Acquaintance with cherry plum Gold Scythians by description and photo

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Cherry plum Gold of the Scythians is a universal variety. The fruits have a rich taste and unusual bright color. They are used fresh, and also used for preservation, making jams and desserts. Planting seedlings and caring for them do not cause difficulties for experienced gardeners, but there are subtleties of maintenance that will help grow healthy trees and get a good harvest.

Features of the grade

Before proceeding with the cultivation of the garden, you should familiarize yourself with the description of the cherry plum variety Zlato Scythian. The height of the tree is from 2.5 to 3 m, but its branches are wide and occupy a large amount of space. Blooms profuse, flowers are medium in size and white in color. The variety is considered very early: plum starts to bear fruit in June.

The berries are oval-rounded, reaching a weight of 35 g each. The skin is dense, which allows to transport the crop over long distances, and on its surface there is a slight wax coating. The flesh is yellow, juicy. The taste of cherry plum. The gold of the Scythians is sweet-sour, the smell is pronounced fruity. When tasting the berries got the maximum score - 5 points. The stone is separated from the berries badly even in ripe fruits.

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How to choose a material for planting?

For the cultivation of cherry plum Gold Scythians use seedlings that can be purchased in specialized stores or farms. In order to grow a large healthy tree, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for choosing planting material:

  1. The bark should not be visible cracks or dry areas.
  2. Crohn without broken or dried branches.
  3. Roots at least 10 cm in length. If the root system is open, there should not be separate dry roots. If closed - the root must be strong.
  4. Pay attention to the soil in which the seedlings are placed. It should not be mold or lumps.

It is necessary to choose seedlings only near the site of planting. Material grown in regions with a different climate is not likely to take root.

The rules of planting and care

Planting cherry plum Golds of Scythians and garden care is not a problem. When choosing a site for saplings it is worth staying at a well-lit and windless place. Trees grow well on all types of soil, but loamy soil is considered optimal.

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For planting a seedling you will need a hole 70 cm deep. It should be borne in mind that in an adult plant there is a wide crown, therefore, the holes are dug at a considerable distance from each other( 2.5 - 3 m).So that the seedling has taken root, nutrients( compost, phosphate and potassium additives) and acidity regulators( chalk or ash) are added to the soil.

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The variety is self-productive, therefore it is necessary to carry out artificial pollination to get a crop. To do this, you can buy garden mixes for pollination or plant a tree on a plot with other varieties. The most common pollinators of Cherry plum are Scythian gold:

  • , Ruby variety - resistant to drought;
  • Podarok Saint-Petersburg is known for its high yield;
  • plum Pavlovskaya yellow brings large juicy fruits.

Trees need additional watering only in drought conditions. The main procedures are carried out after flowering, during the growth of shoots and when the fruit ripens( when they begin to acquire a yellow color).One adult plant takes up to 50-60 liters of water at room temperature.

Pruning of shoots can be done in the fall or early spring, before the appearance of buds. This will require garden shears, pruner and stepladder. Sections should be processed with pre-prepared garden pitch or special liquid.

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