Types of heat guns: the classification of the emission and energy products

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Heat gun - an indispensable tool of private homeowners, as well as a tool for solving many construction and repair and production tasks. The unit in minutes raises the temperature and promotes the reduction of moisture.

To cope with the heat source and the task does not cause trouble, you need to understand what kinds of heat guns is advisable to apply in different situations. The main selection criteria - a method of heating and heat transfer.

We offer to find out how to construct and operate different types of heaters, what are their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the operation of a heat gun to help determine the model and not to be disappointed in buying. To facilitate the task of choosing, we have prepared a review of the best heat generators from reliable manufacturers.

The content of the article:

  • The basic design and function
  • Classification of units for the type of energy source
    • Electric gun - versatility
    • Gas versions - high performance
    • Diesel gun direct and indirect heating
    • Multifuel gun - Disposal of waste oil
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  • Features of infrared "heaters"
  • Water equipment - safety of operation
  • Perhaps the best assessment of heat generators
    • Elektropushki leading manufacturers
    • Gas models of various capacities
    • Diesel production purposes guns
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The basic design and function

Teplopushki - mobile air heater for rooms for different purposes. The unit is advantageously used for two purposes. The first problem - the organization of local heating of the exhibition halls, shopping areas, warehouses, garages, and pavilions.

The second purpose - rapid drying of the individual elements in manufacturing operations, such as fastening French ceilings or interior finish execution in winter.

heat guns

Heater has a simple device. The basic structural parts of the device: a fan, a heating element, the thermostat to operate in stand-alone mode, and the temperature for preventing overheating of a gun

All components are assembled into a solid metal body, equipped with bars for intake of cold air and hot ejection. In the heat generating portion is used as heater, an outdoor coil or the fuel tank to the heat exchanger.

The principle of operation of heater:

  1. "Cannon" captures the air flow and passes them through the heater.
  2. Hot mass ejected through a nozzle, being distributed throughout the room.

The work mechanism is similar to the ordinary fan. The only difference - the parallel connection of the heating elements, warm supply air.

Classification of units for the type of energy source

As with any appliance, heat guns have a number of criteria for the differentiation of the range of goods. On the scope of distinguished domestic and industrial heaters.

Hallmark - power and the boundary temperature heating heat generating portion. It is clear that these parameters in industrial models exceed household guns indicators.

A more extensive is the classification of the type of energy source. That energy source largely determines the structural and functional features of the unit, as well as the specifics of its application.

Electric gun - versatility

Electric heat fans group is allowed for use in residential, commercial, office buildings as an additional heating source. Electrics are often indispensable in carrying out repair and finishing works to quickly lower the humidity.

heat gun apparatus

two kinds of electric heaters used in guns: helix of refractory metal, and heating elements (sealed tube filled with quartz sand) (+)

Heating elements characterized by the degree of efficiency and safety:

  1. Spiral. Quickly heats up and retains a well-set temperature. Disadvantage - a fire hazard.
  2. TEN. Tubes less accumulate dust and burn compared to the open helix. However PETN more inertial - heated slowly and gives a reduced temperature at the outlet. Significant advantages: safety and durability.

Electric "termopushki" feature thermolimiter - element prevents overheating unit and saves power. When the temperature set by the user disables the heater thermostat.

Depending on the power appliance is connected to a two- or three-phase network. When selecting the heat source is necessary to consider the possibility of wiring.

Electric heat gun

Power range of electric heaters varies within 1,5-50 kW. Work units up to 5 kW is permissible household power

The optimum operating conditions electric models: Temperature from -10 ° C to + 35 ° C, humidity - 70%.

Among the main advantages of "elektropushek" include:

  • environmental friendliness - during the operation in the atmosphere does not emit harmful waste;
  • compactness and mobility - weight consumer model of the order of 4-8 kg, small size allow you to use the fan heater in small rooms;
  • continuity of the - no need for refueling unit;
  • versatility application.

Despite the rugged design and the presence of grids, the working parts of the device are poorly protected against dirt and moisture. A further disadvantage - excessive energy consumption for heating unheated buildings.

Gas versions - high performance

Gas Teplopushki with high productivity at moderate operating costs. Embodiments of fuel consumed: balloon liquefied gas (butane / propane) or Natural from the central line.

The apparatus gas cannons

The apparatus gas cannons: 1 - fan blade, 2 - burner 3 - combustion vessel 4 - button start and operation indicator 5 - non-return valve, 6 - pipeline -ventil 7, 8 - reducer, 9 - electric motor (+)

In order to avoid excessive evaporation of gas and possible explosion between the burner and the gas bottle reducer provided. Its purpose: providing a transformation of liquefied fuel into a gaseous state and control the supply of gas fuel to the burner nozzle.

The work requires a heat source of electricity for the fan power. Power device determines the volume of pumped air. Figure is 30-200 watts.

Gas unit operates on a similar principle with similar products:

  1. After reducer supplied gas.
  2. Passing through the holes in the burner, gaseous fuel enters the combustion chamber - is triggered manual or automatic pezopodzhigom.
  3. In combustion gas gives up heat to the heat exchanger.
  4. Blowing fan airflow pass heat exchanger and along the hot walls.

Gas modifications are divided into two groups: stationary and mobile. The first connected to a common gas line, second - working from the cylinder.

Scope heat gun

Stationary guns more powerful mobile counterparts. They can be floor, wall or mounted. The latter option is often used to heat greenhouses. Mobile devices are easy to transport and carry - guns are equipped with wheels and handle

Advantages of gas heaters:

  • high efficiency - no waste combustion gas;
  • efficient heating spacious rooms - performance guns to 250-300 sq.m .;
  • possibility of working under high humidity - the elements of the mechanism are protected from corrosion resistant metal housing;
  • minor release of waste in the combustion process - the application is allowed in public places provided good ventilation;
  • fuel availability - natural gas purchase cost is relatively inexpensive.

Despite the presence of thermal protection and integrated fire control system, gas termopushki are classified as potentially dangerous machines. In addition, during operation of heater burns oxygen. These reasons explain the limited use of gas appliances in residential premises.

Gas guns popular in the agricultural sector, on construction sites and in manufacturing semi-open areas, open type.

Diesel gun direct and indirect heating

Scope of diesel thermal generators similar to the destination area gas modifications. However, the gun on diesel fuel not suitable for heating residential premises. Restrictions are due to over-capacity and the necessary facilities for the chimney.

diesel gun

functioning principle is based on the receipt of the heated airflow thanks to the combustion of diesel fuel. Teplopushki of this type are divided into two groups: direct and indirect action

Direct heating. Simple assembly with an open combustion chamber. Center heat source - the pump with a nozzle, the combustion supporting flame. Behind him is a powerful fan.

Heated air crosses the combustion chamber and is fed into the atmosphere. Together with it the remnants of diesel fuel combustion products enter the room. Be near such a unit is tantamount to stand in an exhaust pipe of the car. Even with the presence of active ventilation is the smell of burning, causing dizziness and intoxication.

indirect heating. The design includes a pipe for discharging combustion products. The nozzle is placed in a closed "combustion chamber" to the chimney.

In indirect heating Teplopushki pumped air masses do not intersect with a burning torch - flame blows the combustion chamber. In turn, the soot and fumes are ejected through the chimney bypassing the premises.

Guns of direct and indirect heating

Fig. 1 - indirect heating gun, Fig. 2 - direct heating of the generator. Apparatus diesel guns: 1 - combustion chamber closed / open type, 2 - chimney, 3, 4 - and a burner nozzle, 5 - electric valve, 6 - a fuel actuator 7 - Fan 8 - motor 9 - fuel supply pump, 10 - an arm for winding the cord, 11 - tank for a diesel engine, 12 - working Panel (+)

Manufacturers of liquid fuel guns for refueling recommend the use of diesel fuel and kerosene. To avoid damage and hazardous situations forbidden to use petrol, naphtha, alcohol and other flammable substances.

Strengths diesel teplopushek:

  • high efficiency - efficiency up to 100%;
  • economy - low energy consumption;
  • density - small size of installation and ease of use;
  • moderate fuel consumption - Model 10 kW per hour burns 1 liter of diesel;
  • uptime - about 10-12 hours;
  • a wide range of units different capacity - from compact plants to 10-30 kW to highly teplopushek 200 kW;
  • heating speed - gun quickly heats the room.

As with any type of heat guns, diesel Teplopushki not without drawbacks.

The main disadvantages:

  • volatility;
  • noisy work;
  • emission of toxic substances, dangerous for human;
  • spread the smell of diesel fuel.

Diesel units are more expensive electricity and gas counterparts.

Multifuel gun - Disposal of waste oil

Structurally similar combination units with diesel guns. But multifuel device capable of operating at different refueling material: diesel, kerosene, LPG / Natural Gas, working off (engine, hydraulic oil).

A variety of "absorption" of fuel makes the gun very popular combo for heating service stations, garage cooperatives, service station. Simultaneously solve two problems: utilization processing and heating of premises.

Multifuel units are direct and indirect action, with the same technical and operational nuances, as well as diesel-powered counterparts.

Multifuel heat gun

Apparatus combination Teplopushki indirect heating on an example Master WA33: 1 - fitted burner 2 - tank fuel supply, 3 - lattice 4 - manual ignition system 5 - power regulation, 6 - tank daily stock working out

Termopushki switching from one fuel to the other is carried out manually - equipment equipped Multiburner different characteristics.

Features of the heat sources in the return pipe:

  • combustion of the oil vapor is accompanied by heat to form slag and soot;
  • guns have considerable dimensions and installation imply a stationary floor;
  • Operation is possible with a gun arrangement of the vent system for removing carbon dioxide.

Efficiency level reaches 98-100%, without refueling period of - 15-24 hrs.

stationary Teplopushki

Despite the fixed installation, the direction of the hot air jets can be adjusted to provide heating all parts of the room from a remote location

Features of infrared "heaters"

IR gun differ from the principle of the precursors. Generated heat comes to the surrounding objects are not directed airflow through, and by radiation. For work or equipment is connected to a circuit or to the gas cylinder.

Infrared heat gun

Heat rays are distributed in a straight plane, is not absorbed by air masses. Heated objects gradually give heat the air and people - Spot heating reduces the cost of electricity and fuels (+)

The design is not a fan of heat transfer occurs through the radiator - flamentinu. Heating element - helix alloy of different metals encased in a tube made of quartz glass. When heated tubular heating elements generate infrared radiation.

During the heating element is a reflector - specular reflector focuses the infrared rays in the desired direction and prevents heating of the internal mechanisms and gun body.

Heated IR radiation

Due to the ability of radiation to heat the surface in the target area, IR gun is used to effective drying of painted objects, plastered walls, rapid defrosting and heating items workplace

The pros and cons of the device is largely dependent upon the type of heat generator - electric heating element or oil burner. Each model is characterized by the distinctive features of an electric or diesel gun respectively.

Compared with the "fan-" models of infrared heaters do not cause drafts and run very quietly. Disadvantage - the low rate of heating the entire room.

Water equipment - safety of operation

In the water heater unit heater role assigned to the heat exchanger with preheated liquid. gun shell is made of stainless steel and coated with a polymeric layer. This "sandwich" provides degree of protection housing - IP44.

Apparatus water heat gun

Constituent water cannon: not folding heater assembly (heat exchanger made of copper tubes and aluminum fins), fan, metal case, and drain pipes (+)

"Hydrocannon" is connected to a heating or hot water pipes. The model resembles a traditional water heating radiator, the only difference - the presence of the fan.

Driving of the device is quite simple:

  1. Cold air is captured through the rear grille.
  2. In the heat exchanger the air masses are heated and through front grid are fed back into the room.

To adjust the fan speed and the heating intensity on the Supply line mounted a three- or two-way valves. Heat transfer device depends on the number of edges on the outer grating - the more, the better heat transfer.

The principle of a heat gun action

Recommended operating conditions: the boundary temperature - not lower than -10 ° C, relative humidity - 80%, the degree of dustiness room - not more than 10 mg / m

The main advantages of hydro-gun: environmental friendliness, safety, efficiency of energy consumption. Disadvantage - the duration of the heating room. Water unit is advantageously used as an additional means of heating in the residential, office buildings, as well as greenhouses and greenhouses.

Perhaps the best assessment of heat generators

teplopushek market is stable. The leaders of the segment of electrical modifications are products companies Ballu, Sturm, quattro Elementi, Novel. Among the diesel and gas guns are proven brands Master, Elitech and Prorab.

When buying special emphasis should be given to power, the degree of security, the conditions of use and cost of the unit.

Elektropushki leading manufacturers

In the ranking of the best electric heaters represented Ballu BKX5, QE-2000C from Quattro Elementi and KEV-24 from the domestic brand Novel.

Ballu BKX5. The device is equipped with a metal ceramic heating element, an impact-resistant steel casing and pylevlagozaschischennym switch to select the mode.

Characteristics Ballu BKX5

Voltage - 220 V, power - 3 kW max. Current - 13.6 A, the air flow rate - 250 cu. m / h. Additional features: estimated area - 35 square meters, the range of work the thermostat 0... + 40 ° C, a three-tier security system, provided the thermostat and ventilation without heating

Disadvantages: short cord, intrusive noise, unpleasant smell when you first start. Price BKX5 - 50-60 USD

QE-2000C. Home mini-gun for maintenance of premises up to 20 square meters Capable of operating in two modes, the maximum power - 2 kW.

Characteristics QE-2000C

Parameters miniature modifications: ceramic heater, mechanical control, installation - floor, weight - 1.7 kg, built-in thermostat, fast heating rate, breathability - 130 cu. m / h, the ceramic heating element

Thanks to the thermostat QE-2000C automatically maintains the climate parameters. Estimated cost - $ 30

KEV-24. Elektropushka with increased heating power and intensity of airflow. Scope of use - industrial, construction sites and industrial buildings.

Characteristics KEV-24

KEV-24 Features: power - 24 kW, ventilation - 2200 cubic meters. m / h, staffing voltage - 400 V, the heating volume - 600 cubic meters, acoustic effect - 65 dB, thermal power - 12-24 kW, weight - 30 kg, dimensions - 35.5 * 81 * 38 cm

Gas models of various capacities

Popular gas guns: Elitech TP / 30GB and Master BLP / 53M.

TP / 30GB of Elitech. Profitable option for heating large areas within a 200 sq.m. The unit is applicable only in well-ventilated buildings. Operating conditions: installation of outdoor work under supervision. The gun is equipped with electronic ignition and bars on the nozzle to protect the inner mechanism.

Characteristics TA / 30GB from Elitech

heat source parameters: fuel - propane / butane, at heating power - 30 kW, the type of ignition - Piezo issued airflow - 1000 m³ / h, setting weight - 7.6 kg, dimensions - 59.7 * 31.5 * 24 cm

Master BLP. premium device for use in industrial purposes. Housing with high insulation and corrosion-resistant coating. The high degree of protection allows you to operate the gun in a moist environment. In the absence of fire or overheating of the electronic system stops supplying fuel.

Characteristics of Master BLP

Product benefits: Efficiency - 98-100%, energy efficiency, stepless power adjustment, virtually smokeless combustion of fuel, ease of maintenance, the presence of the thermostat. Features: power for heating - 30 kW, the flow rate - 2.3 kg / h

Diesel production purposes guns

Powerful model for rapid heating of large volumes of buildings. In the ranking presented gun direct action Prorab and Resanta companies.

Prorab DP50. The high-performance model of the popular company. Recommended heating area - 500 sq.m. The gun operates on kerosene and diesel fuel.

Characteristics Prorab DP50

Specifications: Power for heating - 50 kW, ventilation - 1100 cubic meters. m / h, the volume of the fuel tank - 50 l work without refueling - 10 hours, fuel consumption - 4.8 l / h, weight - 37 kg, the presence of the transport wheels and protect against overheating

TDP-2000 from Resanta. Optimized for heating buildings - 100-150 sq.m. Multifuel model operates on diesel or kerosene. The gun is equipped with a spacious tank, providing cycle times.

Features TDP-2000 from Resanta

Technical parameters: fuel consumption - 1.85 kg / h, thermal power - 20 kW. Heat source is protected against the ignition / extinction of the flame. For the stability of the machine is equipped with a wide support base. The estimated cost of TDP-2000 - 250 USD

If you want to save, you can try to collect heat gun yourself. On our site there is a block of articles detailing the manufacture of technology various kinds of heat sources.

We advise to read:

  1. Diesel heat gun with his own hands: instructions for the production of homemade
  2. Thermal gas gun with his own hands: step by step assembly instructions
  3. Electric heat gun with your hands: the pros and cons of homemade + assembly guide
  4. Heat gun for waste oil with their own hands: Step by step instructions on making

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Detailed video instruction on the choice of the heat generator. Features of the different types of guns, a comparison of the main technical parameters:

The primary criterion for selecting a heat gun - the type of energy carrier. From the method the heating power of the device depends on the specificity of its application.

In everyday life, better use of safe electric models, for production purposes - diesel, gas and multifuel units. Water cannon may make a secondary heat source.

Share your experience with readers use heat guns. Tell on which to base the choice of the unit, and whether you are satisfied with the purchase. Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. Contact form located below.

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