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Want to spend a minimum of effort on washing things and save not only time but money? Then you just can not do without a high-quality and reliable washing machine. Fortunately, manufacturers rush to please a variety of models for every taste and budget. Of course, all the “washers” make dirty laundry clean, but not only that is important.

Today we will try to figure out which brand of washing machines is better and why. We will tell you about the most popular companies producing washing machines and talk about which one should be preferred.

Rating of the best manufacturers of

In the Russian market of household appliances there are a large number of different manufacturers, both proven and unknown. However, the most popular are about 10–12 firms, which we describe below.


The most famous South Korean company, the first to launch devices with direct drive. The model range here is so wide that every family can choose the device to their liking and pocket. LJ is the first to introduce the most advanced developments into production, therefore its equipment is distinguished by quality and functionality.

LG washing machines have undoubted advantages:

  • high-quality assembly;
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • savings in the use of detergents;
  • energy saving;
  • modest water consumption;
  • steel capacious drum.

Among the shortcomings can be noted quite long wash cycles and cost, a little higher than that of similar models from other manufacturers. Nevertheless, LG’s “washers” are an excellent choice for those who pay more attention to quality than price.


Continues the ranking of another South Korean brand that offers washing machines of excellent quality. This company also boasts a large selection of models in different price segments. It is clear that the newer the model and the more it has “bells and whistles”, the more expensive its cost will be. However, the manufacturer Samsung is ready to offer consumers and quite affordable equipment, while the quality and reliability always remain the same.


  • economical class of electricity consumption;
  • build quality;
  • a large number of service centers;
  • simplest control system;
  • capacious and roomy drum;
  • maintainability;
  • excellent functionality.

Samsung washing machines will serve their owners for a long time and flawlessly.


American trademark can be attributed, rather, to the average price segment. This manufacturer is also actively introducing new developments, so their models are distinguished by an increased level of functionality. If you are trying to keep up with global trends, Whirlpool is for you.

Brand advantages:

  • stylish design;
  • high power;
  • excellent washing quality;
  • multifunctionality;
  • easy control;
  • introduction of new technologies;
  • the ability to process things with steam( steam wash).

For some users, the cost may seem too high, but practice shows that it is worth it. The main thing is to understand in advance what it is “able” to make a machine-gun and not impose excessive demands on it.


It is impossible not to include in our TOP and the products of the German manufacturer. Models of this company also do not deter consumers transcendental cost. If you need a reliable assistant, you should pay attention to Bosch. Washing machines of this manufacturer have the following advantages:

  • extensive selection of programs and modes of operation;
  • large selection of special modes;
  • long warranty on all models;
  • build quality.

A minor drawback can be considered not too democratic cost of spare parts. But Bosch fails so rarely that you may not need them. The price of a washing machine of this brand may seem rather large, but this is quite offset by excellent quality and long service life.


Continues the ranking of the best manufacturers of washing machines, another representative of Germany. Unlike its predecessor, the technique Miel already belongs to the premium class. The manufacturer claims that washing machines can work without breaks and complaints for at least 20–30 years, so their high cost is fully justified.

One can speak about the advantages of these styralok for a long time. However, in this case it is much more important to note the disadvantages. Among them:

  • not very large drum capacity;
  • limited choice of functions( washing modes);
  • high cost of repairs and parts;
  • high price.

With that said, it can be argued that the Miele technique is more suitable for those who are not chasing the latest developments, but prefer the quality, time-tested.


And this German manufacturers belongs to reliable. Here you will be offered models for every taste and wallet - the model range is wide and diverse. Hansa washing machines can boast a stylish design, quiet operation and a special system that protects parts from premature wear. In the production line you can find compact models that will suit consumers who do not have large areas for installation of equipment.

Unfortunately, consumers are talking about not too long lifetime models. All because of not too high-quality material from which some parts are made. There are complaints about the control module, it also often breaks. Probably, in this case, the quality was, nevertheless, sacrificed at the moderate cost of the models.


Anyone who has the opportunity to choose the technique of the premium segment, can pay attention to the trademark from Italy. Most users who have already bought Ariston units speak positively about them. Almost all models demonstrate reliable operation, high-quality washing and excellent savings in all areas.


  • a large selection of “delicate” modes;
  • gentle, but with sufficient spin;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity;
  • interesting design;
  • good maintainability.

Unfortunately, the Ariston brand cannot boast the presence of models with steam washing. In all other respects, the technique is not satisfactory.


The Swedish manufacturer continues the rating, presenting models of all price segments to the market. Here you can find "laundry" for every taste - from economy, to premium. This is one of the few companies that closely follow the latest developments. Electrolux washing machines are constantly being improved and therefore worthy of appreciation by customers. Among the notable advantages are the following:

  • the presence of a superfast wash( the shortest cycle takes only 18 minutes);
  • low water and electricity consumption;
  • the greatest variety of functions and modes of washing, spinning and rinsing;
  • huge drums;
  • stylish design;
  • low noise level.

The only drawback can be considered a rather intricate control system. It is no wonder: with so many options, you have to tinker. But if you carefully study the instructions, the problem is solved very quickly.


The products of this Turkish company are only gaining popularity in our country. Buyers are attracted by affordable price combined with excellent functionality.


  • profitable energy consumption class;
  • automatic drum rotation settings;
  • water temperature control;
  • durability of operation;
  • good functionality;
  • reasonable price.

Practically, the only thing that causes a complaint is the not very quiet operation of the device. Well, the build quality is consistent with the cost.


These cars are famous for their low noise level and attractive appearance. This is one of the most sustainable washing machines, which, if properly installed, will not go "goat" in the bathroom.

The disadvantage of these cute “Italians” is considered to be an insufficiently reliable tank mounting system and shock absorbers. Such a defect leads to regular breakdowns. Therefore, there is a chance that you will be visiting the service center much more often than the owners of other brands.


The Slovenian company producing rather expensive washing machines continues the charts. Nevertheless, the technique enjoys considerable popularity. The fact is that the company tries to use the most advanced technologies in its work. For example, it is the only company that produces autonomous “washers” capable of operating not from a central water supply, but from an individual reservoir.


This Italian company supplies washing equipment to most countries of the world, including Russia. The model range differs in a variety of functions and a wide range of the sizes. If you need a small but high-quality washing machine, Indesite may be the best option. Narrow "laundresses" - their fad.

As well as the company offers a large selection of embedded technology.


The quality of the products of this German company depends on where it was assembled. The company has manufacturing facilities all over the world, but “European” models often turn out to be significantly better than “Asian” ones.

The main activity of the company is the production of high-tech products. This affects the production of washing machines. For example, Siemens was the first company to use powder dosing technology.


Not so long ago, the cars of this brand were considered among the best in the market of household appliances. Over time, cheaper production has led to the fact that the build quality has deteriorated significantly. Therefore, experts of service centers recommend purchasing Zanussi only if you are sure that the model was assembled in Europe. Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of devices placed on store shelves are made in Russia. But, Zanussi differ in reasonable price and simple management.

Candy, Atlant

And here are two more companies that produce equipment of Russian and Belarusian production, respectively. Unfortunately, at the moment, neither company can boast of any outstanding achievements in the field of production of washing machines.

Among the advantages can be noted perhaps that low cost. But in terms of build quality and reliability of operation, the models are clearly inferior to European brands. Another advantage can be considered the availability of repair and cheap parts. Since the equipment is going to "in place", to get the components is not difficult.


This Swiss company is not so well known in the Russian market. But those who have already ventured to purchase the Eurosob washing machine did not regret it for a minute. Units differ in stable work and high level of reliability. However, the main difference is different. The fact is that Eurosoba is practically the only trademark that produces baby cars. Models are so compact that they easily fit under the sink. In this case, the quality of washing is not lost. The cars became a real salvation for small apartments, communal apartments and summer cottages.


  • compactness;
  • creative design;
  • long life;
  • possibility of embedding in various niches and under the sink;
  • sturdy case.

It's clear that it is simply impossible to load a large blanket or a pair of jackets into such a baby. However, for single people or a family of 2 people, cars can be a great solution. Another disadvantage is the rather high cost of technology, accompanied by limited functionality. There are all the main modes, but you will not find any “frills”.

What to look for when choosing an

automatic machine It is very difficult to unambiguously answer the question of which washing machine to give preference. After all, for each housewife is important its own set of parameters. Someone cares about the quality of washing, to someone capacity and price. And for some, size is the decisive factor, because there is no place to put a large washer. Here are a few criteria that you should pay attention to:

Loading method

There are two types of washing machines on the market - horizontal and vertical loading. The first ones are a bit cheaper, their model range is very diverse. Such a unit can be built into the kitchen set or under the sink. According to consumer estimates, frontal washing machines wash cleaner, squeeze out better and spend less water and electricity. The disadvantage of such machines can be considered that their installation requires quite a lot of space. Of course, there are units that are only 40 cm wide, but in order to open the loading door you still have to leave at least half a meter of free space in front of the machine. In addition, the vast majority of appliances can not be reported things, if the wash cycle is already running.

Vertical washing machines are more convenient in this respect. The boot lid is located below, so the cycle can be paused and report forgotten things. In this case, you can not be afraid that something will pour out of the tank."Vertikalka" great for small spaces. The width of any model does not exceed 40 cm, and you can find devices and more compact. This machine can be installed close to the wall, and, in any side. This does not interfere with the use, because the cover is located on top.

The top location of the loading door is at the same time a disadvantage. On top of this unit can not put anything. So use the machine as an extra shelf will not work. In addition, the "vertical line" can not be embedded in the kitchen wall or placed under the sink, so that space saving, however, is conditional.

Drum capacity

This indicator shows how many things the machine can wash at a time. It is measured in kilograms.

It is impossible to say which washing machine is better to prefer. It all depends on individual needs. Lonely people often have enough cars with a capacity of 3-5 kg, and for a large family it is better to choose a larger capacity. The maximum figure that can be found on the market is 12 kg. This is enough to easily wipe out voluminous winter clothes or large blankets.

If you are going to buy a washing machine - a machine with a large drum volume, make sure that it has a half load function. So, you can significantly save water and detergents in case of incomplete filling of the unit. Otherwise, you will have to wait for more things to accumulate.

Energy consumption class

Here you should focus on the highest rates. This will significantly save on electricity, especially if you have to wash frequently. Even if the washing machine will cost a bit more, the difference will pay off over time.

Spin class

This question has its own gradation. All washing machines are divided into categories from A to G. The higher the grade, the more dry your laundry will be as a result of the spin cycle. However, you should not chase the highest possible rates. Options A, B and C are considered perfectly acceptable.

Separately worth staying at the spin speed. For different models, this figure can vary from 400 to 2,000 revolutions per minute. But is it worth it to chase a large number, everyone must decide for himself. Practice shows that a speed of about 1,200 rpm or even slightly less is sufficient for high-quality spin. A further increase in speed can lead to tissue damage. Therefore, the best output will be models where this parameter can be set independently.

Tank Material

There are two types of structures: with plastic and steel drums. The first option is much cheaper, the second - much more durable. Argued that plastic tanks depolymerized over time and begin to lose their properties. However, manufacturers claim that by the time this happens, the washing machine will have time to serve you 10-15 years, and maybe more.

Drum Material

Here stainless steel parts are considered the highest quality and durable. Such a drum will not be harmed by metal rivets, zippers and buttons on clothes. But the vaunted ceramic coating they can damage.

Presence of Drying

Many modern washing machines have this function. To spend money on it or not - you decide. On the one hand, it is very convenient. After all, the question immediately disappears where to dry the laundry, the question with ropes, a balcony or batteries instantly disappears.

On the other hand, the units with drying are impressive in size, “eat” a lot of electricity and are significantly more expensive.

Number of

Modes It may seem that the more diverse modes are incorporated into the automatic washer, the better. In practice, everything is not so. Models with a large number of programs are significantly more expensive, and many housewives daily use only a limited set of settings. Therefore, before you post a tidy sum for a super-functional model, consider how often you will begin to use this or that mode, and whether you need it at all.

Additional Parameters

Among the many marketing “bells and whistles” that companies attract customers, only three are of the most practical importance:

  1. Leakproof. This function allows you to block the water supply in case of any breakage. With this option, accidentally flood your neighbors is not threatened.
  2. Child Lock. This is very important when there are restless scamps in the house. It is worth pressing just a couple of buttons and no outside intervention by your assistant is scary.
  3. Direct Drive .The only proven fact is that such devices practically do not make noise. Well, they do not have a belt that can break off and require replacement. But if this equipment fails, the repair flies in to the owners "for a pretty penny."

All other functions and technologies may be fashionable and advanced, however, the quality of washing does not significantly affect. So are they worth it to give extra money, everyone can decide for himself.

Steam Washing Machines

Among the devices of the new generation, you can select one that allows you to fully enjoy the new technologies. These are steam washing machines.

Thanks to a special technology, they provide excellent washing quality, disinfect things, remove even the smallest particles of allergens from them. However, they use significantly less water and electricity. The steam washing machine will carefully process even very delicate fabrics. But since this technology is still quite new, such devices are much more expensive.


As you can see, it is quite difficult to unequivocally answer the question of which brand of washing machines is better. After all, each manufacturer has both strengths and weaknesses. And even within the model range of one brand, ideal washing machines can exist for different groups of the population. So choosing a technique for home, you should focus not only on general indicators, but also on personal preferences.

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