Wonderful furnace for the garage on the diesel with their own hands: step by step instructions

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The need for heating in the garage rarely causes controversy: motorists are well aware of how important it is to take care of the condition of the car, and they themselves do not want to freeze during inspections and repair of equipment.

The main issue that needs to be addressed is the appropriate type of heating. A good option - a miracle oven on diesel. Let us see what advantages this heater has and how to assemble it with your own hands.

The content of the article:

  • What should be the heating in the garage
  • How a wonder-stove works and works
  • Build a homemade design
    • Option 1: stove from an old gas cylinder
    • Option 2: steel sheet housing
    • Option 3: design drip type
  • Rules for the safe operation of the furnace
  • Useful video on the topic

What should be the heating in the garage

For many motorists, a garage is almost a second home. Here they go deep into their hobbies, rest from the hustle and bustle and take care of the car. Therefore, first of all, you should think about the comfort of the person who is in the room for hours.

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For a car, heating is also necessary, because low temperatures adversely affect its technical condition and significantly reduce the service life.

Heating garage miracle oven
When cold in the garage becomes too wet. Condensation forms on metal parts, which provokes corrosion processes. In a cold room, the car body quickly rusts and becomes unusable.

To keep the garage dry, you need to take care of good waterproofing and ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system. However, moisture still gets into the room on the wheels of the car. It evaporates, and drops of water settle on surfaces. If there is no heating, moisture accumulates, which is why fungus, mold, rust appear. To prevent this from happening, you need heating.

Homemade oven for the garage
Low temperatures lead to thickening of the oil and reduced battery capacity. Because of this, there are difficulties with starting the engine, and fuel consumption increases. Therefore, it makes sense to spend time and effort to build a wonderful stove

Features of the garage operation determine the requirements for heating systems:

  • Efficiency. The furnace must quickly heat the air and maintain the desired temperature for several hours.
  • Ease of use. Coming to the garage, its owner must spend a minimum of time and effort to heat the room.
  • Easy to maintain. The furnace must be inspected, cleaned, repaired in a timely manner, so its design should be simple and understandable, and the details should be easily replaced.
  • Availability of energy source. When choosing a heating system, fuel availability is crucial. For the garage is well suited stove on diesel, diesel fuel or waste oil.
  • Security. In the garage there is always a certain amount of flammable substances. Since often these premises perform the functions of workshops and sheds, there are often flammable materials. Therefore, the heating must comply with all fire safety regulations.
  • Cheapness The cost of car maintenance and arrangement of the garage is already high, so saving on heating without sacrificing its quality is a pressing issue.

Selecting a suitable heating device, you should prioritize, because ideal unattainable. The most simple in operation - electric heaters. This energy source is available in almost any location. However, the price of heating with electricity is too high, so it is worth considering other options.

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Heating infrared heater
This method of heating is chosen by people who are ready to spend money on an infrared heater and pay electricity bills. Although the devices are very economical, they are still not cheap. The main advantage of infrared heating: heat objects, not air (it warms up indirectly, in contact with warm surfaces). This allows you to create local heat zones.
Homemade fuel stove for solid fuel
The owners of garages, who have the opportunity to buy solid fuel at low prices, are making good old stoves. Such heating is reliable, and its efficiency is proved by time. There are also disadvantages: you have to install a chimney, and in the garage to keep a supply of fuel, which takes up a lot of space
Gas heat trap in the garage
For heating garages, workshops, outbuildings often buy heat guns. There are many models working from gas cylinders, electricity or diesel fuel. Every garage owner will definitely find a suitable option. The only negative is the high price of the device
Wonderful stove on diesel
Industrial production models are compact, beautiful, convenient in operation, but costly. If you make a wonderful stove yourself, you get a completely functional and inexpensive design. The only negative: in terms of design, it can not compete with aesthetic industrial models
Heating infrared heater
Heating infrared heater
Homemade fuel stove for solid fuel
Homemade fuel stove for solid fuel
Gas heat trap in the garage
Gas heat trap in the garage
Wonderful stove on diesel
Wonderful stove on diesel

Miracle oven is a great option. Such heating is cheap, and the fuel (diesel, kerosene or diesel) is affordable and affordable. In the assembly of the furnace on diesel with your own hands there is a huge plus: you choose the design yourself and make such a model that is ideal for specific operating conditions. You do not have to adapt the heater or adapt to the features of its work.

How a wonder-stove works and works

Factory or homemade oven for working on the garage or diesel multifunctional. It will be suitable as the main, additional or alternative source of heat (if the heating system is already installed in the room). If necessary, the device can also be used as a cooking surface: the food on the stove heats up quickly, the kettle boils.

Portable miracle stove on diesel
Wonderful stoves should not be installed in poorly ventilated areas. During operation of the device, harmful substances are practically not emitted into the atmosphere. But at the moments of ignition and extinguishing the flame, a small amount of hazardous smoke is emitted

Miracle furnaces work not only on diesel fuel, but also on other types of liquid fuels, and kerosene is the best option. However, in most cases, motorists use diesel fuel, because it is inexpensive. The power of the stove is 1.8-5 W (the indicator depends on the design and build quality of the model).

The work of the wonderful furnace for the garage
One refueling of the fuel tank is enough for the miracle-stove to continuously heat the room for 6-28 hours. This period is determined by the design of the model and the volume of the fuel tank.

Miracle-stove consists of a fuel tank (it is usually made removable) with a valve, a plug-in unit with a wick, an adjustment screw, a reflector and a burner. All these units are placed in a common housing, which can be made from a barrel, heat-resistant steel sheets or a used gas cylinder.

Drawing wonderful stove for the garage
According to this drawing it is possible to manufacture an oven from steel sheets. Its dimensions may vary depending on the preferences of the owner of the garage. Most often, the height of the model is 3500-6000 mm, and the width and depth of 2500-4000 mm

The burner is placed in the center of the structure. It receives fuel from the tank, which is located at the rear wall of the housing. To achieve the desired temperature, use the adjustment screw. The important detail is the reflector. That it provides fast and high-quality heating of the room.

Build a wonderful stove from a gas cylinder
An old gas cylinder can still serve as a heating device. The main thing that the metal was not rusty, and the body remained intact and durable

When choosing a design it is better to stay on a compact model weighing 10-20 kg. Such a stove will be easy to rearrange, carry and transport without assistance.

Build a homemade design

If desired, you can find a suitable model in the store or buy online, but if there are several hours time, the desire to save and get a useful thing from old unnecessary parts, it is worth making your stove by hands. Consider popular designs.

Option 1: stove from an old gas cylinder

If there is a 50-liter b / y gas cylinder, then half the design is ready. The main thing is that its wall thickness does not exceed 1.5 mm. Now you need to find a chimney pipe. Fit a segment with a diameter of 10 cm. Its length must be at least 4 m. The desired thickness of the metal walls is 2 mm.

The fuel tank can be made from a tank. The optimal volume is not more than 15 liters and not less than 8. The remaining parts can be purchased in the store. Steel corners of 20 cm (future legs) and a copper torch are required. Of the tools - Bulgarian, drill, welding machine, as well as a tape measure and level.

Gas cylinder for the manufacture of the furnace
On the thickness of the walls of the container should pay special attention. As a fuel in a wonderful stove, fumes of diesel fuel are used. To get them, you need to bring the liquid to a boil. This is very difficult if the wall thickness of the structure exceeds 1.5 mm.

The gas cylinder is freed from condensate and rinsed from the odorant. Now you need to cut off the upper part with a valve. To make it more convenient, you can fill the tank with water and bury its ground. After the cut, water will appear. You should wait until it is completely drained, and then finish the work.

The lower part of the cylinder is used as a chamber (stable legs made of steel corners are welded to it), and the upper one will serve as a cover of the structure. To adjust the fuel supply is mounted a special valve.

Detailed diagram of the furnace assembly
The balloon can be positioned vertically or horizontally. In the first case, the metal legs of the structure can be adapted as ducts.

After the assembly and installation of the stove will need to mount the chimney. It must be strictly vertical. This point should be taken into account when choosing a place to install the stove: it should be placed only where you can mount the chimney without bends and bends.

Ignition of a wonderful stove from a cylinder
Ignition of such a stove requires special attention. The cylinder is filled with diesel fuel by 2/3, and a burning sheet of paper is put on top. After that, lower the lid and wait for the fuel vapor to light up. Do not add diesel during operation.

If in most models of homemade stoves you can use almost any liquid fuel, then this design should be handled with care. It can only work on diesel or refined waste oil without impurities of water and alcohol. Gasoline and kerosene can not be used.

Option 2: steel sheet housing

Instead of a gas cylinder, heat-resistant steel 4 and 6 mm thick can be used to manufacture the furnace body. The only caveat: you have to buy or rent a sheet bending machine. Other materials and tools are available. Some can be found at home, and the missing details - to purchase. It will take:

  • steel corners for the manufacture of legs;
  • burner tube;
  • 4 meter chimney pipe with a diameter of 100 mm;
  • measuring instruments;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • hammer;
  • level.

The finished stove will be compact (70 x 50 x 35 cm) and relatively light (about 27 kg). The design will be stable, efficient, easy to operate. If desired, it can be connected to water heating.

Steel sheet furnace
Heat-resistant steel structures are very durable. They are often made for garages and workshops. Such furnaces can work on diesel, waste oil, diesel fuel.

The bottom of the firebox and the tank lid are made of thicker steel sheet (6 mm), and 4 mm thick steel sheet will be used to manufacture the tank itself. Details are cut according to the scheme, welded, and the seams are treated with a file.

To make a pipe for diesel fuel, you need to cut a strip of metal 4 mm thick and 115 mm wide, bend it into a ring and weld it to the tank. The pipe will turn out with a diameter about 34-34.5 cm. For it will need to make a cover. It is cut from a sheet with a thickness of 6 mm and welded to the pipe. After that make legs.

Fuel tank is made of 6 mm steel. A circular detail with a diameter of 35.2 cm and a strip are cut out from it. The width of this strip should be 6 mm. In the center of the circle prepare the hole for the chimney (diameter depends on the selected pipe, the optimum - 10 mm). Another hole you need to pour oil. It should be smaller (diameter 5-6 cm) and located at a distance of 4 cm from the opening of the chimney.

Homemade stove on diesel or working
In the flue device for such a furnace bends are permissible, but they can only be inside the room. The outer part must be strictly vertical, otherwise the wind will burst through the chimney and interfere with the operation of the furnace

For the lower part of the tank, a circle of 35.2 cm is cut out of thicker steel. It prepares a round hole for a nozzle with a diameter of 10 cm. The arrangement is calculated so that there is 11 cm between the center of the part itself and the center of the hole.

A rectangular partition of 7 x 33 cm is cut out of thick steel and welded onto a circle, shifting closer to the nozzle. The exhaust pipe itself is made from a 13-centimeter length of chimney pipe. To make a burner, 48 9-mm holes are drilled in the pipe at a distance of 6 cm from each other. There should be 6 rows, each with 8 holes.

The burner is tightly and evenly installed (but not welded) into the fuel cap, correcting the design with a file. In the tank for filling fuel insert 16-centimeter pipe, and the upper and lower parts of the stove are connected without welding. For the seal ring is used (diameter 35.4 cm). The design is fully assembled and set the slide plate.

Option 3: design drip type

You will need a regular rubber heating pad with a hose (volume 2 liters). A copper pipe with a length of 1-1.5 m is connected to the rubber hose (it will need to be bent in the shape of the letter “G”). After that, the rubber hose should be bent in half and secure with a screw clamp. The heater itself is hung on the wall and the fuel is poured into it, and the intensity of its supply is controlled by a screw.

Standard Medical Warmer
Such heaters are in almost every home. You can even take the very old, the main thing - a whole. If in the closet there was no suitable hot-water bottle, you can buy it at any pharmacy

Wicks are made from rags: they are formed using flexible metal wire, wrapped in rags and impregnated with diesel fuel. The ideal option is to find an old mattress and chop it up in the form of fuel briquettes 20 x 10 x 4 cm. Impregnated with diesel fuel, they will burn perfectly. If the stove is large, then under the wicks will need to put a brick.

Old "Grandma
If the farm has an old mattress, which has not yet been taken to the dump, it will serve to heat the garage. After thoroughly soaking the pieces of the mattress with diesel fuel, you can get high-quality wicks.

The stove itself can be any. You can make it from a part of the old barrel. The main thing is to attach a door and a pipe to it. Do not worry too much about the tightness of the door. If air comes through the cracks, you don’t have to blow.

Drip-type craft stove
Handle with this design should be very careful, because she is fire dangerous. The door does not fit snugly, so during the stove operation combustion products enter the room

For fuel, a hole is made into which a copper tube inserted from the heating pad is inserted. If this hole is drilled in the side of the barrel, the stove will not only heat the garage, but also serve as a cooking surface.

Rules for the safe operation of the furnace

In order not to provoke a fire, it is necessary to choose the place of installation of the furnace. Should follow the following rules:

  • The design is placed where there are no drafts and away from light combustible objects that can accidentally be thrown into the oven by a gust of wind.
  • There should be free space around the stove (0.5 m on all sides).
  • Ideally, the construction should be placed on a sheet of asbestos, metal or other non-combustible material.
  • Fuel, wicks, etc. must be kept as far as possible from sources of fire.

In the garage you definitely need a fire extinguisher, and saving it is life-threatening. It is worth buying a reliable non-volatile automatic model.

The volume of a fire extinguisher for a garage is picked up with a margin so that there is one and a half times more gas than is needed to extinguish a fire in such a room.

Useful video on the topic

We offer useful videos that will help you better understand the nuances of making a liquid fuel stove.

The principle of operation of the wonderful stove on diesel:

Proper ignition and the option to improve the industrial furnace on diesel:

Video instructions for making a drip furnace with your own hands:

Video review of the work of handicraft production:

Scope of the miracle-oven on diesel is not limited to the garage. It is perfect for heating greenhouses, country houses and any other room where people do not live permanently, but stay for several hours in a row. The consumption of liquid fuel is about 300 g / hour, and it is difficult to imagine a more economical model. This is a good solution for those who try to manage money efficiently.

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