Why not turn off the fridge: causes, diagnosis and repair

Refrigerator - equipment familiar, but rather complex and from damage not insured. Some problems are not immediately noticeable. For example, there are times when it is not turned off the refrigerator.

The device produces the required amount of cold, the products do not deteriorate, but the motor runs continuously. You can not leave a situation without attention, it can quickly deteriorate.

The content of the article:

  • Reasons for continuous operation of the refrigerator
  • Ways to improve the situation autographic
    • Solving the problem by repositioning
    • Search violations in isolation
    • Determination of technical malfunctions
  • Recommendations for effective prevention
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Reasons for continuous operation of the refrigerator

Operating conditions are unsatisfactory or incorrect settings often lead to the fact that the motor runs continuously.

Here are some common mistakes:

  • the device is installed so that its rear grill arranged for the wall or substantially close thereto;
  • refrigerator is too close to the working radiator or other heating appliance;
  • in the room where the device is too hot, do not comply with the requirements of operating conditions;
  • included built-in super-freeze, which must be switched off manually or, for whatever reason, does not turn off automatically;
  • the thermostat is set at the minimum position and ambient air is too warm.

All of these situations involve a violation of the heat transfer mode.

Policy for refrigeration equipment

Between the walls of the refrigerator body and must remain ventilation gap. Do not install the refrigeration equipment with the machine, generates heat, the distance to the radiator should be at least two feet

Located next to the battery device does not produce cold. The principle of its operation is based on the fact to permanently take away the heat energy inside the refrigerator and transfer it to the surrounding air.

If the air is too hot, the heat will not absorbed. The compressor will continue to run, unsuccessfully trying to reach the temperature set on the thermostat.

The greater the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator, the more heat energy to move, and the more complex equipment to achieve the desired performance. For example, heat transfer must be carried out very rapidly in the super-freeze mode.

If the heat does not have time to leave the refrigerator temperature sensors will not fix cold predetermined level program, the compressor disable command is not received, the equipment continues.

The compressor motor is working continuously

If the compressor motor runs continuously, you need to look for the causes of violations of the heat transfer between the chamber of the refrigerator and its surroundings

There are other possible causes of breakage of this kind, associated to the wear part of the appliance. For example, if damaged the integrity of the rubber gaskets on the refrigerator door, it would violate the integrity of the internal space. It turns out that selects refrigeration heat energy from the chamber, but heat seeping into the gap through inconspicuous.

refrigerator repair

To properly perform some surgery to repair, for example, refrigerant charge, it is necessary to use devices for the diagnosis and professional equipment

Although there is air inside the cold, receives information from the sensors that the temperature is not cold enough. The compressor continues to operate without interruption.

Next reason the refrigerator can function in a similar way - Faulty thermostat which sends incorrect information management center. Finally, the compressor itself can wear to work and with insufficient capacity, failing to provide a sufficient temperature reduction.

Another reason why the appliance is not turned off, it is leaking freon. The refrigerant in the system performs the role of "carrier" of thermal energy. It absorbs heat particles scattered inside the refrigerating compartment, and then moves it outward. If an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system, the cooling rate is slow, resulting in the refrigerator will run continuously.

refrigerator compressor

Compressor - basic element required for normal operation of the refrigerator. With strong wear it works not as active, the device needs to be replaced

It is not necessary to wait for the time when the sound of the engine will become permanent. If the breaks between the opening and closing of the compressor significantly reduced, and the periods of work have increased, most likely, it's time to think about how to identify the problem and its solutions.

Owning modern refrigerators somewhat easier to deal with the problem definition, if the unit is integrated self-test function. About breakages may report marked codes that are displayed on the control panel.

Diagnosis of failure of the refrigerator

For a detailed breakdown diagnostics refrigerator will have to turn to an experienced master, who has the equipment necessary to carry out such a survey

To decrypt the message, you need to use the operating instructions which contain detailed information. But do not blindly trust this information, sometimes to accurately detect not only the problem but also the cause, it is necessary to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the state of the device.

refrigerator control panel

On the control panel of some modern refrigerators reflects not only the current state of its information, but also potential damage codes

Typically, the compressor duty cycle lasts for 10-30 minutes and then switches off at approximately the same time. If the room where there is a refrigerator, at a time significantly increased the temperature of the work cycle may be slightly longer. But if the compressor continues to operate in the abnormal mode, and after lowering the external temperature, it is time to do diagnosis device status.

Ways to improve the situation autographic

First, let's meet again with recommendations for using the appliance and check that the real situation is what is written in the instructions.

Solving the problem by repositioning

If located between the rear grille of the refrigerator and the wall there is no gap or it is too small, just enough to move the unit.

thermostat settings

If the appliance is not turned off, you need to check the settings of the thermostat. Too low a temperature during hot weather outside can cause excessive load on the compressor

Similarly, you need to do if the refrigerator is too close to a heat source. It will likely have to make a small adjustment, to put the device in a suitable location. Then you need to check the temperature setting, measure the overall air temperature in the room, and correct the situation.

If after these simple manipulations refrigerator became properly shut down, it is necessary to watch him work. compressor run periods should not be too long.

Search violations in isolation

When the operating environment is all right, or if the situation is corrected, and the engine continues to operate without interruption, it is time to look for other options.

Wear gasket

Wear of the gasket on the refrigerator door or deformation can lead to seal failure and impaired heat transfer in the device

First you need to inspect the rubber seal around the perimeter of the door of the refrigerator. From the time the material can deform and begin to pass air. If the gasket appears to be quite new and flexible, you can look at her injuries. Small hole causes a lot of problems.

Replace the gasket is easy. To do this, you need to purchase a new item, remove the old rubber, peel and stick the base gasket intact, using a special glue or epoxy. Of course, during the operation of the refrigerator must be disconnected from the power supply.

Another reason depressurization chamber refrigerator - incorrect installation of the refrigerator door. This is due to the inept actions of the master or, more rarely, by the use of defective items. If the seal is in order, you need to inspect the door and the place of attachment. Identify and eliminate weaknesses will help the master.

Compressor starting relay

Compressor can work non-stop due to the fact that the contacts of the starting relay as if a strong liking to the junction, the open circuit becomes impossible

Determination of technical malfunctions

Problems often arise due to the start-up of the compressor relay. This element enables or disables the engine to start the process of refrigerant and cooling air. Over time, the movable contacts of the device are welded, "sticky" and no longer be opened. As a result, the compressor remains energized and continues to operate continuously regardless of the temperature sensor readings.

To detect the presence of such a failure, you must use an ohmmeter. Installing a new switch - a complex operation, newcomers better to entrust such a repair specialist, so as not to spoil the compressor completely. Freon leak diagnosis in the home is not easy. The refrigerant has no smell, no color, it simply evaporates into the environment without causing harm.

freon leak

The use of soap solution allows to precisely identify locations of the refrigerant circuit damage. To do this, the air must be pumped into the system under pressure

In this clip shown check for leakage of freon and diagnosis of the state of the capillary tube in the example BOSCH refrigerator:

Refill freon also best left to the master, which has equipment suitable for carrying out this type of work. Leak was determined by visual inspection circuit. But the damage can be so discreet that their identification is necessary to open the refrigerant circuit and drain the remaining amount of Freon. Then air is pumped into the tube under pressure.

It should be small, so as not to aggravate existing injuries, but sufficient for a successful diagnosis. On the surface of the tubes is applied soap solution which will bubble in places where leakproof.

The air is vented, sealed cracks, then produce a refrigerant fill in. In some complex cases where on-site seal the leak is not possible, take the refrigerator repair service center.

Additional refrigerant charge

If the refrigerator is running without interruption due to a leak of Freon, the refrigerant for charging a new portion of the system will have to unsolder a tube

Thermostats refrigerator may have very different design depending on the model of the refrigerator. If your device has left the rod, simply adjust its position so that the unit will operate normally.

But it also happens that during defrost regulator inside the water gets. This leads to the closure of the electrical system, it is necessary to completely replace the thermostat. To carry out such works better to invite a wizard that can find the right item for replacement.

Replacing the thermostat

If the thermostat was broken and could not fix it in the refrigerator, it is necessary to install a new element. The easiest way to insert the place of fallen stock

Fault Management module can also be diagnosed only by using the master test equipment. Minor problems experienced refrigeration can eliminate immediately.

But if failure complicated to fix the problem which might need to carry out works are not at home, and in the service center. For example, for flashing an electronic control card is removed, repaired in SC, and then put into place.

Sometimes the cause of the continuous operation of the unit can be a difficult blockage of the capillary tube. Typically, to correct this situation, simply defrost the refrigerator correctly.

If, however, this measure did not produce results, the master will have to perform significant disassembling mechanisms. Often it is more convenient to do it in the service center, the more so that the procedure can be associated with significant moisture secretions and technical dirt.

replacement compressor

Compressor Replacement - this is a complex operation, which is better to entrust an experienced master repair of refrigeration equipment, inept handling can ruin an expensive new unit

It also happens, that it is necessary to completely replace the worn engine or compressor to restore normal operation of the refrigerator. This is a complex operation that perform satisfactorily amateur masters can be extremely rare, it is better to call a professional.

Depending on the model of the refrigerator such replacement is performed on the spot or in a service center.

Recommendations for effective prevention

In many cases, problems can be avoided if the use of the refrigerator correctly. Council to read the instructions before using it seems trite and obvious, but not always respected.

Here are some guidelines to help protect the refrigerator from possible damage:

  1. It is necessary to choose the right location for the right at the beginning and sometimes to check the situation on the line instructions, especially if the room rearrangement of the furniture was made, new heating devices, etc.
  2. The refrigerator should not be there, where he was heavily affected by the sun's rays, even if it does not happen all year round, but only in certain months.
  3. You should always check how tight the door seal to the body of the refrigerator, there are no dirt on it, there are other factors that may not appear to cause it damage or strain.
  4. You do not need to lean on the door or have it impact other way so as not to compromise the integrity of attachments or prevent damage to the gasket.
  5. It is not necessary to store in the refrigerator for too many products, because this can lead to a disruption of air.
  6. Do not install on top of your device any heavy objects or appliances.

Defrost rules also described in detail in the instructions. even models such as "No Frost" need in the event. If the instructions are not specified otherwise, defrosting should be carried out at least once every six months. During the summer, you may need additional treatments.

defrosting the refrigerator

After defrosting the refrigerator need to be disinfected with a solution of soda or alcohol, and then carefully wipe dry to prevent possible damage in the future

After all the ice has melted, should be thoroughly cleaned all the surfaces to be dry. Do not interfere before it perform disinfection. For this purpose, the chamber wall and a door wipe soda or alcohol solution. Before you leave also need to defrost the refrigerator and use it properly to preserve in his absence. Door disconnected appliance should be left open.

Some simply slips between the body and the door any object to create a gap, but it is the wrong strategy. So you can seriously damage the seal, which then have to be completely replaced. To prevent off-flavors in the fridge, you can keep in odor absorber or an open container of baking soda.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

About that, the compressor is switched off for any reason, and diagnostic methods explained in detail here:

Can not ignore the situation, when the refrigerator is no longer off. As soon become visible too small breaks in the operation of the compressor, immediately to look for problems and try to eliminate them or call the master.

Subject to operating conditions, the probability of such damage will be minimal.

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