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pear The pear of Veles spring in Moscow suburbs is a garden decoration. The snow-white fragrant tent created by fancifully curved branches of the crown. The variety is new, only in 2001 it was entered in the state register. Its creators - botanists Efimova and Petrov crossed the varieties Forest Beauty and Venus. Another name for this pear is Daughter Excellent. The variety is intended for central Russia.

Features varieties Daughter Excellent

Gardeners, amateurs and professionals, evaluate the fruits of this variety the highest score. Photo Pears Veles, description of the variety, impressive. An adult tree under the weight of the fruit breaks off, and each branch requires a support. The height of the pear does not exceed 4 m, but its crown is spreading, pyramidal. Curved branches far away from the trunk, bend down.

Fruits are small, weighing 170-200 g, wide, with a clean shiny surface. The taste of the fruit is gentle, sweet and sour. Veles' pear color is yellowish, with a gentle blush.

Grade advantages:

  • frost resistance - the tree tolerates winters in the Moscow region;
  • stable yield;
  • good preservation of the fruit.

The disadvantage is considered late fruiting - 6-7 years after planting. The more the pear set the harvest, the less the weight will be fruit.

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The Veles pear variety is resistant to fungal diseases. The tree is partially self-contained. But this ability is weak. Therefore, for good yields, you need to plant in the neighborhood at least one pear tree Severyanka, Chizhovskaya. These varieties are also tolerant to diseases and are pollinators for Veles pear. The variety ripens closer to fall. It is possible to determine that it is time for a pear to be on the table by yellow skin and softness. For storage remove slightly unripe fruit.

Agronomy of the fruit tree

The health and fruiting of an adult tree depend on the proper planting of the Veles pear and the care of the seedling. Therefore, each stage should perform its tasks:

  • choice of location, seedling and planting;
  • breeding methods for pear;
  • mode of watering and feeding;
  • prevention against pests and diseases;
  • autumn work on the preparation of the tree for the winter;
  • spring awakening.

A place for a pear is chosen sunny, with protection from the north wind. Groundwater should be deep, below 2 meters. Landing pit is prepared in advance. The fertile layer is removed and set aside. The depth of the pit should be 1 m. The bottom layer is laid drainage and a layer of sand, then create a mound of fertile fertilized land and place the root system on it, stick a stabilizing count.

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Two-year-old seedlings should have a smooth stem, a small number of branches. The root system should be developed well, be about 25 cm in length. Veles pear can be planted in spring and autumn.

When planting in spring, the trees will get better and go into the winter grown up, with a rooted root system.

Propagated pear Daughter Excellent layering and cuttings. For grafting, they take a two-year branch in the winter, break it up into cuttings of 15-20 cm, and fix it in this condition. Cut into pieces and put the dark plastic bottle in the roots in the spring in the melt water using activated charcoal. The cuttings are planted in a hotbed and grown until autumn. Layers to the ground do not bend down, so the box in which the roots are germinated, is arranged on the branch, on which cuts are made to the cambium. A branch with roots is separated from the skeletal branch only after 2 years.

In the first year after the rooting of the tree begin to form a crown. At the same time, particular attention is devoted to the prevention of thickening, which will lead to diseases.

Watering a young seedling is the most important part of caring for seedlings. Novosadkam needs 2 buckets of water in a tree circle 3 times a week. Adult fruiting trees are watered every week, morning or evening. Watering can be organized by sprinkling or watering over the grooves or in the near-barrage circle. The blot depth should be 15 cm.

Fertilizing wood with organic and mineral fertilizers during the season is important. In the first half of the summer and in the spring using nitrogen and organic fertilizers. Alternate mineral and organic supplements. Before flowering give urea or saltpeter. After flowering, insist on organic matter and bring it into wet watered earth. In autumn they give potash-phosphorus fertilizers, which increase winter resistance.

Formative pruning is carried out on seedlings, sanitary and regulatory - on fruit trees.

If you do it right, the tree will give the gardener tasty ruddy fruits.

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What do gardeners say about pear varieties Daughter Excellent

Reviews of pear Veles from gardeners and gardeners the most favorable.

Ninel Petrovna from Narofominsk told, her pear blossomed for 4 years after planting, gave two bouquets of three pears. Until September 5, kept 4 things, the rest stole grandchildren before. All matured, one grew by 260 g. Taste is fabulous! The winter of 2014 suffered great.

Andrei from Sergiev Posad planted a sapling in 2014.Pear blossomed on the 4th year, there was no fruit. Need a girlfriend - pollinator. Grafted another variety in the crown. I'll wait for the result.

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