How to repair an air conditioner yourself

  • Possible malfunctions
  • Why did the amount of cold or heat produced drop?
  • Other malfunctions of air conditioners
  • When is it necessary to call a specialist?
  • How to avoid hardware breakdowns
  • Conclusion

Comfort in our homes gives us not only the availability of furniture, but also household appliances. These devices make our life not only easier, but also create a cosiness and a certain concept of luxury. However, when you purchase, you always wonder how long it will last us. And this does not always depend on the quality of the technique itself and its characteristics. In general, household appliances are affected by factors such as correct operation, handling and maintenance. After all, any equipment needs proper care and maintenance. An exception is not the air conditioner, which supports in your home not only the necessary temperature, which suits you most. And so that he served you faithfully for a long time, you need to have basic knowledge of his maintenance and, if necessary, repair. How to repair air conditioners with your own hands, you will learn in this article.

Possible malfunctions

Many users of such complicated equipment as the air conditioner are interested in the question: is it possible to repair the device independently, without resorting to the help of a specialist? Our answer is yes. However, before you start repairing household appliances, you need to know the cause of the failure, and what the air conditioner is made of. Below you will find the main malfunctions of air conditioners:

  • the amount of produced heat (heat) falls;
  • condensate starts to leak because of drainage clogging;
  • the air conditioner does not turn on and does not respond to the signal from the console;
  • there was an unpleasant smell when working equipment.

All the above problems can be fixed independently without the help of a wizard. How to do this you will learn further. But if you doubt your abilities, you can call a master who will carry out diagnostics and make inexpensive repairs of air conditioners in Moscow.

Why did the amount of cold or heat produced drop?

There are a number of reasons for this problem, we mention the most common:

  • a leakage of refrigerant has occurred. Occurrence can occur randomly, therefore it is required to check the sealing of the device and if it is necessary to refuel the system with freon;
  • The heat pump has become unusable, or its components. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the part that has become unusable and replace it;
  • there may be power fluctuations in the network. Often this happens if the device does not have a stabilizer. If this happens, the air conditioner does not work and does not turn on at all. Consider this factor when installing;
  • there was a clog of the air purification system. Most often this is the most common problem, and appears when equipment is not properly maintained. Therefore, it is recommended to clean filters and fans at least once every six months. The cleaning process is described in the instruction manual, if there is none, then it can be found on the Internet.

Other malfunctions of air conditioners

Also, not only the air filtration system, but also other parts of the air conditioner can become clogged. As mentioned above, clean the device as often as possible, especially in summer. Due to the fact that some users forget or do not know at all that it is necessary to clean the home appliances from dust and dirt, such problems as drainage flow come out. If you do not clean the system of pipes from the debris formed over time, the condensate will fall into your apartment and an unpleasant smell may appear.

When the air conditioner does not start and does not respond to the signals from the control panel, at least check the power supply. If the check shows that there is no problem in the mains and the device still does not turn on, it is advisable to check the batteries of the control panel. If their replacement did not help, then the repair of the control panel of the air conditioner itself is required.

When is it necessary to call a specialist?

How to understand if it's worth repairing your equipment yourself? In what situations it is better not to touch the equipment and give it to the expert? In those cases when the malfunction of the air conditioner:

  • If the reasons listed above do not approach your problem;
  • if you do not get to fix the problem;
  • if the problem is more complex parts of the device that can not be replaced.

Repair components such as a compressor is not always possible to repair yourself, at least you need to have sufficient knowledge in electrical engineering. It is better to contact a knowledgeable specialist or a service center if your device is under warranty.

How to avoid hardware breakdowns

In most cases, non-mechanical faults of air conditioners, they are displayed on the display of the device. All modern air conditioners are provided with an automatic fault prevention system. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the indications of indicators in order to avoid serious breakdowns.

Also as mentioned above, it is necessary as often as possible to prevent the operation of the air conditioner every month. This is advised by each manufacturer. Also, some manufacturers provide their services for the maintenance of your home equipment, which is very convenient if you do not always have time to do it yourself.

Do not forget about the instruction manual, which is attached to each device, respectively.


From all of the above, it can be concluded that repairing the defective air conditioner is still on its own. And if you have certain knowledge in this area, then you will save your money, since the service is not cheap. Especially it concerns such an issue as how to repair the air conditioners with your own hands.

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