Three-storey trees - an amazing invention!

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Do you know what gardeners regret for whom their hobby has become the meaning of life? They are tormented by the problem that there is little land on which to plant everything they want. And you want something to grow a lot. So today there is an open method for obtaining from a small area many different varieties of fruits! In addition, thanks to this technology, it is easy to grow crops that, due to their low winter hardiness, did not take root earlier in the middle lane. How to do it?

Heard about the three-story trees?

No, this is not about tall giant plants. The floors in our case are varieties of fruits arranged in rows on one tree. True, in order to embody this, you will need to be vaccinated. And this procedure requires certain skills, effort and time.

But thanks to her, you can reduce the number of trees in your plot. And to receive, meanwhile, a greater number of various fruit crops, 5, 10, and even 15 different varieties and even species from one plant!

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Opening V. I. Susov

In addition to receiving different varieties from a single tree, saving planting space, vaccination may allow you to receive the fruits of a crop that previously did not survivefor low winter temperatures. For this purpose, it is recommended to place a low-resistant grade on the second floor. And now even peaches and southern apricots bear fruit on our plum habit.

In principle, thermophilic varieties were previously planted on a strong-resistant apple tree. What kind of super useful discovery is it then? But about what!

V. I. Susov, Honored Agronomist of Russia, Leading Researcher at the Moscow Agricultural Academy and Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, worked for many years on one problem. And it was that after grafting heat-loving varieties onto a winter-hard stock, the tree bore fruit for 15 years. And then the effect of increased resistance to low temperatures disappeared. Not only did the grafted branches themselves perish - the whole tree perished.

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And so Vladimir Ivanovich Susov empirically made a discovery that we can use today without hindrance so that our heat-loving varieties would give fruit for as many years as the mother tree itself lives. How to achieve this? Here is a step-by-step guide to make the discovery a reality.

How to grow three-story trees?

“Cultivation of three-storey saplings with punching and crown-formers” - this is the name of the work of the scientist agronomist Susov V.I., who made a real breakthrough in the process of grafting trees and shrubs. The process is long, but the result speaks for itself.

  1. First, a winter-resistant seedling is grown. His Susov calls the first floor. They grow it for 2-3 years, diligently forming a good, “correct” crown. That is, it is important that the angles of separation of the skeletal branches from the trunk were 70-90 degrees.
  2. Then, at a height of one and a half meters, a high-grade variety or breed is implanted onto it. This graft may differ already low winter hardiness. This is the so-called second floor, which is called by the agronomist stampformer.
  3. After the results of the vaccination show that it was successful, you can proceed to the formation of the third, crown formation floor. It is placed on a graft, at a height of 2.5 meters from the ground. Inoculation do another winter-hardy variety.
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The excellent result of this discovery is based on the fact that the hardiness of trees depends on its crown. If the culture has only two floors, and the graft of a heat-loving variety is at the very top, being the crown producer, then, as mentioned above, in 12-15 years the whole tree will become as heat-loving as the graft itself.

It is important to ensure that the crown of three-story trees is always well lit. The second important condition for excellent results is its small size. That is, the crown of such trees should not be more than 3.5 meters wide.

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