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There are many crops that can not be grown just by sowing in the spring in the garden - they have a very long growing season. Therefore, even in winter they sow their seeds at home in order to have seedlings by spring. To a person who knows nothing about the intricacies of this business, it may seem that everything is very simple. In fact, you need to know some subtleties, make a lot of work and spend a lot of time.

The advantages of growing seedlings

The main advantage - the ability to get the crop much earlier than when sown in the garden. But there are other positives:

  • plants, planted in the form of seedlings, are more resistant to adverse weather conditions, therefore they are less likely to get sick;
  • in the garden centers are not available seedlings of all plants( rare varieties almost never occur);
  • if the seedlings are needed for a large plot, its purchase is very expensive;
  • if the seller of seedlings is unknown, then the probability of plant substitution increases;
  • if done correctly, the plants will be much stronger than those acquired in the garden center.

Before growing seedlings in an apartment or house, it is necessary to take into account the difficulties that await during this difficult process:

  • is a short day in winter, therefore, seedlings will require additional lighting, especially in a city apartment;
  • for each type of plant requires a certain level of temperature and humidity;
  • for growing a large number of plants and the area required is not small;The
  • process is labor intensive.
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But it is still worthwhile to grow seedlings. After all, one plant in the garden center can cost about as much as several before planting. Using a variety of available capacity, you can save a lot.

What seedlings are planted in January?

In January they begin to sow strawberries, strawberries, bitter peppers. But all these plants require constant illumination. If it is impossible to provide it, then it is better to postpone planting. We read: how to make a LED lamp for seedlings with your own hands.

Strawberries grow for a long time - up to 40 days, and all this time the soil should be sufficiently moist. The soil should consist of three parts of sand, one part of garden land and one part of humus. As containers, you can use containers in which salads are placed in supermarkets. To speed up the germination of seeds, 1-2 cm of snow should be poured onto the ground, the seeds should be laid on it and the containers should be placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The snow will melt, pulling the seeds into the ground. After three days, the containers need to be shifted to a well-lit, warm place. Dive strawberries can be after the appearance of three, four pairs of leaves.

Seedlings in January - this is also strawberries. It is best to choose a proven variety and more seeds. The soil should not be too fertile - enough sand, which added a little bit of humus. No mineral fertilizers are required.

Before sowing, the seeds need to be wetted for a day in water, then dried and sown in the grooves to a depth of approximately 5 mmCapacity with seeds is best covered with a film. Water the soil should be so that the soil is not loosened. Strawberries sown in January will bear fruit at the very beginning of summer.

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Bitter peppers for seedlings need to be sown at the beginning of January in boxes with drainage holes. The soil should consist of three parts of humus, one part of sand and a little ash. Before sowing the soil mixture must be heated. Seeds are laid out in the grooves to a depth of 1 cm. The upper part of the soil after sowing should be slightly compacted. Shoots can dive after they will be two true leaves. For irrigation, it is recommended to use water with the addition of potassium permanganate with a temperature of 26-28 ° C.

Seedlings of flowers in January

In January, flowers are also sown, the flowering of which begins 5 to 6.5 months after the time of sowing: Shabo carnation, begonia, balsamines, lobelia, petunia.

Seeds of carnations Shabo sown to a depth of 3 mm, with the appearance of shoots, the capacity must be moved to a bright place. The temperature in the room should be in the range of 12-15 ° C.These plants dive after the appearance of four, five pairs of leaves. In the spring, at a positive temperature at night, the seedlings can be moved to the film greenhouse.

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The seeds of begonias and balsam are very small, so you don’t need to embed them in the ground - they do not germinate without light. Soil is made from two parts of humus, one part of peat and one part of sand, adding a little ash. Containers with sown seeds should be covered with glass, put on a well-lit place and daily spray the ground with warm water. After the emergence of seedlings, the glass should be raised, after a few days - removed. Begonias and balsams dive after 3-4 leafs have grown. In early May, seedlings can be carried out to fresh air.

Summer flowers for balconies and terraces( lobelia and petunias) are also sown in January. Since the seeds are very small, they do not need to be sprinkled with earth, it is enough to pour them into the intended grooves and spray them with a spray bottle. Lobelia before seed germination should be kept in a dark place, petunia - in a light place, covered with glass. After emergence, seedlings should be sprayed daily with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. With the growth of seedlings 2-3 cm they dive. In early May, lobelia and petunias can be moved from a room to a terrace or balcony.

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