Electronic Temperature Controller

Electronic Temperature Controller - a device that provides a predetermined location a constant temperature, is used to estimate the parameters of the external circuitry.

general description

Electronic thermostats differently called thermostats. Small differences are manifested in functions are not as obvious to a stranger to the theme of man. Thermostats are used to maintain the desired temperature in the facility. For example, those considered to room section of the system, the engine, the process equipment.

Most often, in opposition to public opinion, the electronic control is used in the automotive industry. Of course, any personal computer detects over-temperature protection, implemented at the BIOS level and the POST-test but really complicated products, usually in the home are not used. Electronic thermostats are able to control the temperature of heating systems, maintain microclimate bathroom, but the following are, rather, to the exotic section. The most common heating controls bimetallic strip, and to pay more would be required.

climate systems

The thermostat usually becomes an integral part of home heating. Any air condition system is provided with a temperature estimation device, a built in air conditioning sensor. A heating system designed turnkey, recruited from the individual building blocks.

The peculiarity of heating systems is recognized as length of the square, the vastness. On the electronic thermostat goes to a large electrical load. Like other electrical appliances, it is limited. Then consider the option of indirect administration. Power relays recruited parallel cascade and operate simultaneously common thermostat signal.

Often little electronics device is connected. Inside we see trivial bimetallic plate, the device closes and opens the contacts upon reaching a certain, user-predetermined temperature. Such a construction will find in iron, and an electric oil heater.

Therefore, to make his own thermostat is not too difficult. This applies only to the sensor. The executive part will certainly be bought, not to fire came. Any suitable power relay with similar characteristics. Those who are interested to look into the topic of an intermediate relay.

Regulator temperature klimatsisteme

Regulator temperature klimatsisteme

electronic thermostat difference in the ability to set complex program. Of course, a simple thermostat is electronic and monitors the readings of the thermocouple, but as a rule, expensive equipment provides great conveniences:

  1. Calendar activity comprising configurable modes of operation by day of week, month, holidays, weekends.
  2. Schedule for the day: the hour and how to maintain the temperature.
  3. Control via cell phones (smartphone app).

The number of options is unlimited. It is recommended to set in parallel to relay tripping with its own sensor, tearing the system power. Well, if the equipment will alarm installed properly. This should be in the winter, because when the temperature falls below 5 degrees Celsius there is a possibility of freezing of the house with its consequences. Particular risk supply system (pipe rupture).

icing system

Thermostats are rarely used to create anti-icing systems. Most often these goals is a self-regulating cable. The thermostat provided with several inputs for sensors spaced along the protected area and comes close to the resistive cable. As already stated, to provide temperature control in this way is difficult, but given the paltry size of modern thermocouple - possible.

Then in the system are assigned specific requirements. It is required to be able to distinguish where the signal came, and include the appropriate cable segment.

Electronic thermostat saves energy during limited hours. It supports the heat only where needed.

Applications in the automotive industry

The engine cooling system of the car moved to the latest electronics. It was found that the thermomechanical thermostat (e.g., bimetal relay) can not provide the desired modes art. Home bad luck was to provide a coordinated action between the pump, fan and sensors. Required electronic thermostat, not the thermostat, since the temperature depends on the driving mode. At low speed underutilization occurs, which increases fuel consumption (1% to 10 degrees divergence).

electronic temperature controller

electronic temperature controller

For each motor, the optimum temperature of fuel combustion. Usually ranges for working the mixture slightly above 110 degrees Celsius. However, even at 90 degrees electronic thermostats take control of the situation. Engine - cumbersome design possessing a known inertia, prudent advance track to be proactive. In addition, the experimentally determined that up to the optimal level of temperature is better not to bring. Automobile engines operate on the principle described for decades. The advanced models of cars regulation is performed through two actuators:

  1. Waxy element with TAN.
  2. Additional heating coil.

Fine regulation of temperature targets attained 6:

  • Increasing the viscosity of oil and, consequently, reduced friction.
  • Increasing the power at full load, by reducing the temperature of the coolant.
  • Reduced emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere due to the properly selected combustion mode.
  • Maximum efficiency of the engine.
  • Lowering the friction force leads indirectly to the fuel economy.
  • Sophisticated temperature control in the passenger compartment.

In general, the temperature of the coolant rises with increasing speed and load on the shaft. This is a simple three-dimensional figure, which requires the availability of appropriate actuators and signaling. As a last favor electronic thermostat. It is believed to distinguish the concept from the thermostat maintains a constant temperature. The thermostat is characterized by the control program, the candidate minimum has intelligence.

When cruising speed is regulated refrigerant revving waxy extender with its own heater. As required small piston driven by a system that moves up and down, opening and covering the duct. Retraction further controlled by a return spring. When the load increases, additional heater is activated, the effect is summed to provide maximum engine cooling.

Electronic thermostat excels at tracking the driver's actions and anticipates the emergence of a dangerous situation. For example, even when the accelerator pedal is pressed, both start in advance of the heater to raise the temperature of the intense cooling. If the track is marked reduction in the time, the system gives a rollback. Due to the inertia of wax similar behavioral fluctuations are invisible. Similarly, pre-emptive and braking (the system does not judge by turnover wheel speed and fuel flow meter). temperature drop starts in advance, but smoothes the resultant inertia effect.

Due to sophisticated design electronic thermostat shows long service life, as a rule, exceeding the period of engine life. The exception to the rule referred to purely mechanical damage to the random nature caused by, for example, coolant contamination (in the maintenance period). Service technicians for this reason, along with the replacement of parts that affect the named factor, recommend buying a new electronic thermostat. If you refuse to maintain the temperature of the system, the engine fails.

Control of the process equipment

Most engines sold with magnetic actuators, but a significant part of the process equipment is not protected like. And then the staff puts sensors, followed by the computer system. This is not a full sense of the electronic temperature control, rather it is about centralized remote management of ACS. The system is able to control the temperature of equipment, waste water, in addition to the said - to measure their acidity.

The principle of operation of automobile electronic regulator

Effects of the use of electronic thermostats are so simple that evaluated without assistance. The only exception to the authors see the situation for the automotive industry. Modes of operation of the engine is so complex that it will try to talk more. For example, it was found that the reduced temperature of the mixture at low speeds results in a significant increase in the release of toxic substances. Now it is easy to imagine what was happening in urban traffic jams. The situation will correct the electronic thermostat that can accurately maintain the temperature of the coolant in the cooling system. The scheme is as follows:

  1. At low speed the refrigerant temperature is deliberately overstated.
  2. As the speed set to do the opposite. This reduces detonation. As a result, the temperature stabilization improves engine durability.

In the automotive industry, electronic thermostats are called adaptive. Management takes the controller - a complex chip with hardwired program. This is important, often referred antediluvial electronic devices comprising solid elements: diodes, transistors and so forth. Such little resemblance to modern intellectual trends.

The flow controller is not necessarily wax. Now dampers are used with accurate positioning with stepper motors. Electronic thermostats are becoming the de facto standard, put car manufacturers. WHA recently acquired new. The complexity of the upgrade monitoring equipment is in full or partial incompatibility with Russian import systems. As a result, a lot has to be developed from scratch, and most importantly - testing, measurement, identify pitfalls.

car one-way valve

car one-way valve

For this purpose, create a stand, models, computer programs. All of this takes a lot of time, sometimes is not cheap. In addition, a car model (one enterprise) is unique. Simplification, however, remains: once learned to program the controller, engineers in the future are able to create any kind of electronic thermostats. Changing the machine code is allowed to adjust the device to work on any car model.

The main task is to calculate the flow of the valve for each mode, then only need to adjust the controller output signals for control part of the executive. Simultaneously, the type of actuator selected by known criteria: price studies, the presence of a reliable vendor et al. Suppose you want to evaluate the effect of vibrations on the valve - Do not become a weak link in the chain of new equipment. After all, when the production line will start upgrading, make changes it is already late.

Hydrodynamic processes today are modeled on a computer. They show how to manifest itself in the executive part of the operating conditions. The software packages allow you to download the binary code to the controller.



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