Sly summer residents do not rest in autumn

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Came September. With the arrival of autumn, the main work on the site ended. Harvesting is the most pleasant work. Although the cunning summer residents are already taking care of spring plantings and selecting seed material. How to prepare the seeds for spring planting is described in the article. And here, summer residents will be given advice on what can be done to reduce the scope of work that awaits them in the spring.

How to prepare seeds for sowing

Choosing the most mature fruits, the gardener can withstand them a little more until the house is fully matured. Then, after cleaning the seeds from the pulp and rinsing with running water, they are dried in the open air.

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Those who plan to plant in the spring, put in bags. In the middle of winter, the seed material is hardened. To do this, they are right in the bags for a couple of hours put in the freezer or buried in the snow.

Then each seed is glued with paste on toilet paper in such a way that the distance required for planting is maintained between them. It is necessary to withstand the seeds in this state until completely dry. After that, the paper is rolled up. Now you need to hide the seed until spring in a dry dark place.

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In spring, you will only need to lay out the paper on a well-damped bed and sprinkle with earth. This will significantly speed up the landing process and reduce labor costs.

Horseradish digging and planting again

You need to dig up horseradish in the fall of October, when the lower leaves of the plant start to turn yellow. Large roots are selected for use, cleaned from the ground and stored in dry sand boxes in a cellar. You can put them in a paper bag and keep them in the bottom vegetable box of the refrigerator.

Small roots cut into 30 cm, tied in bunches and added to the spring in the same bed. But if you want to save yourself from the labor of riding horseradish in the spring, you can already plant these trimming roots in October so that they do not replant them in the spring.

In the winter, plant something - unload the work in spring!

Many crops can be planted in the autumn. This will give an advantage to plants. Indeed, with the first rays of the sun, the seeds begin to wake up. By that time, when other gardeners are still throwing their seeds into the dry land after snowmelt, the cunning summer residents have the first shoots in the garden beds.

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However, there are some secrets.

Seeds are planted when the air temperature is set to 1-3 degrees, since most seeds germinate already at +5.The best time for planting will be such a time that after 5-9 days after it there will be real frosts. If the seeds "wake up" in the fall and will sprout, with the onset of winter they will die. So, all the work goes down the drain.

The process itself is as follows:

  1. . Furrows for planting are prepared in October, carefully tamping the ground beneath them.
  2. At the same time, bags and boxes are stored in soil, which will be sprinkled with seed.
  3. Seeds are planted at a temperature of 1-3 degrees. In some cases, it is possible to carry out these works with the onset of frost, if the ground is prepared in advance for the backfilling of seeds. Watering the beds is not worth it.
  4. From above, the seeds are sprinkled with previously prepared ground, and they are again tamped down so that in spring they are not washed with melt water.
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Winter garlic

The best garlic is the one that is planted before winter. For planting select the largest teeth of the largest heads.

The mother bottom is removed before landing! It is already dead and will only interfere with the formation of roots in young plants.

Plant garlic before the winter just like seeds( it was described above) - in prepared furrows in advance with cooling. It is important to respect the depth of its landing.

From the crown of the teeth to the surface there should be at least 3 centimeters of earth.

Experienced experts advise in the winter to mulch the garlic beds so that the spring thawed water lingers on the landing site.

Autumn - the best time for planting trees

It is believed that it is in the fall and even at the beginning of a warm winter to plant:

  • pears;
  • apple trees;
  • cherry;
  • cold-resistant plums;
  • currants;
  • gooseberry.

Landing is possible from mid-October until the end of November, sometimes in December.

It is important to remember: seedlings must be fresh! Otherwise there is a risk that they will not have enough strength to survive the winter frosts.

Video about planting winter garlic

Autumn work at the cottage - video

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