Gas water heater repair their own hands

Repair of gas water heater Neva 3208 a typical problem, having mastered that, to cope with most other models. This is an old brand, which sold only basic functions, the individual - different look than in recent models. Described detail will give an idea about the work of the unit, and repair gas water heater with your hands will no longer seem a daunting task to readers.

Apparatus gas instantaneous water heaters

The global picture:

  1. Water is supplied through the check valve.
  2. Duplicate protection system:
    1. Flow sensor monitors the gas supply.
    2. The second stop is the presence of a pilot flame.
  3. Sometimes the added control of the exhaust of the combustion products as an added safety factor.
  4. Water passes through the coil, the heated gas jet.

The design of the ignition varies from model to model. The following describes the composition of Russian gas columns Neva.

Water Gas instantaneous water heater unit

Matured independent repair a gas water heater. Let's start with the entrance (riser), here stands a water knot. The unit resembles an expansion tank to protect the equipment from water hammer, the membrane had a small hole. Tell us how it works. Water valve is needed to the gas heater and worked exceptionally warmed water, when the faucet is turned on. The resultant flux due to the Bernoulli effect (in other models are impeller) presses the membrane which rests against the rod plate, driving the valve in the gas node. As a result, blue fuel rushes to the main burner, the pilot flame is ignited, the tap hot water flows.

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Gas water heater repair their own hands

Water valve resembles a tablet (or frisbee), which are on opposite sides of the inlet and outlet port. Between the two halves of the brass, connected by eight bolts, laid silicone membrane. Fasteners permeates through the gasket inside it overlaps the entire space. On top of the diaphragm plate of the stem. It looks like a mushroom with a thin, straight leg, upended. The rod sticks out of the upper opening and the tablet comes into the gas node.

In the water site will notice a trick: the water is and under, and over the membrane. This is achieved by opening the keeper outlet located on, under which the water flows upward circle with eight mounting bolts. Until the liquid is at rest, below the upper pressure balanced. Only opens faucet, a stream, Bernoulli effect draws the water located above the membrane. Vacuum formed, the plate pushes the stock up. Crane overlap disappears Bernoulli effect, the upper chamber is filled with water, with a plate of the rod moves downward, the gas is extinguished except for the ignition burner.

Setting the water heater

In the water it is important to lubricate the piston rod assembly and change the gasket on time. Then the salt deposits will not increase the friction force so that the work of the water valve broken. In the latter case, the heater is not able to turn on when the water supply is not turned off or when the valve is closed. If every six months to carry out service and repair gas water heater does not need his hands.

Solenoid valve gas instantaneous water heater

Water valve regulates the flow of gas from the gas to the pilot burner assembly. There is a field of view device, blocking the supply of gas in a global sense. This solenoid valve, after standing water unit to the gas inlet unit. Inside there is a stem, shall be regulated in two ways:

  1. Mechanically pressing a button on the casing of the gas instantaneous water heater.
  2. Arising during heating of the thermocouple EMF entering the valve spool.

When we expose the ignition knob to the desired position, and then we press the button, the holding solenoid valve pressed. Then pressed pezorozzhigom. Then, wait 10 seconds until the pilot burner flame Haskalah thermocouple, then remove your hands. The solenoid valve is held in open condition due to EMF occurred while burning pilot burner flame.

Gas water heater repair

Often, the gas is not supplied to either pilot burner is extinguished. There are at least two options:

  1. Clogged Nozzle pilot burner.
  2. Not working solenoid valve.

The first is easy to check, in the second case may be faulty thermocouple. The training video is recommended to get a new one, but where? Just take a thermocouple and a tester, begin to heat and measure EMF. Anticipated millivolts, the scale of the most sensitive place. As the heating value of the electromotive force increases. It already indicates that the thermocouple is not dead. Take a solenoid valve, pressing the stem, warm 15 seconds. If after releasing the stem back to a place, most likely catch is found, repair the flow of gas water heaters solved the problem of breakage detection.

The solenoid valve is not recommended to disassemble or repair. The unit is just changing. This is the main fuse, without which it is easily poisoned by carbon monoxide and explode.

Gas instantaneous water heater unit

Gas hub is a place where intersect other adjustments and assemblies.

  • This includes the water bottom rod assembly, which regulates the gas off in the absence of water consumption.
  • This includes the flow of gas from the electromagnetic valve.
  • There is located a rotary handle stem power control and ignition.
  • From this comes a tube that goes to the pilot burner.
  • From this comes a tube that goes to the main burner.

We describe how to interact listed disparate parts. Features of gas water heaters in a large number of protection stages. In 3208 Neva three positions:

  1. Protection against switching the main burner in the absence of water flow already discussed.
  2. There is protection against reverse thrust. Implemented tube, picks up the products of combustion out of the chimney and is delivered to the pilot burner. Due to the thrust exerted by the reactive gas jet from the nozzle, the carbon dioxide is supplied to the mixer, fuel combustion breaks down. The thermocouple cools, the solenoid valve closes. gas water heater
  3. A third protection is hidden inside the electromagnetic valve. It differs from the previous flameout due to other reasons besides the reverse thrust.

This lean, minimum stock levels of protection. In the gas node principal parts are a water valve (driven by a rod assembly of water) and a rotary power regulator. Last in the ignition position admits gas exclusively to the pilot burner. It should be slightly crank shaft as natural gas passes through the side hole of the hollow rotary shaft and inside rushes upwards, wherein the jet path blocking plate the water valve. It should open the faucet in the bathroom, as the main burner will start to blaze.

The rod is a matter of special concern. If poorly lubricated, crooked or gasket installed poison gas, possible unpleasant effects. Inspect equipment for leaks before dismantling and after assembly (lather and shaving brush to help the novice master). The controller breaks down often. With significant leakage of gas in the air perceptible characteristic odor of odorant. Without it, methane, ethane, propane and butane are deprived discernible human sense of smell fragrances. The threshold concentration of the nose receptors is much lower level of explosive mixtures.

cleaning the coil

Inside the cavity a copper salt deposited coating hardness. Remove the serpentine fill acid (citric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid), leave overnight. If desired preheat do in the garage, in the presence of digestible ventilation. Vapors hazardous to the respiratory tract.

Ignition burner gas instantaneous water heater

Ignition burner nozzle is, a push air through the mixer to the spark plug and thermocouple. Both of these parts look like, standing on the sides of the frame:

  • Thermocouple Right;
  • candle left.

Between them, in fact, the burner (horn). The second input of the mixer are fed the waste gases in the presence of reverse thrust. Beginners surprising lack of control valves: gas goes into the chimney, and is sent to the burner. The reason - the nozzle narrow opening. The gas jet emitted by reactive direct outward, avoiding side draw products of combustion.

The narrow opening of the nozzle is a weak point of the pilot burner. If there is no plug at the beginning of the flame is unstable, one of the reasons - the slaughter. Turn off the gas supply, check item, clean if necessary.

When the repair is carried out, the gas water heater Ariston appears similar. You will find that the majority of devices are similar. The difference in the methods of protection. Thank the Academy of St. Petersburg Thermal Engineering for helpful videos!

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