Do I need eggplant picking or how to properly transplant the grown eggplant seedlings

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When growing garden crops through seedlings in domestic( apartment) conditions, picking is an obligatory step, because basically the seeds are sown in the total capacity. However, experienced gardeners advise for an eggplant to make an exception. These plants have a very delicate root system and poorly tolerate picking, in which you have to remove seedlings from the ground, which can lead to a violation of the integrity of the roots. As a result, eggplants start to hurt, the overall growth slows down, which in turn affects the future harvest.

A similar situation occurs with the seedlings of peppers, whereas tomatoes easily pick picking and even more grow new roots.

How to sow eggplants to avoid picks?

The best way to grow seedlings is to sow the seeds immediately in separate containers. In the general container, shoots will start to struggle for a place under the sun and will grow unevenly. Separate seeding will allow the seedling to have enough space, lighting and nutrients. In addition, the need for picking will disappear.

It is good to use cassettes for eggplants - they are made of very thin and flexible plastic, the seedlings can be easily removed without damaging them.

If, when sowing, several seeds appeared in one cassette and everything grew, then only the strongest and most developed ones should be left. Weak seedlings should be removed by carefully cutting with scissors. Pulling them is not necessary, because you can damage the growing next to seedlings.

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How to transplant grown seedlings?

When the seedlings appear 4 true leaves, it is already quite large and becomes cramped in the cassette of eggplants. Instead of picking, it is recommended to use transplanting or even handling plants in a larger container. To do this:

  1. Carefully remove the seedling from the cassette together with the earthy ball, pushing it from the bottom with your fingers.
  2. Pour some nutritious substrate into the prepared pots or cups.
  3. Set the eggplant, slightly compact the soil.
  4. Water the seedlings with warm water.
  5. Pour dry soil into the pot. Watering from above is not necessary so that a crust does not form.

When transplanting eggplants can not be deeply buried, they do not like it. The maximum planting depth of a sapling is no more than 1 cm.

After transshipment, seedlings must be placed away from the bright sun and drafts for a couple of days. Eggplants can be fed no earlier than 10 days.

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