10 best irons with steam generator for home

  • What is the rating based on?
  • little about brands
  • Philips GC 9222
  • Tefal GV8461
  • Bosch TDS 6010
  • Braun IS 5043WH
  • Tefal GV6733
  • Philips GC 9642
  • Tefal GV9080
  • Tefal GV6360
  • Philips GC 7635
  • Philips GC 9545
  • To summarize

Appliances - our reliable friendand assistant. She is constantly improving, adjusting to our preferences and wishes, sometimes fulfilling every whim of her owner. Earlier, irons always helped us to look immaculately. Over time, they were supplemented with steam to enhance the effect. Today, steam generators have replaced the irons, which greatly facilitate the process of ironing, help save time and effort, and also guarantee an amazing result - mountains of perfectly ironed linen. If you are thinking about buying this particular device - be sure to read our rating of the best irons with a steam generator in 2018, and - go ahead, for a successful purchase!

What is the rating based on?

When compiling the TOP-best irons with a steam generator for the house, we relied on customer reviews and expert opinion. We also took into account such characteristics:

  1. Power.
  2. Capacity of water tank.
  3. Outsole Material.
  4. Modes of operation.
  5. Weight.
  6. Additional features.

A little about the brands

Historically, the best irons with a steam generator for the house produced and continue to produce manufacturers such as Philips and Tefal. Also excellent models with rich functionality and a well-thought-out device are also found in brands such as Braun, Bosch. Whether to trust less well-known brands( Bork, Rowenta, Electrolux, MIE) is your personal choice. You can buy a completely decent model or get frankly unsuccessful development.

Philips GC 9222

This iron has enjoyed unwavering popularity and user acceptance for several years. In the overwhelming majority, the device collects rave reviews - it is praised for real time and effort saving, high-quality and stable operation, reasonableness of the device. Technical indicators:

  • power consumption -2.4 kW⋅h;
  • steam supply 120 ml / min;
  • steam blow 300 ml / min;
  • vertical steam option.

Upgrades - automatic adjustment of the heating temperature of the sole, anti-scale system. But from practical recommendations - it is better to use boiled or distilled water. It is inconvenient that you need to clamp the steam supply button, but it pleases the impressive length of the hose. Some users complain about poor-quality smoothing of cotton and noise during the pumping of water, while other owners of the iron consider such complaints to be biased. In general, the model is on a solid heel! Cost - from 17 thousand rubles.

Tefal GV8461

This steam iron is also loved by users. Price segment - from 16.5 thousand rubles. Practicality, quality ironing, stability of work - these are the main characteristics of the device. Long self-reeling hoses, removable water tank, fast heating, all kinds of cleaning and safety systems. Ideally smooth ceramic sole of its own design, and as the manufacturer claims - with the possibility of self-cleaning. True, the owner will have to independently regulate the temperature during operation. But some users consider this not a disadvantage, but on the contrary, an advantage. Technical indicators:

  • power - 2.2 kWh;
  • constant steam - 120 ml / min;
  • steam boost - 260 ml / min;
  • vertical ironing.

In general, the perfect smoothing of different types of fabrics and things, even the most complex styles.

Bosch TDS 6010

Equipped with a fairly affordable steam generator with thoughtful functionality. Cost - from 12 thousand rubles. However, in the presence of everything necessary for high-quality and convenient work. Technically, the device is pleased with pretty good characteristics:

  • power( 2.4 kWh);
  • stable supply of abundant steam( 120 ml / min);
  • powerful steam blow( 350 ml / min);
  • plus fast steam hanging things.

Of the interesting additions - the ability to add water during operation, although the device is quite roomy - the boiler holds 1.5 liters of water. There are anti-scale filters, self-cleaning system and automatic shutdown function. The sole of the iron is made of a material that combines the advantages of stainless steel and ceramics, which means you get a durable device with perfect smoothness of sliding on any type of fabric, without a shiny shine and tan.

Braun IS 5043WH

Household assistant, consistently collecting excellent reviews and surprising their owners with fast and high-quality ironing of any volumes of linen. The sole of the iron is made of oxidized aluminum, which improves the performance of the material, increases resistance to damage and extends the service life of the device. This model is considered to be one of the most successful Brown models for 2017, thanks to a well thought out sole with raised edges, a uniform arrangement of holes for steam and technical characteristics. This iron is subject to the most delicate, or vice versa, hard fabrics, over-dried stacks of bedding and even vertical steaming.

  • electricity consumption - 2.4 kWh;
  • continuous steam - 120 ml / min;
  • steam blow with a jet power of 340 ml / min;
  • water tank 1.4 l.

There is an auto shut-off system with inactivity and protection against the formation of scale. No - automatic temperature control and anti-droplet system, however, the price is 15 thousand rubles.will make you happy.

Tefal GV6733

Another successful iron with a steam generator from the French manufacturing giant. The main advantage is an affordable price, about 10 thousand rubles. In this case, technically, the device produces the following characteristics:

  • power - 2.2 kWh;
  • constant stream of steam( 100 ml / min);
  • powerful steam blow( 270 ml / min.);
  • provides the ability to vertical steaming.

The steam station is quite light, only 3.72 kg, the user can add water during operation if the volume of 1.5 liters is not enough. There is even an automatic adjustment of steam supply depending on the type of fabric, which is good news. Moreover, it has been noticed that the iron copes with this task with a bang. An excellent choice for those who are just beginning to "get acquainted" with steam generators.

Philips GC 9642

Super powerful and productive model for the constant ironing of a large amount of linen. Buyers have noted a small weight and ergonomics of the ironing itself - it fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, it does not make the hands heavier, it slides easily over the fabric, it has a well-positioned control and sufficient cord and hose length. There can be no doubt about the quality of smoothing - this Philips is equipped with the following characteristics:

  • power consumption - 2.4 kW 2,4h;
  • continuous steam 145 ml / min;
  • intensive steam jet at 490 ml / min;
  • vertical steaming;
  • Weight - 5.1 kg.

The steam blow works on the Silent Steam technology, which instantly and silently smoothes even the most over-dried and creased linen from any fabric. Do not forget about the fire safety system, protection against scale and self-cleaning. In general - a useful purchase for a large family. However, the cost of the model is quite high - about 25 thousand rubles.

Tefal GV9080

One of the “fresh” models from a French company with an anti-droplet system, an eco-function, automatic temperature control and the ability to add water to the boiler during operation. Technical indicators:

  • power - 2.4 kWh;
  • steam supply 120 ml / min;
  • steam blow - 500 ml / min;
  • vertical steaming.

Convenient, ergonomic design, storage pouch, automatic winding cord, button groove and metal-ceramic sole. Modern and functional model for home use.

Tefal GV6360

One of the most budget models in our rating( about 8.5 thousand rubles).A rather unassuming design with modest characteristics, which, in principle, is sufficient for those users who iron only occasionally with small “portions”.

  • power - 2,125 kWh;
  • steam supply 100 ml / min;
  • steam blow 220 ml / min;
  • vertical steaming;
  • ceramic sole;
  • anti-scale and anti-fire systems.

Plus - fast heating, long cord, comfortable handle.

Philips GC 7635

A device from the same price segment( 7–8 thousand rubles), but with more elaborate characteristics.

  • power - 2.4 kWh;
  • stable steam flow - 120 ml / min;
  • steam boost - 240 ml / min;
  • vertical steaming;
  • automatic selection of steam intensity.

Very light steam station, comfortable iron with a steel smooth sole, long service life.

Philips GC 9545

Another productive household assistant for fast and perfect ironing. Issue price - about 20 thousand rubles.

  • power - 2.4 kWh;
  • intelligent steam( 120 ml / min);
  • steaming on weight;
  • steam boost.

The thought-over design - is compartments for a cord and a hose, fixing of a wire, an easy iron with convenient management and a steel strong sole.

To summarize the results of

As you can see, Tefal and Philips companies have almost no competitors, and the user has the opportunity to choose a device in any price segment. Focusing on our TOP-10 and you can get a really comfortable and efficient iron with a steam generator in 2018.Do not spend on ironing a single extra minute of your time!

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