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video Housing for every person should be comfortable and safe. The first thing to take care of when moving is how to choose an iron door to the house. Steel structures have long been actively pushing their wooden predecessors out of the construction materials market. When metal is spoken, an association with power and reliability immediately arises in the head. And indeed it is.

Door door discord

A wide variety of exterior door linings can not fail to please buyers. But the difference in appearance, not the only difference between the doors. Even the same in appearance, they can vary significantly in quality and reliability. Before you know what the entrance metal doors consist of, it is important to know about other criteria that you should rely on before buying:

  1. Purpose. In private homes or commercial premises, the door must be more powerful and reliable than in ordinary apartments, offices or vestibules. They should be more resistant to the influence of weather conditions and temperature extremes.
  2. Opening method. The ability to customize your favorite door to the individual needs of the buyer. The opening may be left-sided and right-sided.
  3. The number of valves. Mostly, single doors are installed in the apartments and houses. But in some buildings, it is possible to install double doors and sometimes one and a half doors. The one-and-a-half doors are actually a single-door door with a threshold and a narrow part of the box, which fill the free space of the doorway.
  4. Opening Form. Sometimes buyers express a desire to install the front door in the fore arch. Yes, and rectangular doors may vary in parameters.
  5. The degree of crack resistance. The device of metal doors, first of all, is based on the protection of the premises against intruders. There are 13 classes of crack resistance. For installation in residential premises, only the first 4 classes are used. This is enough for the tenants to feel safe.
  6. Filling. The level of noise insulation, the heat savings in the room and the reliability of the design depend on which filler and additional elements are used in the manufacture of the doors.
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Given the above differences, you can understand how to choose the front metal door to the house and what to pay attention to.

Design features

The design of the entrance door consists of several elements, the quality of which ensures the reliability and durability of the product:

  1. Door Box. This is the part of the structure that contacts the wall in the doorway. In its manufacture uses metal of the same quality as the door leaf.2-3 hinges are attached to this metal profile, depending on the size and weight of the doors. If the box is defective or installed with errors, the operation of the door structure is disrupted. Doors can creak, close tightly, sag, not close.
  2. Door leaf. This is actually what they call the “door”.If we consider a section of the entrance door, we see that it consists of cladding and filler.
  3. Cladding. The surface of the facing steel sheets is made in various colors, strengthened with protective coatings and spray coating. A variety of facade designs allow you to choose the entrance door to any style of interior. The thickness of the facing sheet affects the strength of the product. For plating used rolling profile from 1.2 mm thick. The whole body supports stiffeners in the doors.
  4. Filling. The level of suppression of outside noise from the street or the staircase, protection from frost, and heat preservation in the house depend on the quality of the filler. The most commonly used non-combustible mineral wool. This provides protection against fire. There are several types of it that affect the price. More expensive models use mineral basalt wool, polystyrene foam or polyurethane.
  5. Fittings.
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Accessories include small items that perform important functions. These include:

  1. Hinges. The most reliable - covered, mechanical and adjustable. They must withstand the weight of the canvas, ensure free opening / closing of the doors, protect them from sagging, be adjusted to avoid friction or large gaps between the canvas and the box.
  2. Door handle. Reliable, durable, comfortable when pressed. Combination with doors or other accessories in color.
  3. Eye. Must match the thickness of the door, have a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

To improve the security of the lock, it is better to choose models where the cavities for the lock tongues are covered.

How to choose an iron door to the house

The thickness and internal parameters of the entrance door are selected individually, depending on whether the door is required - an apartment or a house.

Doors to an apartment

When moving, many people think about how to choose a metal door to an apartment so that it is beautiful, not bulky and reliable? You just need to take into account some factors. The main problem of apartment buildings - thin walls and excess noise. So the first thing you should pay attention to is a filler with good sound insulation.

Another problem is burglars. To protect the apartment from penetrations, you need to ensure the reliability of locks.

The front door in the cut, should be the optimal thickness. Too thin facing sheet does not protect the room from burglary, and too thick will lead to deformation of the hinges and subsidence of the door. Therefore, when choosing this criterion, it is better to find a middle ground, because too tight doors for an apartment are often an unnecessary precaution.

The doors to the house

The requirements for a door for a private house are at least two times harder than for apartment doors. First of all, this refers to the thickness of the entrance metal door.

Facing sheets of the front door of a private house must be at least 1.5 mm with a protective coating.

Frost, sunlight, rain, high humidity adversely affect the functionality of the doors and their appearance. For budget options, powder coating is used to protect the steel sheet from the effects of negative factors at an affordable price. In the more expensive models there are moisture resistant panels made of MDF and fibroparallel.

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You cannot save on door leaf fillers. In houses it is important not only noise reduction, but also high-quality insulation. The material must keep the heat in the house and not let the cold from the street.

Before you choose an iron door to a house or apartment, you need to familiarize yourself with the degree of protection of entrance doors from possible intruders. In addition to the thickness of the steel and the entire door leaf, reliability is provided by additional protective elements. First of all it is locks. There are no such locks that could not be cracked, but there are those that are hard to crack, long and very laborious. Almost all metal doors have a cylindrical lock, and a lever lock - for additional protection.

Opening a double lock will take longer than a single lock, and maybe even discourage the hunt from entering a foreign house.

In the entrance doors use locks of 2, 3 and 4 crack resistant grades. The level of protection increases when using anti-detachable pins, high-quality hinges and armor plates, which prevent drilling of locks.

Before buying doors, you need to decide for what purpose it is still needed. Emphasize the aesthetics of the room or still protect the housing.

Choosing a good metal entrance door - video

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