How to choose a flow electric water heater

Heat water began in Switzerland in the middle of the XVIII century. Think about it: three centuries ago, began to use water from the warm water in Europe. Let us consider how to choose the instantaneous electric water heater for permanent access to hot water.


Today, in private homes are popular boilers. And wash water is heated in the boiler, and most boilers operate on heating. The apparatus usually is a coil extending inside the boiler. Heater or gas is not directly heated water for the shower, the jet takes heat from the heating circuit and therefore can not have a higher temperature. Used as fuel gas, coal, diesel oil, firewood (for switching off the electricity in case).

Instantaneous electric water heater

Assume broke such a source of hot water, and the wash desirable. You can do a compact unit installed in a bathroom. There are two types of electric heaters that are suitable for this purpose:

  1. Savings.
  2. Flow.

Speech today will focus on the second - more compact. Instantaneous water heaters are small, but the connection does not cause trouble. Need a socket for the appliance. Note: instantaneous water heater is often used as a temporary measure. It is possible to remove and clean the unit away in a cupboard.

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Instantaneous water heaters Akvaterm

Heaters mimic a standard single-lever mixer:

  • povernesh right - cold water;
  • povernesh left - hot water;
  • lift up - flowing weaker;
  • Pull down - flowing stronger.

Home instantaneous water heater

A strong current of water at the same time and colder. When the heating element lamp lights, so it is easy to understand if there is movement within the device. Let not the device plastic housing, formed as a cylinder. This is a standard sanitary plastic. Intake pipe bottom water plant, where threaded for standard flexible retraction sold in a specialized shop.

To replace the mixer off the water. Old Crane remove, in its place, set the flow heater Aquatherm. With the inlet pipe remove lug nuts. The installation process does not differ from the rest of sanitary equipment.

Water supply pipe is made of stainless steel for hygienic reasons. Note that the flow heater is powered by an AC network 220 is not allowed to damage the housing belongs to the wire. Inside the sealed heater that provides functionality, plus the presence of the flow sensor. Instantaneous heater does not operate in the absence of water.

The cord switch is mounted, similarly equipped night-light. Note that the socket for connecting the device need to be grounded. Inside there is excellent insulation from the water heater, installation of lead strictly by the instructions of the supplier.

Instantaneous water heater in the kitchen

Instantaneous water heaters Atlanta

In contrast to the previous design flow heaters Atlanta have a temperature adjustment. Inside the ceramic heater spiral set, providing the highest efficiency of the device (up to 98%). Rotary power is adjusted in the range of 30 to 85 degrees Celsius in an extreme position. If necessary, Atlanta ready warmed water to the tall temperature.

Flow heater itself regulates the pressure, seemingly constant flow of water. Clarify that the instantaneous water heater Atlanta is not able to provide a shower, but it will wash hands, dishes, fetch water. Naturally, you can try and take a shower, but the weak stream.

In appearance, instantaneous water heater Atlanta differs little from Aquatherm only adjustment knob located on the back. stainless steel tube is provided with a diffuser, so water flows dozen thin jets.

The cost of the device is 3000 rubles, the unit - bargain to testify, it is useful for washing hands. However, there is no information on the requirements for water, but tap fit.

Instantaneous water heaters EVAN

EVAN - serious business. Instantaneous water heaters EVAN resemble professional equipment by the fact that the device power is in the range of 6-120 kW. For comparison: the instruments discussed above have a capacity of 2 kW. In this capacity reaches 3000 liters per hour.

Convenient water heater above the sink

A simple calculation shows that five occupants can simultaneously fill a bath of hot water and do not need to worry testing. The only problem: water heaters raise the temperature at strictly fixed value (35 degrees). Water enters + 4 C (winter), leaves + 39 degrees, until it comes to the destination, lose more, you get enough.

EVAN electric instantaneous water heater capable of supplying water to the house sewer network from 5 bathrooms. Able to pull even a small cottage. Such instantaneous electric water heaters is allowed to use for heating. Private country house is quite possible to provide warm water circulating in a circle.

Note: can be limited the maximum temperature at the point of water intake, for example, 75 degrees. According to the European rules, in principle, the battery is not hot 60, so there is a chance to collect on the basis of device and pump solidly with his own hands the heating system. The catch in the absence of regulation and automatic modes.

Temperature difference at input and output is exactly 35 degrees. Furnish the house with warm water out, but heating will have to rely so as to coincide modes.

We see the device:

  • reverse and safety valve to protect against improper fluid flow;
  • protection with automatic shutdown in case of overheating;
  • protection against voltage surges amplitude of ± 10%.

There are also other useful options. The construction is reliable, has a strong steel casing. Dimensions are not specified, the weight starts from 10 kg. Faced with a hot water heating system on the basis of instantaneous water heater, assure that the design works fine.

Instantaneous water heaters Thermex

Electric water heaters Thermex not imply additional adjustments. It's just a box, which is hung on a wall or placed on the floor. Present one or two heaters switch (depending on power), what is called coarse stepwise adjustment of the output stream temperature. Naked technical parameters have little to say about the functionality of the device circuitry instantaneous water heater Thermex will own the know-how of the corporation.

Judging from the power oscillating in the range 3.5-10 kW, devices designed for a single toilet, which have two output nozzle: shower and crane separately.


Flowing water heaters, electric kitchen, choose from the category of Atlanta and Aquatherm for bathrooms will Termex (If you can find out from the company how to connect the device to the mains), for the supply of equipment in the mansion take EVAN.

How to choose an electric instantaneous water heater power, it is already clear. One bathroom requires 4 kW. Anything below more suitable for a single crane, with the kitchen to wash hands and dishes. I am glad that there is an offer of the domestic manufacturer. Such a situation is not in every segment of household appliances.

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