic principles of the manufacture of such a structure will help beginners to get down to business.

Types and purpose of pergolas

It is worth noting that the ancient Romans made such facilities exclusively for the cultivation of the vine and convenient harvesting. They didn’t even guess how their idea would affect creative people who turned ordinary props into an exotic garden space. Traditionally, pergolas do their own hands from several arches that are connected by a patterned overlap. Such designs in an instant turn the garden path into a fabulous "country" full of secrets and high hopes.

Due to the variety of forms and design of openwork compositions, pergola can perform the following functions:

  • design of a recreation area;
  • garden space decoration;
  • reliable shelter from the sun;
  • device summer dining;
  • is a place for privacy after a busy day;
  • cover for swings;
  • suitable barbecue area;
  • benches;
  • dance floor and stage.

It is clearly seen from this that the pergola in the country is the original place for the whole family to relax.

Despite the grace and beauty of such a structure, it is necessary to carefully select the shape of the structure so that it blends harmoniously into the garden landscape.

Modern designers offer various forms of such structures:

  • arch;
  • extended triangle;
  • awning;
  • Sphere;
  • patterned screen;
  • rectangle;
  • wide visor;
  • corridors of several pergolas.

Consider only some of them.


Often such pergolas are attached to the living quarters and serve as a carport for a car or playground for small children. A tent gazebo is equipped to demonstrate various flowering plants. Also in it you can comfortably dine in the family with the evening birds singing.

Patterned Screen

This option is set along pergolas along the neighbors' fences to hide from enemies and envious people. The screen successfully separates the site into zones where small children frolic.

Wide visor

In a warm climate, such pergolas are often found. They are covered with thick branches of the vine that protect the house from the scorching summer sun.

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Tunnel of arches

Along the garden paths establish a complex of several metal structures, the decoration of which is a pergola. It is the original shelter and green decoration of the garden.

For the tunnel arbor, you can use different forms of arches and create stylish landscape designs.

It is also important to note the variety of textures of such structures. The pergola with an openwork lattice can be installed even on a small part of the garden. She looks romantic and attractive. A stone structure is suitable for spacious courtyards built in the castle style. Wooden pergola successfully fits into the landscape of country houses and attracts fans of rustic comfort. In addition, pergolas are made of metal, plastic and fittings. They can be with a rounded roof, with kinks, as well as fan-shaped.

When choosing a material for the construction of a structure, consider the climatic conditions of the area, especially in winter.

Pergola with their own hands - the path to achieving the goal

In our difficult time, when prices are constantly growing, enterprising craftsmen independently set up their summer cottages. And, of course, they are trying to make of them a real paradise. Why not start from the original resting place. Those who have heard the word “pergola” and know what it is will probably begin to create such a construction. It can be made from such materials:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • aluminum;
  • fiberglass;PVC
  • ;
  • vinyl;
  • bamboo;
  • combined options.

When the choice is made, first of all it is necessary to determine the appropriate dimensions of the pergola so that it is proportional to the backyard territory. If it is small, then the maximum distance between the main posts should not exceed 1.5 m. The main thing is that it is convenient to enter it, given the greens that grow magnificently on the structure. The standard pergola construction height is approximately 2.5 m.

Special attention when building the arch should be paid to the strength of the connecting nodes and the stability of the supporting supports. Even inexperienced masters understand the significance of these factors. After all, the design is continuously exposed to natural elements: wind, rain, snow and the scorching sun. The step-by-step pergola instruction shown on a themed video will help beginners build this original arch. Carefully reviewing the basic principles of construction, you can safely get down to business and realize your dream.

Secrets of creating a pergola from wood

You can build yourself such a unique summer garden decoration from lumber or these types of trees:

  • larch;
  • oak;
  • acacia;
  • pine;
  • birch.

Regardless of the breed, the wood must be well dried and treated with a special antiseptic.

The next step in creating a pergola with your own hands is drawings that will help you make all the necessary calculations. They are the main guideline for the implementation of all works.

Next, you need to prepare the main elements of the traditional arbor:

  • support columns;
  • beams;
  • crossbar;
  • crates;
  • struts;
  • adjustable anchors;
  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • cement;
  • tubular formwork.

It is important to assemble and the necessary set of tools:

  • hammer;
  • electric drill;
  • chisel;
  • wood saw;
  • drill bit;
  • screws;
  • metal brackets;
  • clamps;
  • roof mounts;
  • sail;
  • cable;
  • adhesive;
  • stain;
  • various types of bolts;
  • screws;
  • metal base.

To build a wooden pergola with your own hands, first choose a suitable place on the site and make a marking. To do this, use:

  • special pegs;
  • building level;
  • Roulette;
  • tight laces.

Then proceed to the installation of the support columns( a wooden bar 100: 100 mm in size is ideal).To do this, dig 1 mm deep pits at the corners of the intended structure. Gravel is poured at the bottom, bearing supports are inserted and the structure is concrete.

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To the top of the pillars, using self-tapping screws attach carrier beams. And then set the sheathing on the cross-shaped connection. At the final stage, they make a decorative design of bearing supports.

The provided drawings of a classic arbor are considered universal. Therefore, they can be modified depending on personal preferences.

Experienced craftsmen complement classic wood pergolas with a grid for climbing flowers.

A simplified way to build a leisure zone at the summer cottage

Quite often, in the country houses, many erect a chic rest fence - a metal pergola. Photos and an understanding of how to do it will help to gain courage and get down to business. At the simplest option, consider the order of work in the construction of this product.

The first step is to make a diagram or drawing of the future design, as well as the amount of material needed for the gazebo.

For the manufacture of metal pergolas with their own hands, use a shaped tube with a cross section of 25 to 50 mm.

When the calculations are done, choose the original plot of the garden and make the markup. The next stage - making the frame. To do this, using the grinder, cut off the edges of the pipes at an angle of 45 ° C. After that, the welding device is connected to each other in the form of a square. Then add a few strips for the rigidity of the structure. The design and dimensions of the pergola should correspond to the original drawing of the product. Its strength and durability depend on it.

For the base use two metal profiles connected at an angle of 90 °.The corners of small size are welded to the upper and lower parts of the construction, which is cut to 45 °.The rigidity of the structure is strengthened with metal jumpers, which are welded at the same angle( 45 °).

When installing a metal pergola, it is mandatory to strengthen the bearing pillars. The process is performed using concreting in the same way as for pergolas made of wood. The evenness of the pillars is regulated by a plumb and building level.

Before installing metal parts in the ground, they must be treated with an anti-corrosion solution.

When the supports are installed, proceed to the installation of the roof. The welded structures are lifted and laid on supports and alternately joined. At each corner add a jumper to ensure the reliability of the pergola. The finished structure is painted in any color you like.

Decorative stands for climbers

Some craftsmen make small pergolas from rebar on their plots. Their advantage is that such a design can be made of any shape and even collapsible type. To this end, washers are welded to the main attachment points and fixed with wrench bolts. In addition, these pergolas can be decorated with forged decorative details. Often they are used as a support for climbing plants.

For several centuries gardeners invented various designs of arbors, sheds and openwork arches to decorate them with lush greenery and flowers. And today even beginners can easily make a pergola for climbing plants with their own hands and install them on the garden plot.

This structure is a structure that is used to protect the territory from the scorching sun. With its help, create different types of garden landscapes, green fences and even shelters for cars.

To create a pergola, you need to connect several repetitive arches with transverse bars. In addition, the building can be independent and adjacent to the building. It all depends on the wishes and preferences of the master. It can even be made from such available materials:

  • wooden beams;
  • metal reinforcement;
  • plastic;
  • shoots of plants.
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Let's get acquainted with some species closer.

In the garden of waste there is no

The original pergola from the branches is made with the help of simple materials and tools( ax and rope).To do this, one of the edges of the shoots is sharpened, and then tied with a strong rope and set in the form of a tent. Climbing plants can freely climb the structure, creating a shadow on a hot day.

Openwork designs for green design

A wonderful ring column is obtained from metal fittings or wooden slats. First in a circle expose the main elements. Then connect them with a strong rope. The result is an original support for climbing plants.

Arched pergola for the garden

The following materials are used for the construction of the structure:

  • metal reinforcement;
  • wooden beams;
  • plastic pipes.

The arched pergola is installed as an amazing support for climbing plants to highlight the beauty of the garden landscape. It serves as an excellent entrance or entrance to the courtyard and a wonderful area for recreation.

Pergolas with an

crate. Such constructions are made of wooden slats, which before assembly are treated with an antibacterial substance and cause a layer of varnish. The finished product is attached to the building with screws and dowels.

The original structure for the majestic climbing roses

What could be more beautiful than a "live cover", consisting of many bright flowers. Red or yellow buds exude a unique fragrance when entering a private area. It is even better to enjoy their beauty sitting in the pergola for a rose, the photo of which evokes pleasant feelings. But before you build it, you need to consider the following principles:

  1. The design must be reliable, because climbing roses are very heavy because of the huge number of buds. Therefore, bearing support buried in the ground.
  2. The rose is a stately flower and it should blend harmoniously into the garden landscape.
  3. When choosing the size of the structure, consider the size of the infield.

If it is not possible to build a pergola for roses, you can make tapestries that are easy to place near any building.

It is interesting that such a pergola, covered with many bright colors, can perform various functions on the territory of a country house:

  • the original transition from one part of the garden to another;
  • “live” connection between buildings;
  • unique veranda landscaping;
  • blooming garden alley.

For the construction of such pergolas use wood, metal, and sometimes buildings made of stone. The forged structures mounted on a stone base look wonderfully against the background of the garden. In such a pergola, you can spend hours thinking about the meaning of life, reading interesting novels and simply enjoying the surrounding nature.

A unique place to watch the skies

The absence of a cozy cottage outside the city is not a reason to abandon the homely paradise. It can be arranged on the roof of a residential building. In megacities, this kind of recreation has been practiced for several decades. Therefore, brave guys equip the pergola on the roof of the house in which they live.

A miniature pergola, made of metal rods, against the background of concrete slabs will seem to be a real oasis of pleasure. Decorate it with ampelous flowers that exude a delicate aroma and create a light shade. In the daytime in the "tent" you can watch the clouds, and at night to contemplate the majestic stars.

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