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Summer country life is mostly filled with positive moments. Water heater for giving is an urgent need. Among the many electrical and gas appliances you need to choose the best option. This takes into account the composition of the family, permanent or temporary residence, is there a possibility of centralized support, or will have to use liquefied gas from a cylinder, and water from a well.

Criteria for choosing a seasonal water heater

First you need to choose which water heater is better. Decide on what energy the appliance will work on. Electric storage water heaters, boilers, work in the presence of water supply with a pressure in the line above 0.7 bar. But you can use built-in faucet, turn on in the presence of duct through the pipe. There are bulk water heaters that heat the bathed portion. The flow heater can be electric and gas.

For electric flow-through water heaters, a separate line is needed that can withstand loads greater than 3 kW.Compact gas suburban water heater is considered the most economical and affordable device in the conditions of temporary residence.

The boiler is installed in the presence of a continuous water supply pipe. In a country house, water can be supplied to the system using a circulating pump. The size of the storage water heater is chosen depending on the water needs of all residents, with the possibility of using antibacterial water treatment, delayed start mode and other options.

When choosing a water heater to give, it is necessary to provide conservation for the winter time. At subzero temperature, the remaining water will rupture the tubes, not every inner lining will withstand the temperature contraction of the metal.

Companies manufacturers of water heaters for seasonal use

Flowing Dimano water heater looks like a faucet, is installed instead of the classic locking device. The body is made of durable insulating thermoplastic, the internal metal parts. The crane turns on the base, directing the jet in different directions. The outgoing jet is saturated with oxygen. In 5 seconds, the water heats up to 60 degrees. A special electric heater with a power of 3 kW is used.

The dignity of the heater Dimano:

  • you can install and remove the device;
  • does not take up space;
  • has the function of aerator;
  • is beneficial to use, since energy is spent at the time of consumption of hot water.

It is not necessary to use hot water, the thermostat allows you to set any heating mode. At the same time, the indicator will highlight the low temperature on the task — blue, high red. The diameter of the water heater is 70 mm with a height of 125 mm. The total weight of the device is 1010 g. The cost of the water heater tap is 5999 rubles.

Timberk electric storage and instantaneous water heaters are available in various designs. There are 15 series of this brand on the trading floors. Attracts a range of flow devices with a power of 3.5 kW.At an economical expense the device can work as a tap, a shower or combine both functions in turn, using nozzles.

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Flowing water heaters, for example Optikum WHE-3 OC heat up to 65 in the amount of 3.5 l / min. Such devices are used in the summer when the water in the line is heated to not less than 15. Of the features of these devices, it can be noted:

  • streamlined moisture-proof case of modern design;
  • compact and easy access to maintenance;
  • hydraulic valve with dry heat protection;
  • high strength body with fins;
  • easily accessible reusable water filter.

Warranty on the water heater for 18 months, the price of the device 2.2 thousand rubles.

Timberk water heaters are designed to decorate a country house with year-round living. Moreover, in the arsenal of the company's products, tanks with capacity up to 445 liters are available. Small drives for 10, 30, 50 liters for lines with steady pressure on the supply pipe are suitable for installation in horizontal and vertical position. So the water heater Timberk SWH RE11 50 V is designed for a voltage of 220 V, has a heater with a power of 1.5 kW and heats up within 40 minutes. The enameled tank, the cost of the device is 4650 rubles.

A water heater for 30 liters will cost a little more than 4 thousand rubles. Accumulative water heaters Timberk produce a volume of 10 liters. The devices operate silently from the network, consuming from 1.2 kW / hour of electricity. Protection devices ensure reliable operation and safety of the consumer during operation of the device of any capacity and configuration.

The first to evaluate Haier storage water heaters are summer residents. A powerful plant for heating water devices began its development with the release of storage water tanks with a capacity of 8 to 30 liters. In 2015, it was just small volume heaters that were in demand, and 50% of the company's products accounted for this sector.

The manufacturer supplies the heater with a 2 mm thick decarbonated steel housing. The inner surface is covered with a layer of enamel. TEN is carried out complete with a magnesium anode of increased mass.

All this guarantees the service life of the Haier water heater for 7 years. Protection is provided on the heater:

  • overpressure relief valve;
  • protection against "dry" inclusion;
  • thermostat.

Atmor water heater is a product of Israeli manufacturers. The company produces storage and flow devices of various capacities. Suitable for dacha use:

  • AT series drives, up to 30 liters, 1.5 kW, maximum heating up to 85;
  • is a flow device of the Summer series, with a dedicated 3.5 kW line and a maximum heating of 65.

The remaining Atmor series of water heaters are designed for use in a country house year-round or in houses with centralized cold water supply.

What attracts flow-through water heater:

  • compact;
  • tolerant to hard water, filtering mechanical impurities;
  • has a display and the ability to control the temperature;
  • declared service life of 10 years;
  • uses electrical energy only when water is used.
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From several product series, the flow-free non-pressure and pressurized water heaters Polaris VEGA are more suitable for use in summer cottage. The line is represented by models for connection with the power of the device of 3.5 and 5.5 kW.All of them in the marking have the letter T, which means the use of dry heating elements.

Ceramic flasks of such heaters are inert to ion exchange in water, therefore they are not a platform for the precipitation of hardness salts.

In the line there are water heaters with 3 steps to control the heating temperature. Included with the Polaris water heater is a special shower head and faucet that increase the water pressure at the outlet.

General characteristics of the instruments:

  • pressure in the supply pipe - 0.25-6.0 bar;
  • maximum heating - 57;
  • display with actual temperature reading;
  • filtration of incoming water;
  • accessories to connect.

The cost of flow-through devices 1800-3000 rubles.

Water Heater Atlantik is the brainchild of French manufacturers from the company Groupe Atlantic. It is a recognized European leader in the development of the best corrosion protection systems for water heaters. At first, ordinary steel was used for the production of tanks, later a special enamel composition was developed with the inclusion of zirconium, durable enamel that is not subject to cracking during thermal expansion of the metal.

Own scientific base allows you to develop new technologies. So, innovations touched upon the process of slowing down the precipitation of hardness salts on heating elements, due to a change in the contour. The use of closed electrodes increased the service life of the device. For working in hard water conditions, a closed loop is better, but devices belong to the line of elite devices and are expensive. Atlantik Ego and E-Series water heaters are available for questioning. The cost of devices in the range of 8-12 thousand rubles.

The simplest device - the water heater Alvin is indispensable in the rural yard. Bulk washbasin with the function of heating water, pre-poured to the desired mark. From the tap you can wash the dishes in running water, to carry out hygiene procedures. The thermostat has 3 levels of regulation. Therefore, in 15 minutes you can get a temperature of 40, which is enough even for washing dishes. The tan is recessed below the crane installation level, therefore it is always under the bay.

The water heater Alvin is equipped with stainless steel heating elements, the tank has an inner liner of plastic, which keeps the water temperature.

There is an economical use of electricity. For safety reasons, the socket must be used with grounding, the power supply to the heating element is supplied after pouring water into the tank. The built-in thermostat protects against overheating.
The cost of a bulk water heater with a volume of 20 liters is about 2 thousand rubles.

Storage water heater Garanterm belongs to the Russian manufacturer. The models that have been in demand for several years now work flawlessly with voltage drops, on hard water. The products have 7 serial modifications, and in each of them there are water heaters for 30, 50, 80 liters.

The dignity of products in the use of high-quality stainless steel for the inner tank. The outer casing is made of polished steel or high-quality plastic white. Similar performance from other manufacturers is significantly more expensive.

Garanterm water heaters are heavy, the volume boilers are produced in the outdoor version. The series can be distinguished:

  • rondo - round tanks;
  • origin - steel coated with epoxy enamel;
  • image - two stainless tanks are installed inside, the case is made of polished steel outside;
  • narrow - flat-shaped boiler, white on the outside.
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The cost of storage starts from 8 thousand rubles.

In the product line of the German company Stiebel Eltron there are storage water heaters with floor and wall mounting. But special demand are Stiebel Eltron instantaneous water heaters.

Devices of various series have different performance and power, starting with 3 kW.Used hydraulic and electronic control. The compact device can be installed in a pressure and non-pressure line. There are devices designed to work with water of increased hardness.

Depending on the power consumption, instantaneous water heaters can provide the necessary flow. Service for their products German manufacturer guarantees.

Water heaters Etalon users do not cause positive emotions. In accumulating devices, a poor assembly is noted, during installation, it is necessary to engage in tightening, compaction. Primitive control and device. But even the model is completely made of plastic for 30 liters of Etalon 350 shower + faucet can not withstand the load and is deformed. The cost of the device of 6 thousand rubles obliges the manufacturer to create quality products. About drives from users receive at least indignant reviews. Model Russian assembly.

Oasis Water Heating Equipment Company uses electrical and gas energy supply. Available storage water heaters Oasis of high quality.

Flow models with work on the energy of burning liquefied and natural gas are started by turning the water valve. The intensity of burning adapts to the pressure of the water. There are heating mode switches. Provides protection against freezing, overheating.

Seven series of cumulative boilers allow you to choose a model of any complexity on any energy carrier. There is a magnesium anode, safety devices. The cost of water heaters Oasis corresponds to the quality of products and capabilities of consumers.

The oldest of the companies represented in the review, Aeg has been manufacturing household appliances since 1883.All its products are made with high quality and modern design. For summer residents will be a useful acquisition of water heaters AEG on electricity and gas energy. The line of devices contains:

  • storage electric and gas water heaters;
  • flow instruments;
  • flow-accumulating devices;
  • domestic boilers.

From the set of presented water heaters for giving, you can choose a model that meets the needs of each consumer.

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