Photo kitchens in the interior - a guide to the site

  • Real photos of small kitchens
  • Real photos and design projects of a combined kitchen
  • Kitchens of different colors
  • Kitchens in traditional styles - chic chic, provence and country
  • Ikea and Scandinavian style in the interior
  • Finishing and repair

For those who are looking for ideas for design for their kitchen, constantly replenishes the inspirational photo.

  • In each article on the design and decor of the kitchen, you can find from 50 to 150 photos of modern interiors.
  • We try to make all the illustrations really modern and relevant, so the most part of the photo-collections are images of 2010-2015.
  • On our website, the articles are illustrated quite differently. Many projects are made by professional designers, but much of it is real photos of kitchens from amateurs. One part of the photo gallery is made up of examples of foreign design, and the other - of the Russian and CIS countries.
  • We do not like to limit ourselves to examples of only expensive furnished interiors or vice versa, only democratic ones. On many photos you will be able to notice both designer furniture and furniture from Ikea.
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  • And we focus on kitchens of different sizes - small (from 5 to 12 sq.m), medium (from 12 to 20 sq. M.). m) and large (from 20 square meters. m and more).

To make it easier for you to navigate, we compiled a small guide on the materials of the site, in which you can find a selection of photographs and help on repairs, design and decor on the topic you need.

Real photos of small kitchens

If you live in Khrushchev or another typical house, then we offer a look at the section devoted to the arrangement of a small kitchen. Here you will find real photos of modern kitchens from 5 to 12 square meters and various designer life hacks.

Real photos and design projects of a combined kitchen

If you have already combined kitchen with living room, balcony or dining room or just plan to do it, and also If you live in a studio apartment or your kitchen has a bay window, then you should look into this section.



Kitchens of different colors

Choose the color of the future kitchen or look for ideas to update the bored interior? Then we invite you to study the principles of combining colors, ready-made color schemes and, of course, photos of modern cuisines in a variety of colors - from white to green.


Kitchens in traditional styles - chic chic, provence and country

The country style by 2015 was almost the most trendy direction of design. In this section you will find tips on how to create a corner of Provence, the Mediterranean or provincial England in the kitchen in an ordinary city apartment.


Ikea and Scandinavian style in the interior

This section is not very large yet, but it is very useful for fans of Scandinavian design and furniture. Here you will find an up-to-date article about the mini-revolution that took place in Ikea, which in 2015 finished the release of the series Frames Faktum (which produced for 20 years!) and released a new system of kitchen sets called Method. If you want to see how the novelties of the Method series look in the interior, then to you here.

Finishing and repair

If you are planning to make an arch in the kitchen, or decided to trim the apron with tile "boar wonder what kind of wallpaper or wallpaper is better fit into the interior, we recommend that you look into the section "Repair" with real photos, ideas and tips for choosing finishing materials.

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