How to make plumbing in the country with their own hands - from finding a source of moisture to its heating

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In urban areas, when convenience is at hand, people think little about their values. But getting to the countryside and facing the lack of water where it is vital, almost all summer residents decide to carry out the dacha water supply system. And if earlier it was enough to dig a well, then today a country house can become as comfortable as a city apartment. From now on, it is not necessary to carry water in buckets. To get water from any depth allows the pump, and the piping system will deliver the life-giving moisture into the house and the beds. It remains only to make plumbing in the country with their own hands.

The dacha water supply system

The dacha water supply system, which allows the dacha to enjoy all the benefits of modern civilization, consists of the following equipment:

  • pipeline with a set of fittings and taps;
  • pumping equipment;
  • equipment for pressure control in the system;
  • protected electrical system;
  • filters for cleaning incoming water from the source;
  • water heater.

Not only the wishes and needs of the owner of the site, but also the features of the relief, the existing or planned water source and many other factors affect the complexity of the water supply system in the country and the composition of its equipment.

Centralized water supply

If there is a centralized water supply network near the site with sufficient pressure, then arranging the water supply system at the dacha is not difficult. Summer resident will conduct external and internal routing of the pipeline and connect it to the highway. If the pressure is insufficient, you will need to purchase additional pumps or search for another source of water.

Mine well at the dacha

If the depth of water in the area does not exceed 10 meters, a well can be used as a source.

  • The advantages of the design are the simplicity and relative cheapness of the source, the ability to independently maintain it.
  • The lack of a well is limited water consumption.

Before leading the water supply system at the dacha from the well, it is necessary to find out exactly whether the amount of water given to them is enough.

If the volume is sufficient, then at a depth of up to 8 you can install a relatively cheap and maintenance-friendly surface pump.

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Source - water well

In areas where the groundwater is below 10 meters, the owner should better think about drilling a well. For the dacha water pipeline, the supply of which comes from the well, a submersible pump or a more powerful complex pumping station is purchased. And although this option turns out to be somewhat more expensive, the decision will pay for itself many times, and the well will smoothly supply the family for many years at any time of the year.

Depending on the depth of the source, water delivery is carried out using the following equipment:

  • Surface pump, used at a depth of less than 8 meters;
  • Submersible pump that supports pressure at a depth of 20 meters;
  • Modern pumping station.

Seasonal plumbing in the country with their own hands

It's easier to make a summer water supply, which can be used without extra effort and problems during the height of the garden season. This design can be collapsible or stationary.

In this case, the laying of pipes or hoses can be done in two ways:

  1. The water supply system runs along the soil surface. The undoubted advantage of such a solution can be considered quick installation and subsequent disassembly at the end of the season. Minus system - the risk of facing frequent breakdowns.
    When laying the pipeline, they take into account the possibility of obtaining water at all points of the site, without experiencing any problems with movement. The main purpose of such suburban water supply is to water the plants, so it is often made of watering hoses, connecting them together with steel or plastic adapters. At the end of the season, the water is drained, the water supply is dismantled, and the pump is removed.
  2. The pipes are laid in the ground at a shallow depth, only cranes are brought to the surface. This suburban water supply is more reliable, it does not interfere with the use of the suburban area, and if necessary it can be quickly repaired or dismantled. To the water supply in the country served for a long time, with the onset of cold weather from the pipes must be drained.
    For this purpose, during installation it is necessary to foresee a slight slope. A valve is provided at the lowest point so that the water does not break the pipeline when it freezes. For underground laying hoses are not used. Plastic pipes will be appropriate here. Trenches for summer water pipe depth may not exceed 1 meter.
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Features of arrangement of water supply at the cottage in the winter

Such water supply at the dacha has a capital, efficient throughout the year scheme and requires compulsory insulation from the source and almost to the boiler.

What is better to make plumbing?

Today there are two decent options:

  1. Polypropylene pipes. They are quite expensive, for their installation will require a special soldering iron. But in this case, you can save on fittings. The joints are reliable and will not fail in any operating conditions.
  2. Polyethylene pipes. With a lower cost of the material itself, you will have to spend money when buying accessories to assemble the system. Joints can leak when temperature drops.

Metal pipelines today are quite rare due to low corrosion resistance.

Video tips on the right choice of pipes:

In order to keep the water supply system at the country house in winter down due to freezing, it is insulated, for example, with the help of polyethylene foam.

If it is necessary to operate the water supply system in the country in winter, then it is necessary to insulate not only the pipeline, but also the water source.

The well is warmed for the winter and, if possible, is covered with snow. When installing a surface pump, it is necessary to equip a warmed pit for installing pumping equipment. For use in winter conditions, they insulate not only the water supply system, but also the sewage system where the drain is connected.

Scheme of suburban water supply system

It is better if the laying of the water supply system is taken into account already at the design stage. But if this does not happen, do not neglect all the necessary procedures. First, they carry out land surveys, mark the passage of future communications, clarify the need for water and carry out a drawing of the layout of pipes and mechanisms. Based on this, you can calculate the need for equipment and make its purchase. Preferred here is a durable plumbing of polypropylene pipes, which are simply attached to all surfaces and even without fear of stitching into the thickness of the walls.

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The dacha water pipeline scheme must necessarily take into account the necessary slope to the well or well.

In areas where the ground is substantially frozen through in winter, the pipeline is laid at least 20 cm below this level.

Assembling the suburban water supply system

First, they carry out all the earthworks, breaking through the trench from the source to the entry of the pipe into the house. The submersible pump is lowered into the well or well, surface or mounted in the immediate vicinity of the source in a warmed recess, or, like the pumping station, is mounted in a residential house or other heated space.

Then, if necessary, install pressure-tracking equipment in the system and a pump to the pipeline system. Then the highway along the trench is led to the house and to other points of analysis.

For powering pumping equipment and a battery, it is better to lay a secure cable. When installing both summer and winter dacha water mains, the safety of the electrical network is obligatory, therefore, you cannot do without sealed connectors and moisture-proof grounded outlets.

An emergency shut-off device is installed before entering the water pipe into the house. When the functioning of the dacha water pipeline is checked, the trenches are buried and transferred to the arrangement of the pipeline inside the house.

. Inside water supply system.

. In order to use the water supply system to be as comfortable as possible, we cannot do without providing hot water. This can be achieved with the help of electric or gas flow or accumulative type devices. In country conditions it is more reasonable to use an electric accumulative water heater, having previously calculated the need of the family and choosing the appropriate tank capacity.

Plumbing of polypropylene pipes, due to the high performance properties of this material, does not soon require repair. Pipes are easy to install, resistant to temperature extremes, and the joints do not lose tightness in frosty days.

If the installation of a boiler is planned in the suburban water supply system, it is more correct to start the installation with an expansion tank and water-heating equipment.

When organizing a country water supply, you must take care of clean and safe water. For this, a sample from a source must be submitted for analysis, the results of which establish a multi-stage filtration system.

How do water supply at the cottage( video)

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