Artificial lighting for flowers


In winter, all plants need high-quality artificial lighting. In order to ensure rapid growth of flowers and cultivated plants, it is necessary to install over cassettes with seedlings of a fluorescent lamp.

Increasing the light day will ensure rapid production of chlorophyll and plant fiber, which is necessary for the formation of new leaves and shoots of the plant.

In order to make a good highlight for seedlings in the winter, you need to use reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or foil.

Advantages of a separate greenhouse

Placing plants plays an important role in the cultivation of seedlings of flowers and cultivated plants. Seedlings of shade plants are installed at a great distance from the lamp. They should only receive reflected daylight.

The greenhouse for seedlings at the stage of sprouts is best done in a separate room. So you can grow more seedlings.

The backlight can be placed on the windowsill, but in this case the growth of the seedling will depend on three factors:

  • temperature created by reflectors;
  • proximity of lamps to cassettes with seedlings;
  • access of sunlight to sprouts.
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In the greenhouse, you can set the watering time for seedlings and install water sprayers. Thermostats are also installed in a separate room so that it is possible to regulate the temperature for different plant species.

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If you grow seedlings on the windowsill during the heating season, the central heating batteries will heat up the soil in the cassettes and dry the air around the plants. Seedlings will turn out to be weak and will be strongly stretched. Therefore, it is better to grow it in a separate room, creating a comfortable environment.

Using a diode light

To prevent seedling from stretching, use blue and red diode tapes. The ratio of blue and red diodes for seedlings in the seedling stage should be and at the stage of active growth .


At the stage of active growth, green diodes can also be used. Their light is necessary for a good formation of the root system.

The use of artificial lighting to grow good seedlings is not enough. To grow it, you need sunlight. It provides plants with a whole spectrum of light waves.

To ensure that he gets on the seedlings during the day, make a greenhouse made of polycarbonate. If this is not possible, then in the room adapted for the greenhouse, there should be large windows.

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